Beauty Blender vs Dupe

Beauty Blender vs Dupe


I’ll admit, I was a bit slow to get onto the Beauty Blender Band Wagonbut I’m on it now, and I just ain’t ready to come off!

It’s one of my favourite foundation application tools!

Although I’ve known about the Beauty Blender for ages, finding one was a different story. I wasn’t in the mood to schlep and import one from overseas . Then, all at once (in the same week actually), I managed to find the original Beauty Blender right here in South Africa, plus a pretty good dupe!

I bought my Beauty Blender online from Ruby Box (R219.95) and a few days before, I found a dupe version at Clicks (R55). The Clicks version is slightly bigger (when dry), and like the Beauty Blender, it also expands when immersed in water.

Both blenders do an equally good job at giving me flawless foundation and the texture of the blender itself, feels pretty much the same.

I took the pic above after I had immersed them both in water and squeezed them out. IE got them ready to use!

The original Beauty Blender is on the left, and the Clicks dupe on the right!

I haven’t had either one for very long, but long enough to compare the two!

While they both look similar and work similarly, I have noticed (and you will see it in the picture above), that the dupe has tiny tears in the foam.

The original Beauty Blender still looks as good as new (minus the discoloration – which is normal when you start to use it). So it’s safe to say that the original Beauty Blender is better quality. IMO at least!

So, what’s the plan?

Forking out R219.95 on a “not-sure-about-it” product can be tough, so here’s my advice.

If you have the money and want something that will last a bit longer, go for the original Beauty Blender.

If you’re not sure that you’ll like the application, then get the Clicks dupe. After using it, you may love the application – in which case, you can invest in the original. Or you may hate it, in which case, you can save yourself R150!

Have any of you used the Original Beauty Blender, this Clicks dupe or other dupes? Comment below, I’d love to know what you think!


Dimi Ingle

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