Beauty Scoop – New Brands, New Products & Some Oldies I’ve Discovered

There are so many new skincare launches,  new brands and even some older  products that I’ve tried for the time. So, I thought I’d put them all into one beauty scoop for ya to enjoy.

These also make for great products as we head into winter …


Eau Thermale Avène

The fabulous French range with its iconic Thermal Spring Water is here!

The entire range, exclusive to selected Clicks nationwide, is made using the key ingredient – Avène Thermal Spring Water, which is located deep within the Haut Languedoc Natural Park.

This natural spring water contains active molecules that originate from a fascinating micorflora that only survives in the extremely deep, pure crystal-clear Avène water.


This is a completely new brand for me, and so far I am loving the Avène Thermal Spring Water (R149,95 for 150ml). It can be used for a multitude of things like; removing makeup, soothing tired eyes, boosting skincare efficacy, soothing overheated skin, setting your makeup and even calming razor burn.


Another exciting skincare range is from German brand BABOR. They specialize in precision skincare designed to renew the skin.


BABOR is an international company with a long standing family tradition (since 1956). It’s manufactured and packaged in state-of-the-art production facilities in Aachen, Germany.

They are famous for their HY-ÖL® cleansing oil, but they have a full range of products to offer a complete skincare solution.

I got to sample the new ReVersive anti-aging eye cream (R1319 for 15ml).  I love how rich, yet absorbent it is and how it makes the skin around my eyes look more youthful. It’s made with extracts of rhodiola rosea, sugar beet and yeast, which help to stimulate lymph flow, thus reducing dark rings under the eyes.

A gorgeous product that will defs stay in my skincare regime!

Lip Ice Tinted Gloss

These landed on my desk the other day and I am smitten with them!

Besides the gorgeous, colourful packaging, these tinted glosses combine Shea Butter and Vitamin E to give your lips major hydration – perfect as we head into the colder months.


To add to that, they smell amazing and are beautifully scented in either; Strawberry Sorbet, Bubblegum Kisses, Sweet Mint or Summer Melon, all with a subtle tint of colour.

The texture of these on the lips seems to have been greatly improved since the Natural Infusion range (which I wasn’t overly crazy about). These however, I love, love, love!

My favourite is Bubblegum Kisses, but also loving Strawberry Sorbet!

L’Occitane Immortelle Cream Mask

It’s been around for a while, but I recently got to try this hydrating mask and I am obsessed!

L’Occitane Immortelle Cream Mask (R960 for 125ml) is a beautiful, richly hydrating mask that has got to be one of the most amazing hydrating treatments I have ever used!


Made from the “Immortelle” flower, which is a flower that doesn’t die (even after it has been picked), this creamy mask is pure amazement in a jar!

It’s very, very rich, so if your skin isn’t dry, I wouldn’t recommend using it all over. The way I like to use it, is only on certain areas of my face, and only every third night or so, when my skin needs a little hydration.

I apply a little to my forehead, corners of my eyes, corners of my mouth, earlobes (don’t forget those ears) and neck area. In the morning, I am amazed at how plumped and gorgeous those areas feel.

This is a great cream to have on your night stand and you could even use it for dry patches on your body, or try my foot treat routine with this mask instead for a super pamper session.

Just remember, a little goes a long way!

Even though my skin isn’t super dry, I found that it absorbed it beautifully and looked glorious the next morning.



Chanel skincare is always so swoon-worthy. Although they have a new Hydra Beauty Serum (it’s called Hydra Beauty Micro Serum in case you’re wondering), I’ve been using the older, and still amazing Hydra Beauty Serum, and I love it!

In addition to Blue Ginger, The HYDRA BEAUTY range contains pure and powerful extracts of the Camellia Alba, which is the “Chanel flower”, the same one used on the Chanel emblem. These flowers are grown in shaders in the southwestern region of France, where the fresh flowers are gathered by hand before taken to the lab to go through an exclusive purification technique – developed by Chanel.

The Hydra Beauty Serum (R1145.00 for 30ml or R1465.00 for 50ml) is luxurious, milky serum that, first of all smells heavenly and gives your skin an instant boost of hydration. It’s designed for all skin types and trust me when I say, your skin will love it!

I’ve been using it to give my cheeks a radiant glow, and since it doesn’t slide around, you could get away with applying it over your foundation for that extra dewy complexion trick.

The ideal way to use this serum is after cleansing, before your moisturizer, so that it soaks into the skin, but it can also double up as a makeup trick to instantly fake glowing skin, while at the same time offering true hydration.

Placecol Revitalising Eye Therapy

This is a new one.


Placecol Revitialising Eye Therapy (R200 for 15ml) is a very affordable eye cream that still gives you the benefit of having top class, result driven skincare!

It contains anti-oxidants to help reduce the signs of premature ageing, while it softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eye area.

It also helps to reduce puffiness, diminish those dark circles and give your eyes an all round brighter effect.

It’s a great little all-in-one eye cream.

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