pure DKNY A Drop of Rose

pure DKNY <em>A Drop of Rose</em>

pureDKNY "A Drop of Rose" | via www.stylescoop.co.za

Valentines Day is the perfect time to add some new, seductive scents to your fragrance collection…

I’m not the biggest fan of floral scents, but I don’t mind a touch of floral. And that’s exactly what you can expect from the new pureDKNY fragrance, A Drop of Rose. It’s a lovely, pure fragrance with a touch of classic Turkish rose!

pureDKNY rose begins in Turkey’s Isparta valley in the Anatolian flower fields, where the delicate pink blossoms of rose damascene variety are harvested early each summer. It follows a generations-old process that’s virtually unaffected by modern technology:

  • The harvest season takes place each year in May/June, and each flower is hand-picked, one by one in the cool, pre-dawn hours.
  • By season’s end, 2500 tons of petals have been bagged, weighed, and transported by truck to the distillery where they are gently rolled and processed through 26 stills.
  • The end product is essential oil of rose, a potent raw material that’s later incorporated into the fragrance.

pureDKNY "A Drop of Rose" | via www.stylescoop.co.za

This lovely new fragrance launches on counters today, February 4th 2013 and comes in three size variants, all of which are EDP (eau de Perfume) – my favourite 🙂

pureDKNY rose 30ml (R540), 50ml (R750) and 100ml (R955)

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