Beauty Bytes: Summer Beauty Product Reviews For Hair, Lips & Body

<em>Beauty Bytes</em>: Summer Beauty Product Reviews For Hair, Lips & Body

Kicking off our 2013 Beauty Product reviews, here are some of the products I received last month that made it into my tried, tested and product list.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

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These dry shampoos came just in time for this sticky, humid, summer heat wave we’ve been having. I swear I feel like I’ve been sitting in a sauna for ever. The weather has been absolute bliss, and while I love it, my hair certainly doesn’t.

I’ve been using Batiste Dry Shampoo’s almost every day to try and combat the slick, sticky look my hair often ends up with mid-day. While a dip in the pool is always a welcomed cool off, it’s not that easy when you’re sitting behind a desk. So, dry shampoo is the next best thing – for my hair at least!

Batiste Dry Shampoo comes in a variety of scents and variants, some of these include; Blush, Diva, Boho, Dark Deep Brown and XXL Volume. “Blush” is my fave smelling one, but because my hair is dark, I prefer using the “Dark & Deep Brown” version instead, and the smell is also rather nice.

Dry shampoo is pretty much a blast of powder that serves as a quick fix to “de-grease” your roots. But if you don’t apply the product in front of a mirror, you can end up looking like you’ve suddenly got grey hair. Dark & Deep Brown has a hint of colour, so I feel quite confident to spray it without having a mirror.

These are must-have beauty products for summer, and by far my favourite dry-shampoo to use. Even the standard one, provided I’ve applied it properly and checked, checked, checked – is great! Batiste also have an XXL Volume version, which to be honest, I’m quite afraid of. The standard ones give my hair enough of boost and I’m not that into big hair. When I tried the XXL Volume, I looked kinda 80’s – eek!

I also love the fact that they come in miniature versions,  great for popping into your handbag, gym bag or beach bag! The standard Batiste Dry Shampoo comes in a 200ml can, while the miniature is 50ml.

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You can get the full range of Batiste Dry Shampoo at Clicks for R69.99 for the 200ml option.

I love …

Next up in today’s Beauty Byte is the new I Love lip balm pots. I love the branding on these little pots and they come in variety of “flavours” including: Strawberries & Milkshake, Mango & Papaya, Vanilla & Ice Cream (which is my fave), Coconut & Cream, Raspberry & Blackberry, Blueberry & Smoothie and Lemons & Limes.

I Love Lip Pots | on

I sampled the Vanilla & Ice Cream, Blueberry & Smoothie and Lemons & Limes. I loved the vanilla ice cream one – it smells just like ice cream! The Blueberry one is okay, but I didn’t like the Lemon variant.

On the lips they feel nice and sleek. Not sticky and thick – I like that in a lip moisturizer!

You can get I love… balms from various department stores for R39.95 each.

Woolworths Distraction Fragrance

It looks as though Woolies is getting rather serious with their own line of fragrances. They have one for RE:, Studio.W, Country Road and now a fragrance to compliment their Distraction Lingerie line.

Woolworths Distraction Fragrance | on

Distraction eau de toilette comes packaged in a pretty pink box that opens up like boudoir doors, to reveal a simple looking, yet elegant bottle with a clear fragrance inside – Don’t be fooled by the picture, it’s my wooden desk that is making the fragrance appear reddish brown isntead of clear.

The scent is quite light and while the lingerie is very va-va-voom, the fragrance is soft and subtle. I guess that it’s the perfect fit to balance out the yin and yang – heart stopping lingerie with a sensual, non overpowering fragrance.

The packaging says it’s a sensual oriental fragrance, but being a lover of spicy, oriental fragrances myself, I don’t find this one to be that spicy at all. I can definitely get a hint of incense but not in the strong smelling way that you’d expect from Oriental fragrances.

You can get Distraction from Woolworths for R299.95 for 100ml bottle.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay

I’m really glad I got to try this range of products. Chances are I wouldn’t have bought an at-home wax treatment (again). I have used a different brand in the past, that did a better job at leaving wax on my skin afterward, than it did removing the hair – which I guess kind of put me off these types of products.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay | on

When I opened the packaging of the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Body Wax Strips they looked completely different to the wax strips I had used before, so I was intrigued. Would it work better? Well, it did. Much, much better in fact!

You get quite a lot of strips in each pack – 20 as well as 2 cooling pre-wipes and 2 moisturizing post-wipes. My only disappointment was that they should’ve included more of the pre and post wipes in the pack as they work really well. I mean, unless you wax your entire body, you are going to use the product more than two times? Right?

Anyway, other than that, Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Wax Strips are awesome! Feeling a little brave, I decided to try my bikini first. It was fairly easy and I didn’t have any irritation – I think the pre-and post strips helped a lot in that department! There was of course, a little redness straight after, but it went away after a couple of hours.

On the package it says that the results last for up to four weeks. It’s been just over three weeks now  – and I can say that it definitely lives up to this claim.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay | on

Unlike the plastic strips that many of “these types” of products come with, the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Strips are not made of thick plastic and a lot more flexible, making it easier to apply them onto the skin and mould the strip to your shape. The product itself is rich in minerals and includes Cedrus clay, Acai berry extract and Mango butter extract. And yes, it smells good too 🙂

There is also a smaller version of these strips for facial hair – Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Facial Wax Strips.

Another product I got to try was the Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream. It’s also quite a nice product, but I just found it to be a bit more of a mission than plain old shaving.

I tested it out on my legs and while it lasted maybe a day longer than normal shaving, I’m the kind of gal that wants to get in the shower and get on with it. With the hair removal cream you first have to apply the cream to clean skin, then wait about 2 minutes, then get into the shower and avoid getting too much water on the areas with the product, then wait 3 minutes, and only then, use the spatula in the pack to remove the product.

It does work well and the results are better than shaving, but not that much better that I’m ready to throw out my razor. I’m definitelly going to try the Body Wax on my legs next!

Nair Brazilian Spay Clay strips and the shower power cream is exclusive to Clicks. The Body Strips are R79.99 for 20 strips, the Facial Strips are R52.99 also for 20 strips while the Shower Power Cream is R79.99 for a 200ml tube.

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