Totally Note Worthy – Shopping at MrP Online

Totally Note Worthy – Shopping at MrP Online

While I was away I got the cutest package from the stylish peeps over at Mr Price, to launch their new online shopping store. Now you’ve probably already heard about Mr P’s brand new online store and seen all the “Hot Fashion Delivered” packages popping up all over the social networks, so this is probably nothing new to you.

While everyone’s already told you how awesome the site is, and it is awesome, I thought I’d shop the store and let you know how the whole experience goes instead! Now, let me start by saying that I have a love-hate relationship with Mr Price. I love them because they have such awesome, trendy, not to mention totally affordable pieces, but I hate that the store is usually over crowded and I can never find anything. I usually head out to Mr P when I see something I like in one of their catalogues, on their FB page or when someone else is wearing something of theirs. So for me, being able to sit on my comfy couch with my iPad and go shopping is absolute bliss!

I have shopped online before from ASOS, so I am really glad that the Mr P store lives up to the international online fashion store standard. Besides having a clean, stylish and user friendly interface, I am big on being able to see the outfit from different angles before I buy. I also like being able to zoom into the item, view a larger image and read about the fabric content! These are little things that make a big, big difference!

To celebrate their online launch, Mr P sent me a R300 voucher to start shopping. After logging on this morning I found so many awesome things, but seeing as I am a first time online shopper at Mr P online, plus the fact that I’ll still be paying for all my Europe purchases for the next three months (if not more), I decided to take it easy. I still got loads of awesome things…

  1. White Ruche Sleeve Blazer (R139.99). They also have this same style in yellow which is next on my list!
  2. Cool Moustache Ring (R19.99)
  3. Cute Aztec Racer Back Tank (R39.99)
  4. Very trendy, cheetah inspired Scarf Print tank (R59.99)
  5. Simple and cute white viscose Bead Detail Vest (R79.99)

My total order, plus R35 door-to-door shipping came to R374. Not bad! Not bad at all! You also have the option to have your order sent to the post office or pick it up at the store, but R35 door-to-door is really nothing, especially if you’d rather be dressing up on the weekends, rather than burning daylight in the malls.

I am very impressed with the store and the functionality of it! Shopping was a breeze and as soon as I registered, I received an email and sms on my mobile to let me know that regisration was successful, and again, as soon as I had completed my order.

Now, I cant wait to get my Hot Fashion Delivered !

Have you shopped in the new Mr P online store? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you thought, and of course what you bought

Dimi Ingle

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