JellO’s Baby! Vintage Lip Tins From Lip Ice

JellO’s Baby! <em>Vintage Lip Tins</em> From Lip Ice

Oh, how I love these cute little retro, vintage-style lip tins from Lip Ice! Lip Ice JellO’s is a brand new lip balm that comes packaged so pretty in a cool vintage tin. It’s available in a trio of flavours including; original, cooling mint and cherry.

The new formula of lip balm in these tins combines nourishing petroleum jelly and little beads of vitamin E to give your lips some summer lovin’, keeping them soft and smooth all summer long! They are great little tins to keep in your handbag, office desk or cubby hole.

Lip Ice has been around since 1965 and as everyone knows is an iconic brand in lip care!

Look out for Lip Ice Jello’s in store for only R16.99 each!

I’m in love with all three, it’s difficult for me to pick a favourite.


Dimi Ingle

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