Give Your Nails Strength With These Treatments

Give Your Nails <em>Strength</em> With These Treatments

We’re always talking about new nail polish shades here on StyleScoop. I guess you could say we’re a little obsessed with painting our paws in something new and exciting. New nail colour gives you an instant lift and can change your mood in a flash.

Today’s post is a little different… We’re talking about nail care and how to get super strong nails. After all, we need strong nails if we wan’t them to look gorgeous when we’ve painted them in that new shade. So, before we head into summer and experiment with all the fabby colours out there, take a little time to build up your nail strength.

  1. MAVA PLUS HAND CREAM from MAVALA. This Swiss brand  launched a cream specially formulated for active hands. It helps to protect and relieve reddened, irritated or dry skin(hello winter hands!). It’s packed with shea butter to repair and nourish, Bisabolol and vitamin E to reduce redness and soothe the epidermis, plus it feels fabulous and absorbs instantly into the skin. Available from Dis-Chem, R199.95/ 30ml
  2. SOLAR OIL from CND. I’ve mentioned this product before and I’m obsessed with applying it every evening before climbing into bed. It takes about 2 months for the full effect to take place, because that’s how long it takes your nails to grow out fully, and it’s totally worth the hype! During the two months, if your nails are really brittle, you will notice an improvement at the cuticle, and after the two month period the entire nail looks and feels stronger and healthier.
  3. SALLY HANSEN CONTINUOS TREATMENT GROWTH is the best base coat (or top coat) you could ever use! It helps to nourish and repair nails, helping them to grow beautifully. One or two coats of this as a base coat will keep your nails protected, but for an extra helping hand, use it as a top coat on top of your nail colour as well. The exclusive Blue Algae formula locks in nourishment, protecting nails for up to 10 days. Get it for R99.95
  4. TRIND NAIL REPAIR. I got to sample this product in my March Glambox and think it’s an excellent product for helping to repair nails. It keeps nails strong and supple while ensuring that your nails don’t dry out. It has a unique formula that matches your nails own protein molecules, creating a network structure that helps to strengthen the nail. You can find it at selected Edgars and Red Square stores as well as salons and selected pharmacies

How I’ve made my nails stronger and healthier

I’ve been using all four of these products together and I am very happy with the results. I use the Mava Plus hand-cream all the time for happy hands in an instant. I apply CND Solair oil to my cuticles every night and even though my nails look great at the moment, I will keep doing so. Then the treatments; I apply the Trind Nail Repair first, let it dry and finish off with Sally Hansen Continuous Growth as it gives my nails a gorgeous shine.

Dimi Ingle

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