Ray-Ban and Jeremy Loops at Oppikoppi 2012

September 13, 2012

This year Ray-Ban celebrates 75 legendary years and what better way to celebrate than at Oppikoppi. Ray-Ban and music have evolved together over the ages and we were at Oppikoppi Sweet/Thing supporting local musicians, as well as adding value to festival goersโ€™ experiences.

Jeremy Loops is a modern day one-man folk band. Born out of necessity whilst working on yachts around the World, Jeremy discovered that there’s no-one better to work with than yourself. Now as the name may suggest, Jeremy has embraced technology in all its illustrious forms and creates his finely woven tapestry of sounds using his Guitar, Ukelele, harmonica and beatbox skills. He runs this all through a gamut of loop pedals, echo and distortion units and through the speakers to leave a crowd quite literally awe-struck.

Ray-Ban got to follow around the talented Jeremy Loops at this year’s Oppikoppi festival. Check out the video

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