Bright Plus HP Hydrating Day Lotion

Bright Plus HP Hydrating Day Lotion

Clarins Bright Plus HP Brightening Hydrating Day Lotion is a great new moisturizer that’s perfect for summer. While it protects the skin, it helps to soften and illuminate it at the same time. It also has a built in SPF of 20 and is completely oil free!

I love the fluid texture that leaves a matte finish and for a hydrating moisturizer, my skin just soaks it up with no greasy shine.

I also love the pump applicator, which I’ve found usually helps me  to use the right amount of product and not too much.

Like all Clarins products, Bright Plus HP Brightening Hydrating Day Lotion smells amazing and gives your skin that ahhhh feeling of hydration.

The entire Clarins Bright Plus HP range is powered by the Sea Lily, which has powerful brighting extracts that help to reduce the appearance of dull skin, dark spots, freckles and assist in preventing the formation of new ones.

I suffer from pigmentation on my forehead that I’ve spent a small fortune on trying to rectify. With the help of my amazing dermatologist, I’ve managed to get it lighter, but I just wish it would disappear all together already! If you’ve got pigemntation on your face, you’ll exactly how I feel. Everyone tells me they can’t see it, but every time I look in the mirror, it screams at me!

Although this product probably won’t get rid of my pigmentation alone, I am hoping that it will at least lighten it a bit more and prevent future pigmentation from occurring.

As with any product, the results are not overnight and will take a few weeks to show any improvement. I plan on using Bright Plus HP as my new day cream, in conjunction with my dermo’s magic lotion. Let’s hope that my next report back will be a positive one, whereby I tell you that pigmentation is no longer an issue for me.

Do you suffer from uneven skin tone, freckles, pigmentation, dull skin or dark spots? How much have you spent on your treatment to get your skin tone even?


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