My Snapshots from Crete – Greece’s Island Paradise

September 3, 2013

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It’s been two weeks since the hubs and I have been back from holiday. Things things have been so manic trying to catch-up, I’ve only now had a chance to even look through my holiday pics.

Since I was organizing my snapped memories, I thought I’d share some of my fave pics with you guys. There are a lot, so I’ve split them into two posts, the second one I’ll post on Friday.

I didn’t take my “big boy” camera along with all the time, which I regret now – but thankfully we both had our phones with us, so we could at least snap some memories.

Today I’ll share some pics from our island holiday in Crete, where our days started, and pretty much ended at the beach. We had fantastic weather and couldn’t help but take advantage of the amazing coastline!

We’ve been to Crete before, so we didn’t do much of the touristy thing. Instead we enjoyed sun, sand, sea and lots of indulging (that I’m still trying to work off at the gym) in between.




Everywhere you look, it’s just gorgeous blue skies and breathtaking views.




I still find it so unbelievable that the sun only goes down after 8pm in Summer. You can literally spend ALL day on the beach and still feel like the day isn’t over – because well, it isnt!

The lifestyle there is so different. People aren’t rushed to “make the beach” before a certain time in case the weather starts to change. They get up when they feel like it (well, we did at least), go to the beach, spend all day there until the sun goes down, and then go for dinner at one of the many tavernas.




It’s absolute magic!


Yes, I know, I look pretty darn tanned in the pic above! Well, that was our last day in Crete – and I was sooooo tanned!

I’m already missing my glow, but hopefully summer will be here soon and my tan can pick up where it left off.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my snapshots on Friday!


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  • Cute havaianas!

    • Thanks! I practically lived in them! Best flip flops ever 🙂

  • Looks like you had so much fun! It’s such a beautiful place *swoon*

    Love the Havaianas!

  • Ullricke van Zyl

    WOW,, looks like you had a fantastic time,,, thanks for sharing your pics,,, When we go on holiday, we thae 100’s of photos to treasure

    • I know right!
      Thankfully though we have digital camera’s these days, so 100’s photos doesn’t = 100’s of photo bloopers that we have to pay for 🙂

  • Mary

    So glad you had such a good time!! Lovely shots really magical………

  • Great pics Dimi! So jealous! xXx