Bang on! 5 Easy Steps To Keep Your Fringe in Place

Bang on! 5 Easy Steps To Keep Your Fringe in Place

Keep Your Fringe in Place!

Are you trying to grow a fringe? Frustrated that it never seems to sit where you want it to? My hairdresser BFF, Louise from Zephyr Hair in Gillits has these five easy steps to styling your fringe and keeping it in place!

  1. When you’re drying your hair, blow wave your fringe in different directions; left, right and straight down.  This will help to flatten it out and works for both a full fringe and side swept bangs.
  2.  Avoid loading your fringe with product before styling as this will make it go greasy and not keep its style.
  3. Although it’s tempting, avoid touching your fringe! This only leads to a limp fringe that becomes unmanageable. This is especially important if you’re trying to train your fringe. Remember that it will take some time for your fringe to “learn” where you want it to sit, so be patient and avoid pushing it back.
  4. If you still want a bit of volume in your fringe, only iron the ends. If you want your fringe to to sit flat you can run your flat iron through it lightly from the root all the way to the ends. Remember to use a heat protecting spray anytime you put heat on your hair!
  5. To finish off, spray a little hairspray onto a comb and lightly work it over your fringe. Avoid spraying it directly onto your fringe which can result in too much hairspray that causes your fringe to look stiff and unnatural.

Here are a few more fringe benefits

To train your fringe, at night you can clip your fringe where you want it to sit. Alternatively, if you have a full fringe and want it to sit flat, use a headband that pulls your fringe down. If you’re comfortable to sleep with the headband on, even better, otherwise you can do this after you’ve washed your hair, leaving it for about an hour while your hair dries.

For a spiky or textured fringe apply a little matte wax. A good one is SEBASTIAN Matte Putty or REDKEN Rough Clay. To apply, work the product into the ends of your fringe using your fingertips.

Get your fringe professionally cut. It may look easy to do, but there are tricks that hairdressers are aware of that can make all the difference. You don’t want to attempt the chop only to make a mess of it. Hiding a fringe is no easy task.

It’s important to understand that everyone has their own unique hair growth pattern. A hair dresser will be able to asses yours to guide you into choosing a style of fringe that will suit your hair.

Even if you don’t wash your hair daily, it’s important to keep your fringe clean. You can wash only your fringe or spray it with dry shampoo (Batiste have a fabulous range) to give it an instant refresh!

If you have any questions about maintaining your fringe or if you’re ready to take the plunge and cut one but need a little guidance, post them below and we’ll get Louise to answer them for you!

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