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Black Magic

August 16, 2012

Nail professionals, nail technicians, manicurists… the names given those who groom and enhance the appearance of hands. However, some nail professionals are true artists, adding a splash of their own personalities to miniature canvasses and sculptures. Nowadays, the nail industry has more than just beauty to offer as far as fashion goes.

Night Sky

This week I went around the world (on Facebook) in search of fabulous nails. For practical reasons, I would have Clare Wilson design my “everyday” nails and for that “you-cannot-miss-these” punchy kind of look I would sport a set of EDGELETTO nails from my FBB…. -Facebook buddy-, Katja.

Clare’s work adds a fabulous modern and edgy look to nails that are just wearable and workable.

As a nail professional I know the amount of time and creativity that would go into a magnificent show-set such as this one from Katja.

Two very talented people in our little world of nails indeed…..

Unfortunately for me, I would have to calculate a serious amount into my grooming allowance if I had to budget for my three-weekly maintenance – to cover my airfare!

* saying this with a very sad face*


Flirty Girly

Image Credits: Clare Wilson (UK) – Image 1 and 3. Katharina Trankner (Germany) Image 2. All images used with permission!

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