Bag Trend: Back to School

<strong>Bag Trend</strong>: Back to School

Satchels and backpacks are, well, back. Both don’t have a lot of street cred, since backpacks or rugsacks are dorky and satchels remind you of school (and they’ve been tainted with the “murse” curse – sorry guys). But the fashion gods of  Chanel, Alexander Wang and The Row have spoken, so back to school we go.

Here in London everyone, and I mean everyone, had taken to the Cambridge Satchel, which has since been replicated by most high street stores. The lumo neon versions were a bit of a fad, but now the less blinding classic black and tan are most popular.

Pastel pink Cambridge Satchel

Chanel’s quilted backpack is set to be big trend as we go into winter over here – guess there’s more room to store “wintry” items and your hands are free to hold a brollie. Who said fashion wasn’t practical? Louis Vuitton also have a typically looking LV version (not as appealing as the Chanel one, obviously) and Urban Outfitters have all sorts from leather to studded, to aztec print.

Love this metallic satchel, available from Urban Outfitters

The Cambridge Satchel company delivery to SA (according to their website), check out their full range on

Bronwyn Holmes