Fresh White Kicks

Fresh White Kicks

We all have a general understanding of what a good wardrobe basic is. They’re the items in our closet that lay the foundation of our outfits; the pieces that withstand the cyclical nature of fashion, the staples that can be matched with almost every accessory and garment that you own.

Every few years or so, we’ll come across a trend so significant, that it makes our list of essentials! And right now, the more recent fashion phenomena that proved its worthiness, has got to be the uber popular white sneaker.

This shoe silhouette dominated in 2015! It was seen on the likes of Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid, as reported by the writers of Who What Wear. This year, the white sneaker continues to be the top choice of footwear on and off the catwalk. It’s worn with everything from day looks to work wear, even to night time ensembles.

Shoes that can blend into almost any setting, definitely fits the bill as a wardrobe must-have.

Although any white canvas kicks will look great with your look, just remember to keep them clean and well maintained. Here are some the top picks of all white sneakers to consider:

Adidas – Superstar Sneakers

You can always count on a leading sportswear brand to find that sweet spot between comfort, style and function.


One of the more iconic shoes from Adidas is the Superstar Sneakers, which have been seen in the past with the recognisable three black stripes on the sides. They now have them in all-white, as you can see in the list of The Best 15 White Sneakers by Best Products, looking crisp and fresh in the new solid white colour.

Common Projects – Original Achilles Low

Common Projects may not be an athletic shoe company, but the label does offer a great selection of Italian-made sneakers for those with a minimalist fashion sense.common-projects-original-achilles-lowIn the Common Projects collection presented by Lyst, you can see that the brand offers a variety of streamlined styles in subtle or neutral colours, which makes it an expert on the classic white trainer.

The Original Achilles Low is a favourite among men and women, made from the finest leather and it doesn’t come off as pretentious.

Beckett Simonon – Leather Low Top Sneakers

A lot of leather footwear brands have the downside of selling products at really high price points, but Beckett Simonon is celebrated for supplying leather shoes at a fair price.


The company also has that blank canvas shoe that doesn’t interfere with the wow factor of your outfit, as reported by Marie Claire. The Leather Low Tops are easy-to-wear and will serve as an asset to your summer wardrobe.

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