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Do This Weekend: Irene Dairy Farm

February 20, 2015

I am 100%, a city girl! But I do like to day dream about how awesome it must be to live on a farm and ya know, do the whole Country Girl thing…


If you’re looking for something a little different, relaxing and outdoorsy to do this weekend, you may just enjoy a trip to Irene Dairy Farm in Centurion.

It’s a beautiful, old-style, operational dairy farm that started way back in 1895.

You can go there for a morning outing and enjoy a meal, walk around amongst the dairy cows (the white ones are massive, you won’t believe how big until you see them), say hi to the swans (there’s a beautiful black swan too), or admire old, rustic random things like the vintage petrol pump.

The Dairy Shop has T-H-E most delicious Double Thick real GREEK yoghurt! And trust me when I say real! I’ve tasted the Greek Yoghurt in Greece and nothing has even come close until now. Granted, it’s pricey as heck, but absolutely worth every mouth watering spoonful.

Their bottled milkshakes and goats cheese Feta are pretty amazing too!

If you’re planning on having breakfast or lunch, there are two restaurants to choose from. We tried out The Barn, which although had a blissful setting – under 100 year old oak trees-, turned out to be quite disappointing.

Ya know I don’t like to be a downer on my blog, but the food took forever, it was very average and the service was non existent. Maybe we just got them on a bad day, I don’t know? But we decided that when we return to the Farm, we’ll skip The Barn, unless their buffet looks really good, that way we won’t need to rely on a slack waitress to bring our ordered meals.

The best option still, would be to haul along your picnic blanket, stop past the Dairy Shop and buy some goodies and then set up your picnic spot on the grass. Unfortunately you can’t take your own food into the Farm, but you can still buy from the Dairy Shop.

For more info and operating times, check out www.irenefarm.co.za







milkshake irene-dairy-farm-3


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  • Tanya Lubbe

    Interesting post… I hope to see more of these! There isn’t much to do in Pretoria unless you spend a lot of money so getting ideas for outings are great! Thank you, Dimi!

    • Hi Tanya. You will be seeing loads more! 🙂 I hate spending beautiful sunny weekends in malls or closed buildings, so I’ll share all my fab finds here. Stay tuned xx

  • Lalannie Knoll

    Those milkshakes are divine!! Definately worth every cent.

  • Mellie

    Nice photos!:An ideal location to relax in and get away from the city buzz!