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Pretty Pastel Prezzies for Under the Tree

December 19, 2012

Don’t you just love holiday season? Everyone is so festive and so happy – some a little out of control, but happy nonetheless! Now, as much as I love the holidays, wrapping (and unwrapping) presents for Christmas, I really don’t like kitch Christmas wrapping paper and those ghastly, dull Christmas cards and gift tags. You know the kind I’m talking about; the ones you buy in bulk packs with three different designs that you give to everyone who has a spot under your Christmas tree? Ya, those!

I mean c’mon, we live in sunny South Africa, where we get to celebrate Christmas in summer, so why the dull and boring Christmas cards and snow?

Last year I had enough of plastered Christmas gift wrapping and tags and made my own festive Christmas tags from free printables I found online. And, instead of ghastly Christmas wrap, I opted for brown paper to wrap up my gifts. They looked so cute and so much better than checkered Christmas trees in a row or Santa riding on his sleigh! They might be fun for kids, but that’s about it!

This year, I used the template style from these printables, but made my own, customized typography print on each one. I chose a soft, pastel colour palette consisting of raspberry, mint, avocado and peach and  and made four sets of tags, each with their own design. Then just printed them on card stock and cut them out (using a stanley knife, not scissors!)

I liked the idea of last year’s cards and wanted to keep a theme going so I used the words “Love Peace & Joy” as a second tag to accompany the main gift tag.

#stylescoop Christmas Gift Tags

The result; pretty pastel Christmas presents… What do you think?

#stylescoop Christmas Gift Tags

I also added in our names (mine and my hubby’s) onto the design to make it more personal. For my gift wrap this year, as much as I liked the idea of brown paper, I went for brushed silver and brushed gold instead and wherever I could, I put everything into pretty boxes with raffia ribbon and a bit of red.

#stylescoop Christmas Gift Tags

#stylescoop Christmas Gift Tags

#stylescoop Christmas Gift Tags

For my nephews, I found these cute printables and just printed them on labels and stuck them onto their presents. Loved the “Do not open ‘Til Christmas” written on them. I didn’t change a thing – they were ideal!


How are you wrapping up your gifts this Christmas?

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