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W! The New “It” Bag From Louis Vuitton

September 27, 2013

Louis Vuitton W Bag

Ladies, feast your eyes on the latest Louis Vuitton bag to covet. The W.

A stylish bag with a three part body, enhanced by the blending of various materials.

Louis Vuitton describes the W as being “geometric and generous, supple yet not limp; its perfect sculpting reconciles the comfort of a large bag with the bearing of a sophisticated accessory.”

Do you like it?

I’ve always had my heart set on the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Monogram Bag. The thing that always got me about the Neverfull was that it doesn’t close at the top.

This isn’t really a big issue, I still love it and have it on my wish list, but I travel a lot and it always freaks me out when I can’t close my bag when it goes through the X-ray machine, or worse yet, when I have to shove it in the overhead locker on the airplane.

But yeah – such major problems to worry about! 🙂

There is always the Delightful MM, but I don’t like the zip on it. It feels very awkward for me .

The Louis Vuitton W looks like it may just be the right bag for me!

The Louis Vuitton W bag continues with the LV tradition and externally, offers the best of having a Monogrammed and a “more toned down” bag.  I like that it has different textures too.

Inside it offers suede and leather features and has been designed with the intent to have a “logical place for all the objects which can be found in the intimate compartments of a woman’s life”.

Judging by the pics of this bag on the SJP and Jessica Alba above, it looks like a fairly decent size!

Other celebs that have already been seen sporting the new W bag include; Queen Rania of Jordan, Catherine Deneuve, Uma Thurman, Reese Witherspoon and Dianna Agron.

And  yes, it is also available at the LV store in SA!

Sigh! I shall keep dreaming my LV dreams 🙂

Images of Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba – used with permission from Louis Vuitton

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