Do You Dare?

Do You Dare?

Madonna’s Truth or Dare collection started with a perfume. Now it also encompasses a shoe range that is selling out fast.

The collection of heels and flats is sold exclusively through the department store Selfridges and online. Truth or Dare is inspired by the icon herself and brings together what makes her so fabulous: her powerful status and her feminine charms. The collection was created with stylist Arianne Phillips and shoe giant Aldo.

These shoes are all about making a statement but doing so in a ladylike way. The collection includes brogues, heels, platforms and stiletto boots available in a monochrome palette and embellished with studs and sequins for that extra something something.

The best-selling shoes of the collection include the Panu court shoe and the Cedia black brogue. Prices for the range start from R750 to R3000.

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