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Midnight Blooms

May 10, 2016


It may be winter – but I have Spring In My Step! I’ll admit, I’m not usually one to wear running shoes or sneakers outside of the gym – but these New Balance Midnight Blooms are so beautiful, so comfy and so darn cute, they are the perfect casual kicks that don’t look overly sporty! I actually love them! The Fresh Foam Zante soles makes them feel like I’m walking on air and let’s be honest – who could complain about looking down and seeing a gorgeous tropical print at their feet?


I love the olive green shade of them, it goes so well with so much, like my worn to death olive green Parker. For this look, I paired the olive green with baby pastels, purely because I wanted to wear my new Cambridge Satchel handbag (which is the lightest shade of pinky-lilac). So to make the green and pink look deliberate, I added another pop of pastels with a dusty pink beanie.


An unexpected combo, but I quite liked how it turned out! A little sporty, but more street style than gym gear. In keeping the sporty theme going, the shades I chose were my Ray-Ban Cats 5000 sunnies – which always remind me of old school footballer’s sunglasses – don’t know why exactly, they just do!








I think I could get used to this kind of dressing. What do you gals think?

These Midnight Blooms are part of the New Balance Men’s range, but I think they are universally flattering for both. I actually didn’t realise they were part of the mens collection until I looked them up. haha!

Outfit Details: Shoes – Green New Balance ML1980CB FRESH FOAM ZANTE Midnight Blooms, Beanie – Cotton On, Parker – Old Khaki (also worn herehere and when I met Ryan Giggs), Leggings – Guess, Handbag – Cambridge Satchel Company, Striped Top – Woolworths, Sunglasses – Rayban Cats 5000.

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