Essie Gel Couture

Essie Gel Couture

Today, we give praise to ESSIE’s new Gel Couture nail polish collection! They say “once you get your hands on it, you’ll never let go” and they are so right! Nail polish that gives you up to 14 days wear? Well, what could be better than that?


Gel Couture, besides looking insanely beautiful with its sexy, curved design is ESSIE’s latest innovation! No more going into the salon to get your nails done when you can do it at home – and best of all, it lasts!

Now, Gel “at home” polishes that don’t require curing with an LED lamp are by no means a new thing! I think the first ones I tried were from VINYLUX  back in ’13 and those had claimed to give you seven days wear. Then came a whole bunch more, and while I got decent results with “Gel at home” polishes of the past, I think the most I managed to keep them on for was about 4 days! 5 at a push!

When I got my hands on the ESSIE Gel Couture collection, I didn’t expect them to last as long as they have! On my hands, I passed the 9 days wear mark and only then did I feel like I needed a fresh coat.

Even after day 9, my polish didn’t look bad, but bear in mind that I’m always using my hands, and banging away at the keyboard, so the edges of my nails, especially on my right hand (which I use more) started showing signs of chipping on the edges. The thing that really blew me away with these is how even though I had “chipped edges”, the polish didn’t lift or peel at all it stayed glossy the whole time.


You do need to use the special Essie Gel Couture Top Coat, which is normally the case with any “gel type at home” polish, so bear that in mind, but you won’t need to use a base coat as it’s already worked into the colour.

In South Africa, this collection is launching with 21 shades, and I got a few to try out.

My favourites include: Fairy Tailor – a beautiful, almost see through pink that reminds me of Essie Ballet Slippers and I looooove Spiked With Style which is a deep reddish brown, reminiscent of Essie Wicked.

I haven’t tried out the other shades yet, simply because the two that I tried, lasted so well that I haven’t needed to paint my nails as often as normal, but I’m getting there.

These polishes are the best holiday accessory too, since you can paint your nails at home before your vay-cay and you won’t have to worry about them for at least a week. BONUS! Taking the polish off is quick and easy with normal acetone nailpolish remover, and of the two shades I tried (one being a very deep reddish brown), they didn’t stain my natural nails after I removed the colour.

From pastels to brights, to the classic deep toned polishes, you will certainly find one you love! I’ve got my eye on Looks to Thrill and Signature Smile for the summer (both gorgeous, brights) and for the winter, Model Clicks and Hang up The Heels are such perfect deep, dark shades.


Go and check these out for yourself and let me know how impressed you are after. I know you’re going to be!

They are available at Foschini and Clicks stores and retail for R169.95 for the colours and R179.95 for the top coat that can be used with every one of the Essie Gel Couture shades.


Dimi Ingle

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