Fashion Bloggers Covet the Beau Bag

Hi everyone, Cam from Jane Wonder here.

If I’m not a shoe-girl, then I’m defs a bag-lady!

If there’s one great way to identify which bag will become the most coveted, you just need to look to the street (or Bloglovin)! Why? Because nearly all the top street-style bloggers have this newly acquired bag in their outfit post. I say acquired because I have a sneaky feeling that this is a marketing ploy, and a great one at that!

kate spade

The last bag that we saw was the ‘Celine bag’, which was even showcased on Shit Bloggers Wear, but there seems to be a new bag on the block…

The one I have seen popping up on my Bloglovin’ stream a lot lately, is the Kate Spade 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag – and isn’t she a beauty?

Here are some of my fave bloggers working their new shoulder candy…

bloggers kate spade

Em from Ivory Lane | Mary from Happily Grey | Aimee from Song of Style

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x Cam x

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