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How I Store My Accessories

March 20, 2013

Accessories Storage ideas on

By now you probably know that I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to accessories and another one, equally as obsessive when it comes to storing and organizing stuff.

I took over a little corner in my hubby’s dressing room and used an old chest of drawers that was filled with junk, to create my own little Accessories Armoire. I would absolutely die to have a real jewellery armoire one day, but for now, this set up will have to do… I contemplated painting my chest white, but because it’s been in my family for so long, I decided against it.

I thought it would be nice to give you guys a little tour of how I store my accessories, which will hopefully give you some ideas on how to store your own.

Accessories Storage ideas on

Ideas to Organize & Store your Accessories on

Ideas to Organize & Store your Accessories on

On the top of the chest, I keep my stretchy bracelets. I found this awesome bangle/ bracelet display stand at China Mall and although it does take up a lot of space, it keeps my bracelets accessible and easy to see. Taking them off is quite easy, as most of them are stretchy, so you can just stretch them over.

I’m also using my earring stand (purchased at Dischem) for all my earring studs and a few dangling ones. I’m wasn’t overly crazy about how bland and plasticy the stand looked, so I added this gorgeous bell jar (found it @home) that fits nicely over the stand and makes it a little prettier to look at.

In the double mirrored drawers (from Mr Price Home), I keep things like brooches, some bigger earrings and watches etc.

And lastly, I found these beautiful bowls when we were on holiday in Dubai. I loved them at first sight, and am glad I finally found a way to put them to good use. I use the smaller one to keep earrings and rings when I’m too lazy to put them in their place and the bigger one, I use to keep bracelets after I’ve worn them.

Ideas to Organize & Store your Accessories on

On the side of the chest, I added hooks to allow me to hang my necklaces. I have a bit of thing for long necklaces and found that this spot was perfect for them (and kept them out of the way).

I used to hang them on my wall, but found that the walls started looking a little too cluttered in my closet room. Speaking of closet room, I’ve done so many changes to my little piece of heaven, which I promise to update and post soon!

I keep all my collar-type necklaces on a dressform that lives in my closet room.

Ideas to Organize & Store your Accessories on

My chest has five drawers, which as I mentioned were filled with junk! I managed to clear out three drawers to store more of my accessories.

I keep all my sunglasses in the top draw. I used to hang my cheapies on a hanger on the wall and the designer ones lived in my cupboard. I much prefer this way as I can find them easily and I can continue to keep my designer shades in their case.

Ideas to Organize & Store your Accessories on

Ideas to Organize & Store your Accessories on

The second drawer is where all my rings live. I used to store them like this before, but it was quite a pain putting them back into the jewelry box that I hardly ever wore them. This way, I have them all out in front of me!

On the the left, I’ve used a simple ice tray to store my rings that have thicker bands as these don’t fit into the slots of my ring display next to it. The ring display was another awesome find from China Mall, and it holds 100 rings… better start adding to the collection because it looks a little sad at the mo :).

I’ve kept my clear egg trays that were used to store my rings before, and these now hold things like earrings, chains and bigger stud earrings that take up too much space on my earrings stand.

Ideas to Organize & Store your Accessories on

Ideas to Organize & Store your Accessories on

In the third drawer I keep all my chunkier bangles and cuffs. I’m still using the wooden, modified cutlery tray to display them, but now instead of it being shoved into the cupboard, I have them all nicely laid out in the drawer.

I hope this post has given you some ideas to organize your accessories. If you want more inspiration, check out my board on pinterest – It’s filled with amazing ideas, most of them you can DIY. You can also see pics of a few Jewellery Armoire’s if you’re not sure what I’m talking about.

How do you store your accessories?

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  • Nadia van der Mescht

    Um…amazing! Like…really amazing! Love it! x

    • Thanks Nadia! It would look so much nicer if the chest was painted white – maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to do it hehe

  • Tanya Lubbe

    WOW! Love, love, love, love, love!!!

  • Maggie

    Wow! So many accessories!!!! Very well stored ! Lovely ideas. I love glass bell it looks amazing!

  • AllThingzBeautifulsa

    just fabulous need to document my cleaning up, thanx for the inspiration and tips.

    Just awesome. Love and Light Thuli

  • Brett Robson

    Absolutely LUST-WORTHY armcandy!!!!