New Moon

New Moon

I am in awe of the “Half-Moon Manicure” (also called the reverse-French). This look became popular in the 1930’s and has been in and out of fashion since then… This year, it has made a huge comeback.

My late gran also wore this style way back when, and once told me that it was to supposedly allow the nail to “breathe”, well we know now that that is myth, right?

If you do your nails at home, have a peek at this simple tutorial, by Hillary Fry from Solessence.

Even though it was mostly red that was worn in the 30’s, I do love the modern twists so much more. Try this look with two contrasting tones in any shade that inspire you.

Enjoy trying this at home!

*Pic used with permission from Hillary Fry (Solessence)

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