Pigmentation Results After My 4th Fraxel Dual Laser

Pigmentation Results After My 4th Fraxel Dual Laser

So, as most of you know I’ve been doing Fraxel Laser at Skin Renewal and yesterday marked three weeks following my 4th and final session. If you’ve been following my Fraxel  Laser journey, you’ll remember how prominent my pigmentation was before starting with Fraxel in January this year. Now, nearly 5 months later and 4 Fraxel’s done and dusted, I can’t begin to tell you what an amazing improvement it has had on my skin. Today, I’ll share my final thoughts, but first let me show you my before and afters… 


As you can tell, the results on my foundation free face speak for themselves! Now remember, these pics were all taken with the same camera, same settings and the same lens. Unfortunately I am not a professional photographer, so while a studio with controlled lighting would have been ideal to document my results, I had to make do with nature’s unpredictable weather and lighting conditions. But still, you can see the improvement and you are seeing the up close and personal versions of my forehead – the one area that was not only difficult to hide, but heavily covered in melasma.

After 4 Fraxel Treatments, I still have pigmentation, but the amount that it has lightened has been amazing! I don’t feel blotchy and patchy anymore. I don’t feel the need to pile on layers and layers of cakey makeup and I don’t feel the need to hide it at all costs. In fact, I’m quite confident to walk around without foundation. I’ve been going foundation-free a lot lately. Something I never thought I would ever do and it’s all thanks to Fraxel!

We recently had friends stay over and it was the first time in a long time that I didn’t have to rush off and “put my face on” before greeting them in the morning. I always felt weird getting “all dolled up” while our guests were still rubbing sleep out of their eyes and drinking coffee, but the blotchy patches made me feel extremely uncomfortable and exposed.

Before Fraxel Laser, hiding my pigmentation, especially the blotchy unevenness on my forehead was near impossible. It would show right through layers and layers of heavy duty foundation and concealer and it would show up prominently in photographs. Now, with the smallest amount of foundation, I am able to completely cover it up. YAY!

The thing is that my pigmentation hasn’t completely disappeared, but because of how much lighter it has become and that it has broken up (as apposed to the solid patch it was before), covering it up is a breeze.

People also don’t notice it immediately, which is fantastic for me. I don’t feel as though they are staring at my forehead when they speak to me. The other day I went to try some foundation at the Bobbi Brown store and the MUA (Makeup Artist) didn’t even notice my pigmentation until I pointed it out. She removed my makeup, looked at me and asked me if I preferred a light coverage or full coverage foundation. As a force of habit, I said: “full coverage to cover my pigmentation” as I pointed up to it. She leaned in to take a look, then backed away and told me that she hadn’t noticed it at all until she was right up close.

That, as you can imagine made my day!

The ones that have seen my pre Fraxel face, including the hubby, my family, friends and some of my blogging buddies have all noticed the improvement. But the most important thing, is that my pigmentation doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it did – which is the ultimate goal!

We are all so critical of our own flaws. Most of the time it’s the flaws that others don’t even notice. While I’m putting my flaws on display here, showing you up close and personal shots, the most recent results probably won’t be as noticeable if you just happened to walk past me on the street and didn’t know about my melasma. Before Fraxel, my flaws (AkA the pigmentation and the first picture) would be screaming out “look at me, look at me” and trust me, you would see them!

I am so pleased with the final results!

For now, my Fraxel Dual laser journey has come to an end. Not because I want it to, as honestly, I would carry on until it was all gone. Thankfully though, I have the guidance of Dr Lawn at Skin Renewal helping me combat the pigmentation without traumatising my skin too much.

After my third session, I started experiencing a bit of inflammation, and inflammation if you didn’t know leads to more pigmentation. The Fraxel Dual Laser, as amazing and incredible as it has been, is very intense on your skin, and I don’t want to risk undoing all the good it has done by overdoing it!

So, Dr Lawn suggested I stick to the fourth one as my last Fraxel for now and he also scripted me with a 3 day course of oral and topical cortisone to help keep the inflammation at bay during the healing. I still had a bit of redness following the fourth one, but it healed much better.

For now I am focusing on a few “less intense pigmentation treatments”, recommended by Dr Lawn which can help to maintain all the hard work that the Fraxel Dual has done. That and loads and loads of sunscreen!

Dr Lawn Working his magic with the Fraxel Dual Laser

Dr Lawn Working his magic with the Fraxel Dual Laser

Was Fraxel Dual Laser worth it?

Fraxel Dual Laser, has without a doubt been the most effective pigmentation treatment I have ever done and the only thing that really worked. Of course, the ultimate goal was to kiss the dreaded pigmentation goodbye once and for all, but realistically speaking, and considering that I had pigmentation imprinted on my face and specifically my forehead for over ten years, the improvement from start to finish has been well worth each and every treatment.

If your pigmentation is as severe as mine was, or worse, you may think it is not worth it to go through all those intense Fraxel laser sessions because it might not take it away completely. But I can tell you right now, that I would do it all over again and that the Fraxel Dual laser is the one thing I would recommend to anyone with this condition!

Even if it only lightens your pigmentation, believe me when I tell you that it will make a huge impact in a positive way!

The thing is most of us want it all or nothing. I know this because I am one of them! However, in this case, just the improvement in the intensity of my pigmentation has been well worth the discomfort of the Fraxel Dual Laser. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to try something that wasn’t guaranteed to take my pigmentation away. I didn’t see the point. But I’m really glad I changed my mindset, because even though I still am not 100% pigmentation free, it is nowhere near as bad as it was before.

You may be one of the lucky ones, whose pigmentation goes away after one treatment. For me, I just have to remember that my melasma is basically a chronic condition, and something that will need constant care and maintenance, but I am glad that I am seeing less and less of it! I’m also excited to try out more treatments that will continue the Fraxel Dual’s hard work! I started my first lot yesterday afternoon, including; Microdermabrasion, IPL and Transdermal Mesotherapy and I will share those results with you soon. So far, so good!

Would I recommend Fraxel Dual Laser?

Yes, Yes and YES! This treatment is the bees-knees! Besides reducing the pigmentation on my face and making me feel like a normal human being again, it helped to improve the texture of my skin overall, reduce the appearance of fine lines and shrink my pores to tiny little nothings.

Would I use Fraxel Dual Laser again?

Abso-freaking-lutely! The four session course that I did has been an absolute blessing to my skin! I definitely want to make provisions to include at least one Fraxel Dual session every year, if not twice a year, just to keep my pigmentation at bay. Perhaps I’ll consider a Fraxel Dual Laser sesh as my birthday gift to-me-from-me 🙂

Where to get Fraxel Dual Laser done?

Book a consult with a doctor at any Skin Renewal branch nation wide. They offer an amazing service that combines skincare with medical advice, so you know you’re sure to get the best of both worlds!

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