Make A Wish And Grow Your Lashes

Make A Wish And <em>Grow Your Lashes</em>

Who doesn’t want super long, full flutter lashes? The only people I’ve ever heard complaining about their eyelashes being too long are men, which makes me wonder, was there a mix up in the making of Adam and Eve?

If you’re blessed with long, full lashes, I really envy you! If you’re more like me with barely there lashes, don’t worry because help is at hand!

More and more beauty companies are out there researching solutions to help our lashes grow. One product, I’ve tried, tested and love is Rapid Lash. It’s quite an expensive product, but it really works. You’ve just got to be consistent with it, and in a few weeks you will notice the difference!

Revlon also has an interesting mascara called Grow Luscious. I’ve only just started using it, so haven’t seen the lash growing results yet, but apart from its “lash enhancing” ingredients that work over time to assist the natural growth of your lashes, it’s a pretty good mascara. I do like the supersized brush and after three coats my lashes look long and lovely! It would be an awesome bonus if this mascara could actually make my lashes grow at the same time.

For some reason, lately I’ve heard quite a few people talk about the wonders of Vaseline and how it can help your lashes (and eyebrows for that matter) grow. Interesting! Who would have thought? Apparently this is really old news, but I just found out so I’m guessing there are more of you out there that also don’t know. I checked out some articles online on how to apply this and some people put it on their lashes and leave it in, others apply it for a few minutes then rinse it. But, if you’re interested in trying this method out, here’s an interesting read for you.

If you’ve tried any of these products, or other tricks to make your lashes grow, comment below and tell me about them.

Dimi Ingle

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