5 Easy, Every Day Things You Should Know About Your Hair, But Probably Don’t

5 Easy, Every Day Things You Should Know About Your Hair, But Probably Don’t


We all make common mistakes with looking after our hair. So I asked my hair stylist, Louise from Zephyr Hair Design to give me five easy, everyday tips that would ensure fabulous, healthy hair.

1. Use the Correct Products For Your Hair

If your hair tends to get oily, make sure you are using the correct shampoo for your hair type. Shampoos with too much silicone can make matters worse.

If you are using a dandruff shampoo, make sure you seek professional advice, as many dandruff shampoos tend to fade your hair colour.

2. Shampoo Properly

When shampooing your hair, instead of applying product directly onto your scalp, rather pour a bit of shampoo into the palms of your hands. Using light movements, work the product into your hair with your palms.

Rubbing the product in vigorously activates your subcutaneous glands, which causes your glands to produce more oil.

After you’ve shampooed and conditioned your hair, give your hair a quick rinse with cold water for added shine!

3. Combing!

When combing wet hair, use a wide-tooth comb. Always comb your hair from the bottom up, starting at your ends and finishing off at the root. This will allow you to loosen any knots in between. Never pull on hair as you are more likely to cause damage.

If you’ve got curly hair, don’t brush your hair when it’s dry. This will cause it to frizz out. Instead, spray your dry curls with a bit of water and comb through.

4. Styling Your Hair With Love!

Always use a heat protecting product when using a straightener, curling iron or hair dryer! You wouldn’t put your hair into a hot oven and leave it on, so try to be mindful about what you’re doing to your hair.

When blow drying your hair, make sure you are not using the hottest setting on your hair dryer. Most hair dryers have three settings; cool, warm and hot. Always aim to use the warm (middle) setting.

5. Trimming

To keep your hair looking healthy and strong, schedule regular trims with your hair stylist. If you have  split ends, although many products are able to “seal” split ends and not fix them. The only way to get rid of them is by trimming your hair.



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