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Louboutin to Launch a Make-Up Line

August 7, 2012

How happy are we?! Christian Louboutin wanted to make our soles red and now he wants to make our lips red too.

If your budget does not allow you to own a pair of Christian Louboutin’s trademark red-bottomed heels, you can still get your hands on Louboutin’s make-up line which will be out sometime next year.

The luxury cosmetic line will be available at much more affordable prices than the hefty price tag attached to a pair of those gorgeous shoes, which deserve to live in a well-lit cabinet, on display for all the world to appreciate their beauty…but I digress.

There’s a whole lot of shoe love going on with this pair!

This beauty line is in the works and although details are hard to come by at this stage, we are very excited! Louboutin promises that the line will “mirror the quality of the shoes, of the bags, of all the DNA of the brand.”

Okay, now we are even more excited! I’m sure of one thing; I expect that we’ll see a lot of his signature red popping up all over the show, along with jewels, some spikes (perhaps?) and all-round fabulosity.

Watch this space for details!

Would you try Louboutin’s make-up line?

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