Click and Grow – Digital Herbs

Click and Grow – Digital Herbs

Do you remember those Tamagotchi digital pets? After messing around on the internet the other day, I bumped into a similar concept, but definitely one that is  more up my alley, Click and Grow digital plants and herbs!

With the price of food, especially veggies being so ridiculously over the top, growing your own herbs and some veggies seems like the only way to go these days! I’ve just started my little veggie patch in my garden and while one day I hope it will be filled with an abundance of goodies, at the moment it still looks pretty sad.

Click & Grow grows plants without watering and fertilizing. Click & Grow measures all the necessary parameters and doses an exact amount of water, fertilizer and air, according to the plant’s needs.

The Click & Grow Starter-Kit includes Busy Lizzy Seeds, but you can also buy cartridges to grow French Marigolds, Basil MIX, the Painted Nettle, Chilli pepper and mini tomato.

Apart from the herbs and veggies, these Click and Grow herbs would look great in my office! The electronic smart pot even matches my MAC perfectly!

Where to buy Click & Grow Plants
You can get your plants, starter kits and refils online from


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