The Big Tease – All the Products and Tools you Need for Big,Va-Va-Voom Hair

The Big Tease – All the Products and Tools you Need for Big,<em>Va-Va-Voom Hair</em>

Your mama always said, don’t be a tease! Well, we say go a head and be one! A hair tease that is!

Teasing no longer scares us. Those eighties hairstyles may have been teased to death, but teasing your hair is a great way to give it volume and more oompf!

I’ve recently gotten into teasing my hair and I can tell you that having the right tools to do the the tease makes it so much easier! Not to mention the wrong brushes, and the wrong technique can leave you almost hairless! Quite the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve in the first place isn’t it?

Here are four fab brushes (or combs rather) that will help you tease those locks…

  1. Comair MARK II Blue Ribbon Five Tail Teaser
  2. Comair 3839 Blue Ribbon Large Teeth Teaser
  3. ghd Narrow Dressing brush (R196)
  4. ghd Tail Comb (R105)
The Comair MARK II Blue Ribbon Five Tail Tease comb with a metal pik is a great comb to use for achieving seriously teased hair with ease. The teeth each have five little tails at the ends that grip your hair tightly, allowing you to tease the hair even if you’re nervous and pulling on your hair too tightly. The brush is also heat resistant and features non-scratching, smooth teeth.
The Comair 3839 Blue Ribbon Large Teeth Teaser also features a metal pik and like the Mark II brush, it’s heat resistant and has non-scratching smooth teeth. This comb is great for achieving a “looser tease” and would be ideal for thicker, or even curly hair.
The ghd Narrow Dressing Brush is great to use on all hair types and gives your hair a more gathered look when teasing. It’s also a great brush to use after you’ve backcombed your hair, and when you’re ready to brush it into the desired style.
The ghd Tail Comb is another great teasing comb, although I do prefer the Comair Mark II comb for my hair, as it’s a lot easier to get the tease right if you’re a “beginner” and haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.
Of course, having the right tools to get the perfect tease would be lost without products to help you create and lock your style in place.

  1. ghd Root Lift Spray
  2. Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray Medium
  3. Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray Strong

ghd Root Lift Spray is the ideal product to help get your hair teased to perfection. Craig Hopkins, ghd’s Project co-ordinator suggests using ghd Root Lift Spray after you’ve teased your hair. Spritz a little Root Lift Spray onto your fingertips, grab a section of teased hair (at a time) and work the product into the hair. Follow with a blast of cold air from the new ghd air hairdryer and viola, the look is set.

For extra hold, Moroccanoil have just launched two fabulous, amazing smelling and long lasting hairsprays with different strengths (medium or strong). These hairsprays are infused with Moroccanoil’s proprietary blend argan oil-infused formula to give you long lasting hold.

I absolutely love this hairspray as it holds my hair in place without the sticky gooey feeling hairsprays often leave. Each one comes in a 330ml bottle and retails for R280. You can find it at selected fine salons nationwide


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