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3 Clever Ways to Store Your Boots This Winter

April 24, 2014


Boots are one of the most annoying things to store in your closet.

Some, especially soft leather ones (like my Tsonga Riding Boots), tend to flop, making them look really untidy and cluttered.


But, don’t fear – I have found THREE really cool and easy ways to store boots and keep them looking neat and tidy.

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As you may know, I keep my boots stored like this (above), on the bottom shelf of my shoe shelf in my closet room. I like to have them displayed properly, without them flopping around.

My Hunter Boots are the only pair that ‘stand on their own’. Every other pair has a little hidden trick to keep them upright…

These tricks work wonderfully whether you keep your boots in your closet or displayed, and they are fairly inexpensive. In fact, two of the tricks you’d be able to accomplish without spending any “extra” money at all!

Trick #1: Empty Wine Bottles
This is such a cool trick and you’ve probably got empty bottles lying around. If not, well then this is a perfect excuse to celebrate finding a solution to your boot storage dilemma!

Just make sure that the empty bottle is clean and that there aren’t any droplets of wine inside.

I’ve used this trick on the fourth pair of boots, but just on the right foot, since the left stood okayish next to it.

Trick #2: Magazines
Finally, a use for your old magazines you just can’t bear to part with!

This trick works best with thick magazines, or you can stack a bunch of thinner mags together and tie them with an elastic band. Just roll the magazine/s and stick them inside your boots.

I used this trick on the first pair of boots. Look how much neater they look!

Trick #3: Pool Noodles
Just take a pool noodle (which you can buy at most hardware shops or pool shops), cut it in half and stick one end into each boot. Viola! Upright Boots.

You can see I’ve used this trick on my third and fifth pair of boots.

So there you go!

Three, easy, inexpensive ways to store you boots!


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  • I shared this with my sister. She thought it was really helpful 🙂

  • THREE clever ways to store your boots with items you probably already have at home!

  • Nikki Ramphal

    Genius! I feel silly for not thinking of these tips lol. Thank goodness for you Dimi, love all your storage inspiration 😀