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Jump Into Bed With These Stylish PJ’s

April 29, 2013

When it’s cold outside, the last thing you really care about, is wearing something cute to bed. Well no more! Who said you can’t look cute and still stay warm at the same time?


In winter, one of my favourite things to do after work, is have a nice long bath, get into my jammies as soon as possible. Nothing like watching TV under the warm blankie and then going straight to your warm bed.

Here are some comfy, yet cute PJ’s and lounge around outfits I’m loving… See above how I’ve mixed and matched these pieces from different brands to create a look.


  1. Cropped sleeve Hello Kitty Pyjama top (R199) from Woolies. The matching, elasticized bottom can also be purchased (R199)
  2. Flirty leopard print flannel pants from  Cotton On
  3. “I Love Moo” long sleeve fluffy top from Mr Price (R59.99) and cotton cow patch print pants (59.99) also from Mr Price
  4. Pink Poppy Divine Hearts Stoty Pajama Top (R379) and matching pants (R499), both from Zando

Now brace yourself for another bedtime trend. This ONE you may or may not like for winter… The Onesie


They are like giant baby grows, for grown ups as seen at Woolworths! The onesie is an all-in-one pyjama that zips up and has little footsies (with slip resistant grips on the soles) and a hood at the back for extra warmth.

Hmm, it looks kinda comfy, but when I showed my hubby this pic he was like WTF! Well, I guess that pretty much answers the “do I look suuxxy in this outfit” question – but hey, when it’s cold outside, warmth is often more important than looking good. Or is it?!

Comment below, let me know what you think of the Onesie… Would you wear it?

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  • Pippa J

    hmm. that onesie…as comfy as it looks – if you need the loo in the middle of the night you need to get undressed in order to go, which would be freezing!

    • LOL Pippa! Good thinking haha

    • Tanya Lubbe

      True, but come winter you would probably want to wear something like a vest underneath the onesie.

  • Tanya Lubbe

    All men react that way when they see a onesie. I have one, in fact I had the one shown above and my boyfriend begged me not to wear it because I look like a giant baby. I then bought the JT One onesie from Woolies which does not have the booties. That made them a little bit more tolerable to my boyfriend. Hehe!

    • LOL, giant baby! That was my first impression of them too, but onto more pressing matters – is the onesie comfy?

      • Tanya Lubbe

        The onesie is the most comfortable thing ever!! Especially the fleece one above! Just make sure to buy the right size otherwise you will give yourself a wedgie every time you reach up or lift your arms above your head. 🙂