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Become a Makeup Professional with the POUT School of Fashion Makeup

July 16, 2012

Calling all aspiring makeup artists! If you’re serious about make up and want to become an industry pro working on top fashion shows, magazine editorials, brides or even if it’s your dream to work at the MAC counter, then keep reading!

I’ve recently joined the Pout School of Fashion Makeup to train as a professional makeup artist with one of our local industries greatest artists, Lisa Bailey!

Lisa has been working as a pro MUA (Make Up Artist) for over 14 years. Her work has been on the covers and pages of Elle, FHM, Sports Illustrated, Glamour, Norwegian Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmo Girl and GQ. She’s trained some of our leading local MUA’s, painted the faces of well known local and international celebs and models, collaborated with some of the most respected photographers in the biz and made a few famous friends on the way!

Lisa not only teaches, but really practices what she preaches and continues to work in the industry. It was actually on an athlete shoot for one of my clients that I met Lisa and can say as a client and student, she’s 100% professional!

Lisa Bailey working her Makeup Magic

Learning the tricks of the trade under Lisa’s supervision has been awesome! I’m not a read-and-learn kind of gal so don’t give me text books and heaps of assignments. I much prefer to have someone demonstrate instead of lecture me, and that is why I’m really enjoying this course.

From day one we went straight to work – learning how apply foundation by physically applying it. I had never done someone else’s makeup before and I must admit that I was pretty nervous at first, but even after day one at POUT, I felt more comfortable.

I have been a student of POUT for only a few weeks, but have already learnt so much; like that the prefect washed eye may look simple, but perfecting it is all about the correct preparation and technique, which you will learn on this course. I’ve also been lucky enough to work with Lisa on creating the looks for ICE Models for all the Durban July fashion previews, fashion shows and the main event that took place last week.

The classes are small with about 8 students, and she offers morning or evening classes. In my group there is a lovely mix of cultures; so we get to practice on each other and learn the makeup application for all different faces and what colours/ techniques work best on caucasian, African or Indian girls.

A photo I took on Instagram of day one at Pout…

Class is always fun and exciting – How can it not be when you get to play with makeup? Lisa demonstrates a technique, then gives us time to practice it on each other. She’ll check up on us and advise on the necessary corrective methods if needed, but not in the way that you’re terrified to make a mistake. She’s very cool and even though she has so much knowledge in the field of makeup and makeup application, she’s not one of those “power hungry teacher types”, but instead a great mentor and friend.

The fab thing about this course, is that you really do learn a lot and get lots of hands on training. I never thought that I would be painting faces for models at a fashion show until I was qualified, but being able to practice and work almost as a professional artist while learning, by the time I qualify I will already have the confidence I need to work in the industry.

For me, I don’t plan to quit my day job and become a MUA, but I’ve always enjoyed makeup and would love to work on fashion shows and editorials from time to time and try out new techniques!

For more information on the Pout School of Fashion Makeup visit their website or email Lisa on Be sure to join the group on Facebook and follow Lisa on Twitter @lisabaileypout

I’m doing the Comprehensive Professional Course, but there is also a bridal makeup course on offer.

The course is offered in Durban only and there is still a chance for you to start training this year. Below are all the details for the Comprehensive Course. You can also download the course brochure from here

8-Week Day Comprehensive Course

  • 7 August – 28 September
  • 9 October – 30 November

10-Week Evening Comprehensive Course

  • 6 August – 12 October
What you will learn
  • Theoretical study of face shape and bone structure with practical application
  • Application and blending techniques
  • Study of correct product and tools
  • Highlighting and shading
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Natural make-up for all skin tones
  • Dramatic and glamorous make-up for photographic, fashion shows and film
  • Make-up for ethnic skin tones
  • Fashion and beauty make-up with emphasis on the latest trends
  • Creative make-up
  • Basic hair styling
  • Lectures on lighting, industry procedures and preparation for assignments
  • A studio based portfolio shoot with a professional models and top photographer, Justin Dallas

Course Cost

  • Professional Makeup Artist Course: 2 Months part Time R10 000
  • Professional Bridal Makeup Course; 1 Month part time R5 000


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