Nautical Nails

Nautical Nails

I love nautical stripes, they remind me so much of summer!

After bearing dark, rock ‘n roll nails for about two weeks, I decided to go with something a little more “fresh” on my nails this time around!

I really wanted to do something with stripes, and I found a beautiful design on Pinterest that I thought would be perfect to incorporate into my next Shellac!

The fabulous and talented Jo-D did my nails (of course), and she did the entire design free hand! No stickers and no tape! Talk about talented!


To achieve this look, Jo-D applied the white Shellac colour Cream Puff onto all my nails! She used the blue colour Midnight Swim to create the stripes and Wildfire to create the hearts!

Isn’t this design just a cutie pie?

The best thing about this nail art, is that because it’s Shellac, if I get tired of the white (which I haven’t yet), I could always paint over it with normal nail polish and remove it without removing the Shellac colour. I’m thinking perhaps all red or all navy?

What do you guys think?

Love it or hate it?

Dimi Ingle

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