Review: Filorga Lip-Structure

Review: Filorga Lip-Structure

Filorga recently launched their new rock-star product, LIP-STRUCTURE and we got to test it out.

Filogra, which is a French brand renowned for it’s medical and injectable expertise has created the first, complete anti-aging treatment for both the lips and the perioral (mouth) area.

LIP-STRUCTURE is a dual serum that targets the various aging aspects of the lip and mouth.

The white end of the product is a Lip Densifyer that contains a blend of emollients, combined with palm and rapeseed oil and sorbitol. It stimulates the collagen in the cells of the lips to enable healing and restorative action.

The black end of the product is for use on the Peri-Oral-Zone (the mouth area) and contains Matrixyl Synthe 6, which is a powerful peptide that boosts the synthesis of six structural components of the skin that surrounds the lips, that restructures the skin and smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles.

To use this product, first make sure your lips and mouth area are clean and makeup free. Start on the black end and using the applicator, apply the product around the mouth avoiding the lips. Then use the white end of the product on your lips, like you would lip gloss. You can apply the black zone over your day cream. The lip densifyer (white zone) should be applied to clean lips, but you can go ahead and apply additional gloss or lipstick (if needed) afterwards. I quite like the natural looking healthy lip effect.

The product used on the outside of the lips feels great on and absorbs into the skin leaving it with a nice texture that feels like new skin. It almost gives the skin an instant collagen boost, and feels soft and smooth. On the lips, the formula is grease free and also absorbs into the lips without making them feel greasy or sticky.

While I don’t have fine lines around my mouth (yet and I hope never to have this problem) I can’t say whether or not it reduced the lines, but can definitely say that my lips and mouth area feel cared for. And I’m hoping that by using this product on an ongoing basis, I won’t have to ever worry about fine lines on my lips.

If you’re a smoker and have wrinkles around your mouth (which is often the case), then this might just be the product you’ve been looking for.

Filorga’s Lip Structure 10ml double pack retails for R550.00 is currently available from selected Edgars and Red Square Stores.


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