Products That Rocked 2012! Ray-Ban Aviators

Products That <em>Rocked 2012</em>! Ray-Ban Aviators

The sunglass style that will never go out of style! This year, I’ve practically lived in my Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses!

Products that Rocked 2012! Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

They are both so easy to wear and match every kind of style and outfit. I change between these two styles; the classic Metal Frame Aviators, which I took with me on my trip Greece/ Dubai, and then my most recent pair, the Semi-Rimless Aviators.

I love both of them equally, and although they are both “aviators”, they look completely different! One of the things I have really enjoyed with my Aviators besides having top quality lenses to protect my eyes, is that Ray-Ban aviators come with super small, flat and compact cases, which fit so easily into handbags or the centre console in your car etc!

Products that Rocked 2012! Ray-Ban Aviator Metal Frame Sunglasses #stylescoop

The Metal Frame Aviators with gold frames and brown lenses were my first pair of Ray-Ban Aviators. These are very retro – and I love the look. I almost feel like Michael Knight from Knight Rider – remember that show? Or Tom Cruise in Top Gun… YUM!

In case you’d like to try on this style, just ask for the code 3025 001/51 55014. I had to try on a few pairs to find a style that suited me, and it’s amazing how different frames/ lenses looked completely different on me. There are also two different sized lenses, so make sure you try both on!

Products that Rocked 2012! Ray-Ban Aviator Semi-Rimless Sunglasses #stylescoop

These babies are the Semi Rimless Ray-Ban Aviators, and although similar to the Metal Frame ones above, look quite a bit different when worn, as well as in the actual design.

Besides the obvious (that they don’t have a full rim around them), the top of the frame, just above the nose piece, dips down slightly, so they are not as obvious at showing that you don’t have completely identical eyebrows. A lot of people I’ve spoken to say that they don’t like Aviators because of the solid line above the nose piece. If you share the same feeling, then try the semi rimless frames instead.

One of the design features I love  is the little gold accents on the edge of the lenses. The lenses on the semi-rimless pair are also a bit more wrapped than the classic style, so if you don’t like the “square” and flatter features of the metal frames, then again, try this style.

My pair has gold frames and green lenses and if you want to find this pair in stores, the code is 3449 001/71 5614.

I have a feeling that both of these sunnies will be with me for a very long time. I can even see my future kids asking me to wear “mom’s vintage Ray-Bans!” haha!

Products that Rocked 2012! #stylescoopRay-Ban Aviator Sunglasses #stylescoop

Do you own a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators? What do you love most about them? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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