The New iPad Air2, #EverythingIn1

The New iPad Air2, #EverythingIn1

Start writing those letters to Santa, the new iPad Air2 is here thanks to the iStore and  just in time for Christmas.

My Christmas came early, and Santa must’ve read my mind, because yesterday I got the new iPad Air2 from The iStore.

It came with a little challenge; to do everything (digital) for seven days using only the new iPad Air2.

Challenge Accepted!

I’ve shut down my “big Mac” and Mac Book Pro and I’m looking forward to simplifying my life with nothing but the iPad Air2 for the next 7 days.


To make my life a little easier, I hooked up my Apple Wireless keyboard to my iPad Air2 (such an awesome, awesome feature) so that I can type faster and get things done.

I love that I can take my office anywhere with my new little setup – although yes, I could be mobile with my Mac Book Pro too – but possibly not as cool!

I doubt I’ll use my iPad Air2 like this all the time, but for writing my blog posts, I need to feel the keys if that makes sense at all.

I’ve downloaded the WordPress app (for blogging obvs) as well as Line Camera to prettify my pics and then all the usual Social Media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype) since I’ve disabled all of these on my iPhone.

Then I went out and bought this nifty little accessory, the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, to download pics directly from my camera.

I think I’m pretty much set!

Oh, by the way, I haven’t even connected my new iPad Air2 to my computer. The entire setup was done through my wireless network. Which isn’t a new feature, but still one worth a mention.

Some of the new features that are certainly with a mention, are for starters, the Touch ID access that reads my fingerprint to unlock my iPad Air2. I’ve never used this feature before, and it’s really awesome!

I love, love, love how super slim it is! It’s 18% thinner than the first iPad Air and light, weighing only 473 grams (that’s less than my makeup bag). I don’t usually carry my iPad around every day (I have the old faithful iPad2), because it drags me down, but I carried the iPad Air2 with me all day today and no back problems reported!

Thennnnn, the camera is freaking amazing! It has a 8 Mega Pixel rear facing camera and the front camera, although still 1,2 Mega Pixels (like the first iPad Air) has some added features, including; a 3 or 10 sec “selfie” timer with a burst feature (to get the best shot). The Camera features include; Time Lapse, Slo-Mo (rear only), Video (rear only), Photo, Square and Pano (rear only)’ so I’m planning on having fun with all of those.

Now, I know I’ve only used the iPad Air2 for like two days, but I love it! Day one is almost up, and I haven’t felt the urge (or need) to turn on the Big Mac yet.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes after 7 days.

In the meantime you can track my experience (and check out the pics the iPad Air2 camera produces) over the next seven days on my social channels:

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There are 12 of us doing this challenge, so be sure to keep track of everyone’s iPad Air2 experence by following the hashtags #EverythingIn1, #iPadAir2 and @MyiStoreSA across the Social Mediascape.

What to do next? I think I’ll take some time out and read a book on my Kindle for iPad. The new version for IOS8 is amaze-balls!


Dimi Ingle

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