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Kenwood Titanium Major vs KitchenAid Artisan

May 10, 2013

I’ve been wanting to do this post for some time, since I’ve had the opportunity to experience both brands of mixers.

This is not a review. Neither one of these brands sent me their mixers to try. It’s simply my opinion on both of these machines and something you should definitely consider if you’re in the market for a mixer, and weighing your options between the KitchenAid Artisan and the Kenwood Major.

The Battle of the Mixers - on

I loved the look of KitchenAid mixers and had been wanting one for the longest time. For Christmas last year, the hubz spoilt me with a brand, spanking new red KitchenAid Artisan Mixer. I was over the moon. It even came (as a special Christmas promo) with the pasta attachment. How cool!

I sang its praises and couldn’t wait stop faking it and start baking it! Both the hubz and I were super excited to try our hand at making pasta, so on its first use, that’s what we did! We checked out at least five videos on YouTube to get a feel for it, then read the manual for instructions, blah blah.


While the KitchenAid went to work, it sounded as though it was going to eat up my kitchen counter. I never had a KitchenAid appliance before, so I assumed this was normal. After all, it looked very industrial, it probably would sound industrial too?


The pasta came out perfectly and I was quite impressed. The next day, when I wanted to make simple sugar cookies, the locking mechanism on the mixer wasn’t locking, making it impossible to use.

I had only used it once, and it failed on the second attempt, so we took it back to the store. When the hubz purchased it, the only red unit they had was the display unit. So, I assumed that it must have been broken by some kid playing with the cool toy.

They couldn’t locate any red mixers at any of their branches, so we ended up getting the black. At least it was in a box and sealed, so I was happy.

Brand new KitchenAid, nothing will go wrong right? Wrong! Same problem except this one allowed me to use it three times before it died on me.

With the price you pay for this mixer (R6000) you expect it to last forever. I expected mine to outlast me. At least that’s the illusion created with KitchenAid mixers. It’s all solid and “industrial” looking, so it must work like a charm to feed an army. My army consists of the hubz and myself and this machine couldn’t manage that.

Even more upsetting than all the drama above, was how little KitchenAid even cared! And it wasn’t just the SA distributor, customer concerns are far down their list of priorities worldwide it would seem.

After exchanging my second, really expensive mixer for a completely different brand, I thought KitchenAid should at least be aware of the problem I had with two of their mixers. I couldn’t find a contact number anywhere, so I sent a message to KitchenAid International via their Facebook page, as well as the local KitchenAid FB page. Neither responded. This was back in January, so they’ve had more than enough time to respond.

I had no intention of trying to score a mixer for free. I did at least expect an “oh we’re so sorry to hear that you got two crappy machines” or “we’ll take these issues up with our manufacturing…” No, none of that. Just ignore!!!


Since I had both KitchenAid machines break in less than a month and both with the exact same problem, there was no way I was going to buy another KitchenAid. In fact, it put me off the brand completely.

I had looked at the Kenwood Major Titanium, and while I know it’s a brilliant machine (my mom had a Kenwood Chef that lasted a bazillion years) the design didn’t excite me.

But I thought, do you want to have something pretty, or something that actually works? Even though the Kenwood Major is a pretty machine, it’s very “appliancey” while the KitchenAid looked more like Kitchen art.

I’ve had my Kenwood Major Titunium for five months now and there has never been a day’s problem with it. I use it all the time to make biscuits, cakes, breads… I’ve even bought the attachments to make my own mince and I use the food processor attachment a lot!

The Kenwood Major Titanium cost us R5359.99, which was less expensive than the KitchenAid, at R6000!

I have nothing bad to say about the Kenwood. It works like a dream and definitely feels more solid than the KA. If you compare these two machines in store, you’ll know what I mean.

The attachments on the KitchenAid are flimsy compared to those of the Kenwood Major.

Besides the price, here’s a little more to get you thinking

  • KitchenAid comes with a five year warranty, which I liked, while the Kenwood has a standard one year warranty. An extra R699 and we extended that to four years. So in essence, we paid the same amount of money in the end.
  • There is a major upside to getting the Kenwood Major instead. Firstly, you can find the attachments for your mixer just about anywhere. While with KitchenAid, you’re limited to a select group of retailers and you get ripped off. The attachments on Amazon were way cheaper than getting them anywhere localy.
  • Kenwood is a reputable brand in South Africa with an actual office and phone number that you can contact should there be any problems with your machine. I’ve never heard anyone complain about their Kenwood Chef or Kenwood Major – have you?
  • The KitchenAid has a measly little 300 watt motor and it’s more expensive?! The Kenwood Major has a bigger bowl and a 1500 watt motor – five times more powerful than the KitchenAid Artisan. Yet the KitchenAid is more expensive?
  • If you want a mixer for decoration or to be a cool cat (bearing in mind you will never actually use it), then go for the KitchenAid. But if you want a Mixer that performs and will turn you into a domestic goddess, then the only way to go is the Kenwood Major Titanium.
  • Even the baby, Kenwood Chef, has a more powerful motor than the KitchenAid and that machine is in the region of R2500.

What is your opinion on these two mixers? Have you had any luck with the KitchenAid or any problems with your Kenwood Major? Comment below, I’d love to hear your opinions.

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  • Mary

    I have used the same Kenwood chef for over 30 years!!! Still works like a bomb! Kenwood for me. However In Greece I saw a very colourful model it is really a beautiful piece not in SA yet?

    • Hi Mary,

      WOW 30 Years! That’s impressive, and exactly what I mean with Kenwood being a better quality brand!

      We do have a colourful model of the Kenwood in South Africa, it’s called the K-Mix. It is very nice, but it’s only got a 500 watt motor and in the same price range as the KitchenAid – so better to get the more powerful one, although it’s stunning!

  • Thanks, this is good to note!

  • Avinesh

    We have just bought the Kenwood Major with some attachments. The extended warranty was R399 for the additional 3 yrs which made the machine cost a round figure of R7k. We have used it everyday since the weekend and its amazing – glad we chose this over the Kitchen Aid after reading the article…

    • Hi Avinesh

      Im so glad that my little review helped. I wont lie, I still think that the KA is pretty, but nothing beats the Kenwood. It’s just a machine through and through! I looked at the two units again the other day and noticed just how much better quality the Kenwood’s standard attachments are, let alone a much bigger, better and faster machine.

      Happy baking 🙂

  • Sesame

    I have just a returned a Kenwood Chef machine. It was shedding small chips of whatever. I though, perhaps KA is more reliable. Now, I am not so sure.

    • Thanks for your comment Sesame. I’d love to hear how Kenwood responds. That was the biggest thing for me and the Kitchen Aid – the lack of them responding when two machines broke on me in less than a month.

      Keep us posted!

  • Don

    I`ve used a Kenwod Chef KMC560 for a few years now. Never had the slightest glitch with it, even when mixing large batches of dough= 800gm of flour. Only trouble I can mention is the noise. Any setting above 4 and it sounds as if a Sikorsky heli is going to land. Today! I bought the Artisan by Kitchenaid. Why? I am shallow is why and wanted a pretty colour in kitchen. Well, the head was bouncing all over, and when dough clumped the motor started to fade off as if cutting out. This was with a paltry 417gm of flour dough. I tried correcting the faults, thanks to the helpful people on youtube, but to no avail. Nothing worked. I telephoned the very good people I bought it from and they are sending a courier on Friday to take it back for a refund. I live in UK so never any problem with guarantees. I may spray my Kenwood pink next week.

    • Hi Don, thanks for your feedback.
      I had the same issue with the head bouncing on the KA and also after the first use. My Kenwood Major is still going like a dream.
      I know Kenwood has the Kmix which is “fun” but it would be awesome if they made cool cover cases that we could use to brighten our Kenwood mixers.

      • Don

        Hi Dimi, I checked out Kmix on At the present time and until midnight Christmas Eve they are giving-repeat giving a Kmix toaster and a Kmix kettle to those who buy the Kmix stand mixer. I found that as you mentioned Kmix. Kmix is equiv of 4410R and promotional “gifts” 1580R. So a very good deal. I took that offer and is due to be delivered 24th October. Supposed to be a quiet machine. I have looked at various parts/spares sites and I would say this mixer is direct drive, not belt driven. All gears are metal. Seems to me that these are cheaper in UK. No idea if they deliver to SA though. From cold, wet miserable UK.

  • Somaya

    I have the Kitchen Aid mixer for almost two years now and I’ve never had a problem and I bake a lot. Some days I’ve baked up to three batches of biscuits or two batches of cake batter PLUS frosting. I leave the machine alone and carry on doing other stuff. I’ve never tried bread dough because I have a fantastic bread machine. I also haven’t tried any of the KA attachments because my retailer advised me that the motor is not strong enough to handle attachments like a mincer and apparently this doesn’t only apply to KA – I didn’t realise it had such a small motor relative to the Kenwood! My mum’s had a Kenwood Major for more than 20 years – she uses it a few times a year only because its so big and she doesn’t have sufficient counterspace, but she’s never had any issues. Maybe you had bad luck, but after reading your ‘review’ I would hate for something to happen to my KA since you’ve experienced such bad/non-existent customer service. As an aside, I’ve heard the Bosch machine is excellent – it apparently gets right to the bottom and sides when mixing batter – no need to use a spatula halfway through, the prices are reasonable and it comes with all sorts of attachments. I’m thinking of getting this just for the food processing/mincing attachments.

    • Hi Somaya

      Thanks for adding your experience! I am glad that you haven’t had a problem with your KA 🙂 I had used mine with the pasta attachment almost straight away – it’s interesting to know that you were advised not to use the attachments since the motor is so small. It makes sense – but then they shouldn’t have the attachments.

      Im really happy with my Kenwood Titanium Major. I baked up a storm for my sister in laws’ bridal shower – and it worked like a dream. Really happy with it.

      Thanks also for mentioning the Bosch. That’s good to know 🙂

  • JackiQ

    coming in late with my comment, but after TWO Kitchenaid mixers giving up withing a few months, I can relate ! I have also sang the praises of Kitchenaid, but no more. so sad and so disappointing !

    • Thanks for your comment JackiQ. The sad thing is that I can relate to two Kitchenaid mixers giving up within a few months. Even sadder is that they are so expensive and their Aftersales service is non existent. I must say while I love the look of KitchenAid, I couldn’t be happier with my Kenwood Major – still going strong. Haven’t had a days problem with it.

  • JavaJ

    Jumping in (super) late to thank you for this review. I have been waiting to purchase a new KA mixer for 3-4 years – saving my money, dreaming of the day I would actually own a KA Pro mixer!! Now I have the money, so in trying to decide which model/color I actually wanted, I started looking at reviews/opinions, not reviews :-), and Kenwood mixers appear to win hands down, every single time. A little deflating though as owing a KA was always the ‘dream’ if that makes sense. But I need a machine that actually does more than look pretty on my counter, so am seriously looking at getting a Kenwood now.

    Seems they have only recently become available in Canada (where I live anyway), and I am actually going out later this morning to a restaurant supply store, that actually stocks them here in Calgary.