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My Second Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment – Before & After

March 18, 2016

Well gals, I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with the Fraxel Dual Laser treatment that I’ve been doing to get rid of my pigmentation/ melasma.

For years I’ve suffered with very prominent pigmentation on my whole face, specifically on my forehead and have never found anything that worked. That was until I had my first Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment at Skin Renewal in Irene.

Earlier this month, I went for my second treatment and today, four weeks following my laser, I’ve got the before and afters to share with you…

It’s been 11 weeks since I first started Fraxel Dual Laser, and can honestly tell you gals that it’s the best thing in the world! The results so far have blown me away, and this coming from someone who had melasma for about 10 years and had thought that I would have to live with it for the rest of my life.

If you read my first post on my pigmentation story, you’ll see how bad it was. I mean, seriously bad! The closeup’s show that there wasn’t an inch of my face that wasn’t covered in horrible, blotchy brown patches. I used to pile on foundation to try and cover it and it would still show through. It’s such a tough, stubborn thing to mask, and a condition that really dampens your spirit and your confidence.

I’ve only been for 2 sessions (and I have another 2 to go), but my results so far have been phenomenal. My skin is so much clearer and believe it or not, younger. I know this may sound a bit weird, but if you don’t have pigmentation you can’t really understand what a downer it is, so I’ll try explain it here quickly. When your face is covered in uneven, patchy blotches (that seem ‘abnormal’), even if your skin isn’t wrinkled or “old”, the patches make it look grey and dull, which ultimately make it look aged and uncared for. I’ve always followed a good skincare regime, but despite my efforts, I couldn’t fight the pigmenation from appearing. When I first noticed it, I honestly didn’t know what it was. It was a complete alien on my face that nobody in my family ever had. I was alone. Blotchy, patchy and very self conscious.

Now, although I still have pigmentation, it’s so much lighter and nowhere near as prominent as it was. I don’t feel as though it is taking over my face! People around me don’t stare at my forehead wondering why I don’t bother to wash it and in the last 11 weeks, I haven’t had anyone offer to give me tips on their “Grandmothers cure for patchy skin”, which was quite common – I once had someone tell me to apply vinegar to it and it would just “rub off”. Of course this old wives tale didn’t’ work in the least, not to say that I didn’t try it!

But in any case, I think those days are behind me, since the Fraxel Dual Laser has been the answer I’ve been looking for and the only thing that has given me true and noticeable results.


On the left is what my skin looked like the day before I had my first Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment on the 4th Jan this year. On the right is a pic I shot yesterday (using the same camera and settings), four weeks following my second Fraxel Dual treatment, which I had done on the 15th February 2016.

Can you see what a difference it’s made so far? If you just glance at the after pic, you don’t even see it. I mean, it’s there yes, but it’s not shouting out LOOK AT ME over a megaphone. I know you’re leaning in to take a closer look 😛


So here’s a close up look for you on the area that bothered me the most, my forehead.

The difference between the first and second pic is quite noticeable. But the last pic, is really starting to show some drastic improvement.


Look how deep and dark the pigmentation looks, or rather looked in the first solarzied pic. It’s like a solid patch of dirt and that’s exactly what it felt like when I looked in the mirror. As though I had just finished work in the coal mine. In the second pic you can see how it’s lightened and in the third pic, notice not only the lightness, but the pigmentation seems to have broken up.

I am definitely getting results, and I can’t wait to see what the final afters will look like when I complete my 4-session Fraxel Dual Laser treatment at Skin Renewal. Unfortunately, it is a long road to completely getting rid of the pigmentation, but it’s a huge bonus to have instant results along the way and these instant results are motivating me to keep going.


My first session was done at 20% power of the Fraxel Dual Laser to introduce the laser to my skin, see how my skin reacts to the treatment and if it could recover correctly. I was lucky that it did, so for my second Fraxel Dual session, Dr Lawn (my amazing Skin Doc at Skin Renewal in Irene) upped the power to 40%. It was definitely more intense, but I could handle it and my skin recovered well, so for my third one we’re taking it up to 60% yay!

I really wanted to try the1550nm Restore wavelength laser head to boost my collagen at the same time, but pigmentation is still my biggest concern, so I want to do everything I can to get this sucker gone for good. Even though Dr Lawn only used the 1927 Thulium laser (for pigmentation), my skin condition, apart from the colouring has improved. My pores are much smaller than they were and truly, makeup holds so much better on me these days.


This time around, after the second Fraxel Dual, my face felt a bit more swollen following the treatment, as well as into the first day. But the “recovery & repair process” started almost immediately. For instance, the bronzing started almost straight after the laser treatment. I also noticed more lines (from where the laser had mowed over my skin) and it felt very hot. Thank goodness for the cooling pipe attached to the Fraxel Laser machine.

When I got home, my face still felt quite puffy and hot, but it wasn’t sore in any way. I managed to cool it down by spritzing it with Eau Thermale Avène; a thermal spring water aerosol spray that I mentioned in this post. Then, for the whole week following my recovery, I was again loading up on my Filorga Neocica cream.

By day 2 the redness and puffiness had gone down quite a bit, but my skin looked really rough – almost like sand paper and it was a bit more intense than the first treatment. I had to remind myself not to touch it. Luckily I read my Fraxel Dual Laser Diary from my first treatment post which reminded me of the whole process.

By day 3 my whole face was bronzed and I had a bit more serious scaling than after my first treatment. By the 4th day, I had beautiful, new skin showing. My scaly skin washed off in the shower (without scrubbing it) and my forehead was crystal clear! There wasn’t a single sign of pigmentation and it was so round, I felt like a teenager. I had a few errants to run, so I dabbed on a bit of Filorga BB Perfect Cream using a dry beauty blender and OMG, my skin was flawless!

Once my skin healed completely and started regaining it’s normal colouring, I started to notice faint traces of pigmentation when I got up close into the mirror. I knew that it wouldn’t disappear after only the second Fraxel, but like anyone really, I had hoped! Regardless, it was so much lighter than when I started, and noticeably less prominent even more so than my first Fraxel.

When I look at my first before pictures, I can’t believe the difference! Since you look at yourself every day in the mirror it’s hard to notice change. While I do certainly see a huge reduction in the pigmentation, looking at the before pictures reminds me of how much of a negative impact it had on my life.

Good skin plays such an important role in how you feel about yourself, and thanks to the amazing Fraxel Dual Laser treatment, my confidence has been lifted like you can’t believe! I no longer avoid photos – which, being a blogger is a difficult thing to do. I used to be terrified of other people taking photos of me at events, since my pigmentation would really jump out on camera.

Now, when I look in the mirror or see myself in photos, besides my awkward “Dear in the Headlights” stance, my skin looks normal, sometimes even better than normal. When I do spot my pigmentation in the reflection, it doesn’t bother me and I used to be so self absorbed into thinking that was the first thing people would see – after all it was the first thing I would see when I looked in the mirror.


The Fraxel Dual Laser has literally changed my life! I know how corny that sounds, but seriously it has! If you suffer with pigmenation, you really don’t have to anymore thanks to this amazing treatment! I had it for such a huge portion of my life that I had forgotten how nice it was to just leave the house with a bit of mascara and eyeliner, instead of piling on a ton of makeup.

The effect the Fraxel Dual Laser will have on your mood, your self esteem and your confidence is worth every penny, not to mention how much you could save on using less makeup and not buying into disappointing lotions and potions that don’t work!

I’ve got my third session coming up in April and I’ll be sure to keep you gals updated on my pigmentation progress. If you have any questions on the Fraxel DUAL you can see more details Skin Renewal’s website, but if you want to know more about it, maybe I can help? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Outstanding results! Really love detailed posts like these on skincare as it really makes choosing the right option easier for the rest of us. I also fully agree that good skin plays a pivotal role in ones self esteem. Great post.

    • Thank you Gaynor! Ive tried so many things to reduce the patchiness and the Fraxel Dual has really been the only thing that has given me visible results! Cant wait to see how my skin impoves after two more sessions. It will be amazing to rid this thing called pigmentation once and for all 🙂

  • Desiree

    The before and afters look amazing! I have the exact same issue with my skin. I’ve heard laser hurts. Is it bearable pain because I’m a sissy

    • Hi Desiree. You should give it a try. I never thought anything would work, but the reduction in the intensity of my pigmenation after Fraxel has been amazing! Im a big baby and I hate pain but found Fraxel laser very bearable. Its only uncomfortable when the laser passes your skin (which is quick) – its not a constant pain if that makes any sense.

  • Zandri

    Hi Dimi! I came across your blog after endless days and nights of researching cures for melasma and all i can say is thank you so much! I now have hope that this is an amazing treatment and could give me my confidence back! I too have tried every possible cream etc with no success! And most of all, ive turned into someone who hardly ever goes out into the sun and it saddens me so much because i absolutely love the sea, scuba diving and any outdoor activities! I even tried BBL lazer and after the first time i def felt like it was lighter but a year later i went back for another treatment and it actually appeared darker afterwards and did not permanently remove my pigmentation. Will this fraxel lazer remove it for good and is there a risk of it darkening afterwards?

    • Hi Zandri. Thanks for your comment 🙂 I am so glad you found my post useful! I’ve just done my third Fraxel Dual laser for pigmentation, and can honestly tell you it has been the best thing I’ve ever tried and it is so worth it! PLUS my overall skin texture is amazing!

      My doc suggested I do four treatments (and I still have one to go), but even now after the third one (I’ll do a post on the before and after soon) my pigmentation has reduced drastically. It’s still there, but it’s so much lighter and I’m feeling very confident that after the fourth one it will be gone for good! After my third Fraxel was when I saw really amazing results. Not just in lightening the pigmentation, but breaking it up quite a lot as well. It’s been just over 2 weeks since the 3rd one and I can hardly see the patches – but I know where they were before so when I look really close, I still notice the outline. My hubby though says he can’t see it all, which is great!

      I really can’t say if the pigmentation will come back (and I really hope it does not) as I only started my treatments in January, but the fact that it’s visibility disappearing has been amazing! The lotions and potions I had tried all left me feeling worse about my condition, but the Fraxel Dual laser has been the only thing that has shown actual, positive change!

      Like you, I was also very much an outdoorsy girl, but have been advised to stay out of the sun – so even if you do decide to do Fraxel or any laser for that matter, staying out of the sun has got to be a permanent thing to avoid it coming back. The sun is so damaging.

      I’m also very aware of sunscreen and sun protection. I used to use sun protection before, but now I’m using sunscreens with antioxidants and melanin blockers because the pigmentation resurfacing will always be a concern for me. It’s not worth it for me to sit in the sun and risk getting patchy again.

      I dont know what caused mine specifically as the appearance of it was “the mask of pregnancy” which usually means something hormonal, but obvs the sun is a no go as it will make it darker.

      I would suggested getting in touch with SkinRenewal and have a consult with them about your condition. But really, if you have the money to try Fraxel Dual, I would highly recommend it. Your skin overall will benefit from it and you can decide after the first one if it has been worth it and book your second one. I was aware at my consult that it would take at least 4 treatments to combat my pigmentation, but the fact that it showed less and less with every treatment was very motivating.

      I’m very happy with the results! Hope this helps and good luck 🙂

      • Zandri

        Hi Dimi thanks so much for all your advice! I have now stopped any contraceptive containing estrogen and it seems to be getting lighter every day – I am also using RegimA products designed for pigmentation. I will give it a few more months and definately do Fraxel Dual lazer treatment if it hasnt cleared up.

        Thanks again for such an informative blog, and best of luck

        Z xxx

        • Hi Zandri. I’m glad you were able to get your pigmentation to go lighter. I wish I had known about these things when it first started on my face, it would have been much easier 🙂

          Good luck x