James Bond 007: The Fragrance

James Bond 007: The Fragrance

What does James Bond smell like? Well, we’re about to find out and, quite frankly, I am a little curious to see if it’s what I imagine Daniel Craig smells like.

A fragrance has been created in celebration of the spy franchise’s 50th birthday and the new upcoming Bond movie, Skyfall, being released later this year.

The James Bond 007 fragrance will launch at Harrods in August and is targeted at men “in their 20’s and 30’s, who love adventure, gadgets, travel and being a man’s man with style and sophistication,” according to Bill Brace, Vice President of fashion brands for P&G Prestige.

The fragrance features fruity and spicy top- and middle notes of apple, cardamom, sandalwood and vetiver with base notes of lavender, moss and coumarin.

I’m sure that all men like to think that they have a little bit of James Bond in them. Even if it’s not true, at least they’ll get to smell like him and if someone asks what they are wearing, they’ll get to say: “The name is Bond, James Bond.”

Tamara Polakow

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