New Balm Balm Frankincense – The Fabulous Organic Skincare Range!


I love Balm Balm products. Everything from their pretty packing, to the unique blend of ingredients, but one of the things I really love, is the fact that they are Organic and 100% natural.

Their new Frankincense skincare range is definitely worth something to blog about!

It’s unlike any other three-step skincare trio that I’ve experienced, with really unique products as apposed to your normal cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

The cleanser comes in a balm formula (of course) and the toner is more like a hydrating spray. Then instead of a cream type moisturizer, Balm Balm Frankincense offers an oil/ serum type formula instead.

It’s such an innovative trio and I really love it for so many reasons!

It’s also the ideal range for gals that travel a lot, as it takes up such little space in your toiletry bag!

Balm Balm Frankincense Deep Cleansing Balm

If you follow my blog and you’ve read my past beauty features, you’ll know that I am very fussy when it comes to skincare. One of the things I am really fussy about is the type of cleanser that I use. I refuse to use anything that’s harsh and am particularly against soap cleansers.

This little guy is amazing! My preference with cleansers is either gel, cream or foam, and this is the first time I’ve used a balm cleanser. I think I’m hooked.

It cleans my skin beautifully and leaves it feeling fresh without the sting!

Balm Balm Frankincense Deep Cleansing Balm is made from “happy ingredients”, that are all organic and completely natural. In the mix is Shea butter, Beeswax, Sunflower and Jojoba, all of which clean the skin and gently remove impurities. It’s also got Calendula to soothe the skin and the main ingredient, Frankincense which together with grapefruit refresh the skin.

It’s the star-product of this collection and comes in the cutest little jar. Although it’s only 30g – a small amount goes a long way! I like to think of it as a cleanser that has not been bulked up with aqua (water) and has all the ingredients concentrated in the formula.

To use, scoop out a teeny-tiny amount, dab it on your skin, then rub gently in circular motions to activate the oils. This is something I’ve discovered with a lot of balmy type products, they really work when the oils are activated. Then, using a damp face cloth, just wipe or dab it off.

I love the smell, the texture, the feel… everything. It worked surprisingly well at removing my makeup too, which is certainly another benefit as most of us don’t want to use an “additional” product to remove makeup before we cleanse.

I could go on and on about the cleansing balm, but the other two products in this range are also fantastic.

Balm Balm Frankincense Hydrosol (toner)

I usually skip out on toners, because I find that many of them irritate my skin. I have found some that I like to use, but if I were perfectly honest, toner is not in my daily skincare regime.

The Balm Balm Frankincense Hydrosol is a “toner” like no other. Instead of being packed with irritating substances (like alcohol! Believe it!), Balm Balm Hydrosol offers a cooling, relaxing effect on the skin.

It’s actually made from the steam distillation of Frankincense essential oil, which soothes and cools.

To use, just spritz it over your entire face and neck area (closing your eyes of course), then just allow to dry naturally. You can also gently pat the product into your skin to spread it.

Balm Balm Frankincense Light Facial Oil

The third step in this skincare regime is a light facial oil used instead of a moisturizer. It’s a brilliant concept, since today most skincare regimes have a fourth step – serum! This is almost like a combination of the two, since it conditions your skin (like moisturizer) and helps to smooth out fine lines (like serum) – its the prefect marriage for your skin!

Balm Balm Frankincense Light Facial Oil is made from Peach Kernel, Evening Primrose, Jojoba and Rosehip which all nourish, condition and protect the skin. Frankincense is added to the mix and aids in evening out fine line lines, and grapefruit to give your skin a boost of freshness.

It comes in a bottle with a dropper and is so highly concentrated, two drops were more than enough to cover my entire face and neck!

Remember to rub it in, with gentle circular motions to activate and spread the product.

In less than a minute of having this product face, it was completely absorbed and my skin left with a perfectly smooth, healthy texture that even made makeup application a breeze.

Seriously guys, you have to try this range!

It’s available online from LUHLA, who are also running a a fab special whereby if you by any two of the products from the Balm Balm Frankincense range, you’ll also get a a free Balm Balm Rosehip Serum!

Definitely an offer to take advantage of!

Price wise, you’re looking at R235 for the Cleansing Balm (30g), R235 for the Hydrosol (30ml) and R188 for the Light Facial Oil (10ml).

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