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Letters to Juliette

I received these amazing Juliette Armand skincare goodies a little while ago, but since I was doing my Kiehl’s challenge, I had put them aside so that I could give them their own test run.

They are pretty amazing! And I’m not just saying that because they come from my motherland, Greece.

The coolest product is no doubt their Opsis Therapy Eye Brightening Gel


You’ve got to admit that it looks pretty amazing right!?

It’s a superfine, non-greasy eye gel that helps to give your eyes an instant boost. It’s main function is to target bags under the eyes and dark circles, while toning, moisturizing and refreshing the eye contour area.

It comes in this very cool “syringe” contraption that contains both the product and a nifty little applicator tip.

Using it is quite different than most eye products that you apply with your fingertips.

You start by removing the ball point applicator tip, then press down on the syringe to dispense the gel onto the back of your hand. Replace the applicator, then dip it into the eye gel and use it to apply the product to your eye area in small circular motions.

It’s amazing! Your eyes feel instantly soothed, and you can try different massage techniques; like using the tip of the ball or slanting it at an angle (on its side) to gently massage the bottom eye contours.

I use it in the mornings when I want my eyes to look more awake, and it works wonderfully over your makeup when you need a quick brightening boost.

Next up, Juliette Armand Color Control Cream.

I’ve used CC Creams before, but most were either too dark (and brown) or too light (and pale) for my skin tone. This one is spot on so I love it!

While it gives my skin a nice even coverage, it helps to hydrate it at the same time. The product blends easily and smoothly into the skin and sets to an invisible, very light coverage.

I do still like to use foundation to cover my pigmentation, but this CC cream sets a nice canvas to work on and allows me to use less foundation, since it does help to even out my skin tone to some degree.

Another great product is the Thavma Therapy Lift Antiwrinkle Serum.


I’m huge into my serums because they are amazing and everyone needs them. I even layer a few different serums on my skin when I feel it needs a little TLC.

This one is beautiful and I love the smell and texture.

The formula is a light gel that absorbs into the skin and does a great job at smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Lately, I’ve noticed that my pores were starting to look quite enlarged, especially around my cheeks, so I’ve been patting this serum straight into my cheeks and it’s helped to reduce their size. They’re actually quite a lot smaller now, so I think this product has helped to target them over consistent use.

Because it’s so lightweight, its a great product to help “freshen up” your face, like when you’re traveling or feeling drab. It gives your skin a gorgeous glow that looks healthy.

Then, just in time for summer, I got to sample the Juliette Armand 30SPF Sun Film, which is a great, daily sunscreen for your face.

It has a slight tint to it (so you can dare to go bare on the beach).

It gives the skin an instant soothing effect, and the colour (even though it seemed too light for me) blended perfectly to match my skin.

I wouldn’t say it offers much coverage in terms of evening out colour tone, but I do prefer to use it over standard “white” sunscreens on my face as an added layer of coverage.

The consistency is more like a gel (but not sticky and gooey) rather than a cream, so it absorbs into the skin much better and leaves it looking fresher.

The formula is non-greasy and you don’t feel clogged up – which many sunscreens tend to do. The smell is also pretty amazing!

Prices and where to buy

  • Juliette Armand Opsis Eye Brightening Gel – R725
  • Juliette Armand Color Control CC Cream – R455
  • Juliette Armand Thavma Therapy Lift Antiwrinkle Serum – R825
  • Juliette Armand 30SPF Sun Film – R465

To get your hands on these amazing products, contact Poise Brands who can point you in the right direction. Website, www.poisebrands.co.za, Telephone: 011 033 0500

Dimi Ingle
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  1. Tom| Indian Fashion Designers
    October 23, 2014 / 3:01 pm

    Juliette Armand 30 SPF Sun Film – R465 is an amazing sunscreen! It gave my skin a soothing effect too! Would highly recommend it!


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