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5 Easy Tips to Paint Your Nails Like a Pro!

August 13, 2013


I like nail-polish!

No wait, I am obsessed with nail-polish and I am obsessed with changing my nails up, but what I am really not obsessed with, is how blah my nails look when I paint them myself.

Whenever Jo-D does my nails, she does such an amazing job and I always loooove them! Me, I have a tendency to paint over my cuticles and just can’t get it right!

Now, this is something I have seen a lot of – so I definitely don’t feel alone. But becuase I want perfect paws, like a pro, I asked Jo-D for some help. And, becuase my bloggy is all about sharing the fabulousness, I’ve got Jo-D’s tips and tricks to painting the perfect manicure right here on StyleScooop!

Turns out, it’s actually pretty easy! And all it really requires is paying attention and following the correct pre and post nail painting steps. Check out step 4 for the big one! This one makes all the difference!

Paint away pretties…

1. Only use quality products

Jo-D says “cheap nasties will stain your nails, and leave you with chipped fingertips in no time“. Personally, since I’ve reviewed hundreds of brands of nail polish, I definitely agree with Jo-D. The ones I think are worth investing in are Chanel, OPI, essie and VINYLUX.

2. Do a Quick P.E.P

Perform manicure, Eliminate surface contaminants and Purify the nail plate. “This can be done by pushing the cuticles back gently, shaping the free edge of the natural nail and cleansing the surface of the nail prior to polish application”.

3. Always use a base coat

“This helps to prevent stains on the natural nails”. This step can be eliminated of course, if you’re using a product like CND VINYLUX as this nail-polish has been designed to work without a base coat!

4. Brush placement

Here’s the biggie girls, so pay attention!

“Place the brush halfway up on the nail plate and slide the brush up towards the cuticle line! In other words …. do not start the polish application at the cuticle, as it will flood the cuticle area and leave you with no control of the product whatsoever.

Always leave a tiny margin (hairline) between the polish and the skin. Focus on the corner of the brush in order to avoid getting the product on your skin, and not on the actual polish placement!

This will ensure precise application”.

5. Let it dry

“You should always allow for proper drying time between coats of polish.

If you have the option finish off with a spritz of quick-dry”.

Do you have any nail tips to the perfect self manicure? I’d also love to know what nailpolishes you love most!


Image Courtesy CND

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  • Lovely tips! Will be trying out the application step for sure!

  • Hi Dimi
    Since you say you are obsessed with nail polish and love changing your nails often, you should try Ruby Wing colour changing nail polish. It changes colour when you go in the sun! So you get two colours in one. Totally awesome product and new in South Africa. Check it out at

  • Lalannie Knoll

    How I love number 4 – going to try it tonight.