Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon A Time…

We all remember our first shoe moments. Whether it was our first pair of dress-up shoes when we were little to the sparkly numbers at our matric dances, to the first pair of designer heels we purchased with our own money, to the pair that makes us think we can take on the world. We all have those moments.

If we were to think about the first shoe moment ever, we may think about Cinderella. For that princess, the right pair of shoes really made a difference. And now those shoes are getting a modern day look.

Christian Louboutin has unveiled his version of the glass slipper. The shoe was commissioned by the Disney company to celebrate the release of Cinderella Diamond Edition on DVD and Blu-ray. The 5 inch pump is a sparkly lace number with Swarovski crystals adorning the heels. And for that added touch of fairytale magic, the shoes are embellished with shimmering butterflies. Of course, the red sole Louboutin signature is there too.

The shoes went on display in Paris earlier this month. Along with the shoes, the designer also took part in a short promotional film in which he plays a shoe cobbler who has a little help from furry creatures to finish the shoes on time.

Our very own Prince Charming!

Image credit: Ladyandtheblog.com and Marieclaire.co.uk.


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