French Connection

French Connection

Now, I know that french manicured nails are a bit of a “has been trend” in the world of nail fashion, but I couldn’t resist focusing my column on it this week.

If you’re still wearing the classic french, which I don’t believe will ever go out of fashion completely, then you at least need to know how to wear this style to keep it classy and current.

  • Deeper smile lines are beautiful, they make the nail bed look slimmer and overall this look elongates the fingers and hands. An almond or stiletto nail shape works best with this look!
  • Smiles lines should be PERFECT! No blurry edges or unevenness!
  • AVOID placing the french (white paint on your tips) too high up, as this can make your nail beds look small. Doing this can create a very unnatural looking nail! I personally prefer french on shorter nails. It just doesn’t look right when the white free edge of the nail is longer than the pink!

Love Franci Heath from Bedazzled in Vanderbijlpark’s sculpted french acrylic nails…

Feeling adventurous? Why not try a twist on the french with the black glitzy smile lines?

What do you think of French manicures? Do you still wear the trend?

 Images Copyright Deposit Photo, The Nail Fashionista
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