Meet My Travel Buddies

I get bored on a plane! Like, really, really bored! I’m worse than a kid! And I’ve learnt that I need to make sure I have enough to keep me occupied or else I get ratty!

Bless the digital age, that allows us to pack only a few electronic things to ensure we are occupied for hours!

Yesterday I showed you guys what beauty products I take on board. Today, I’ll show you my travel buddies – electronics and gadgets that I will, most definitely take with on my trip!



My iPad always goes with me whenever I travel. It’s the best invention in the world because you can do so much with it!

I’ve loaded mine up with books, magazines, movies and games to keep me occupied. I love playing UNO – I can have fun with this game for hours! I also like to play around with Moodboad, creating inspiration boards.


Well, my iPhone is always with me. As in always. As in it’s permanantely attached to my hand. I mostly use my iPhone on the plane to snap pics, since I have an iPad 2 – which hasn’t got the best camera, so I never use it!

I’ve also loaded my iPhone with some cool songs for when I just want to sit back and chill (without an iPad on my lap) and I’ve downloaded a sleep app that I may just test out.

USB Cable

It’s handy to keep one of these with you on the plane. Most modern airplanes have a USB plug built into the seat, so you can charge your devices.


This one’s for the five hour stop over at the airport! The TwelveSouth PlugBug allows you to charge you MacBook and one of your iDevices at the same time! For the airport, I can use it to charge either my iPad or my iPhone, but for the trip itself I can use it to charge my MacBook and one of my devices at the same time! Sparing me some packing space.

It is a 2.1-Amp USB wall charger that fits Mac devices (including your MacBook!) and comes with all the international plug convertors/ adapters, so you don’t have to cart those ugly travel adapters along any more!

It’s compact and comes in pretty travel pouch that you can keep it in when traveling, or to store all the other bits and pieces so that they don’t disappear.

Read more about the PlugBug on their website.

Price: R599
Available from the iStore

Marshall Major Headphones

I love these headphones. Not just because they are so retro-cool, but they are fully collapsible, making them easy to travel with. The sound quality is superb and the comfy ear cushions ensure many hours of audio enjoyment. Check out the full review I did on these headphones here.

Price: R999
Available from the iStore

Crayola DigiTools Crayon

I love to draw, and as “kiddy” as this Crayola digital crayon looks, I love it! I received a Crayola DigiTools Effects Pack from the iStore to play around with, and I’m taking the crayon with me!

Crayola DigiTools comes in a set that includes some creative, colourful accessories to help you create virtual art, animated stamp designs and dazzling digital effects (on your iPad). Because I’m past the “kiddy creative” phase of my life, the stamp and roller tool don’t interest me, but I love the crayon!

The great thing with DigiTools (you need to download the app to use it – and verify the app with your “stamp” tool) is that although it was made for kids, with pre-set colouring templates etc, it’s also got blank pages, so that adults can play too!

Read more about Digitools on Crayola’s website

Price: R349
Available from the iStore

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