Flora By Gucci 1966 {fragrance friday}


Gucci fragrances are fast becoming my new faves! I’ve always been more a Dolce & Gabbana/ Thierry Mugler gal, but since my GUCCI OUD feature, and now Flora By Gucci 1966, I’ve got a new fragrance BFF brand!

The GUCCI Flora range was so exclusive, that you could only purchase it from GUCCI boutique stores. Thankfully, you don’t need to venture too far! This gorgeous collection, including the new Limited Edition Flora 1966, is available both in the GUCCI boutique stores, as well as selected department store counters.

Flora 1966 celebrates the birth of a legend, true to the GUCCI heritage.

The story begins in Milan in 1966, when the then Prince of Monaco, Prince Rainier, bought his wife, Grace Kelly to the GUCCI boutique. Rodolfo Gucci insisted that Princess Grace choose a gift to accompany the bamboo bag that she had purchased.

Ever the lady, Princes Grace requested a scarf. Rodolfo felt that the House lacked one sufficiently beautiful for the royal style icon and so he commissioned illustrator Vittorio Accornero to create the most beautiful print he could imagine. Accornero returned with his painting: the “Flora”, a sumptuous, multi-hued, flowered template destined to become a design classic.

The Flora motif, prominent on iconic GUCCI scarves, is an unusual gesture; to offer a gift of flowers printed on silk rather than an actual bouquet.

To celebrate this heritage, Flora By Gucci 1966 comes wrapped in a beautiful satin bag, created to mimic the iconic scarf of Grace Kelly.

So if you’ve always dreamed of that GUCCI Flora scarf (I know I have), you can now own a piece of the heritage with this gorgeous fragrance.





This limited edition fragrance is absolutely beautiful! It’s distinctive, opulent and sultry! One that I imagine Grace Kelly herself would adore!

It has top notes of bergamot that are spiced with the intrigue of dark Bourbon pepper. At the heart, a glorious bouquet of peony petals, laced with an opulent, voluptuous rose. And to finish it off, base notes of patchouli are fused with vetiver and seductive musks to convey womanliness at its most refined.

You know me and my base notes! I don’t think I’ve ever turned down a fragrance with musky or vetiver base notes.

It really is a true essence of class; sophistication with a modern day flair that keeps it interesting and sexy!

Make sure you give it a try!

It’s available in a 100ml Limited Edition Eau da Parfum for R1 990 and will no doubt be your most prized fragrance in your collection!


Swoon! Lucky Brand Jewellery Collection

One more month of winter to go, then it’s summer time, baby!


The other day, I popped into the Lucky Brand flagship store in Centurion and  stumbled upon the most ahh-mazing boho-inspired jewels!

It was love at first sight. Gorgeous in every way!

Now, as much as I loved this one ring, I was like, whhhhat, R400 for costume jewellery?! No ways! But, later that day I got an email with the latest Lucky Brand jewellery collection, and realised that all their jewellery is made with semi-precious stones.

Well, that explains the price! And now that I know they are worth every penny, I’m going back to snap up this ring!


Isn’t she a beaut?! Don’t you dare snap her up before I do*wink*.

If you do, at least there are other gorgeous jewels to choose from, like these…

JLRU8886_710_1 JLRU8890_710_2 JLRU8924_710_1 JLRU8942_710_1 JLRU8990_TBD_1 JLRU8992_710_2 JLRU8996_040_2 JLRU9002_040_1

Told ya! Gorgeous in every way!

The prices for Lucky Brand jewellery are as follows;

Earrings – R199.95 to R699.95
Rings – R248.95 – R629.95
Bracelets – R399 .95- R949.95
Necklaces – R329.95 – R999.95
Bag Hooks – R399

Lucky Brand is available in three flagship stores in Eastgate, Centurion Mall and Westville Pavilion. Lucky Brand is also sold in Edgars stores in Eastgate, Sandton, Menlyn, Westville, Gateway, Clearwater Mall, Canal Walk, Fourways, Tyger Valley, Waterfront V&A, Woodlands, Melrose Arch, Rosebank Mall, East Rand Mall, Greenacres, Centurion, The Glen, Kolonade, Loch Logan, Highveld Mall, Midlands Mall, Somerset West, Cape Gate, Brooklyn and Walmer Park.

Stick around to see what else I bought from Lucky Brand, coming up next week on StyleScoop!

One Green Elephant @EdgarsFashion


I love discovering new and exciting brands!

One that really caught my eye is the Japanese European designed brand, One Green Elephant.

This range is all attitude and will definitely liven up your street style. It’s available in South Africa, thanks to Edgars, who do love spoiling us with international brand variety!

I’m particularly obsessed with their unique and technical denim washes.

How fab is that acid green wash in the KOSAI light blue jeans (bottom left in the top pic) and the punk pink wash of the IMIZU jeans (bottom left in the below pic)! Also kinda loving the pink stitching of that denim jacket! Think I need to add it to my wardrobe!


One Green Elephant’s latest, Spring/ Summer 2014 collection is intriguing and refreshing, and as always, the brand draws inspiration from the vibes and creativity from the biggest and fastest moving cities around the world.


Here’s a little peek into some hot must-have items you need!!!


  1. One Green Elephant Cat tank - R599,95

  2. One Green Elephant Distressed Denim - R1399,95

  3. One Green Elephant Denim shorts - R999,95

  4. One Green Elephant Blue Hoodie - R849,95

  5. One Green Elephant Grey Shirt With Detail - R599,95

Be on the look out for One Green Elephant in Edgars stores in Eastgate, Menlyn, Sandton, Westville, Gateway, Clearwater Mall, Canal Walk, V&A Waterfront and Rosebank Mall.  From next month, OGE will be available in Edgars stores in Westville and the ladies range will be available in Melrose Arch and Claremont.

Are you in love yet?

Weekend Layering {outfit}


Towards the end of the season, I always feel uninspired to go shopping for new clothes!

I guess you could say, that I’m over winter and all I can think about is summer. So I really don’t want to spend money on more bulky winter clothes. Even though, I still need to dress warm.

So what do you do?!


I found the most amazing tops for layering at Old Khaki the other day. They are lightweight and perfect for layering, but would also make great pieces on their own to wear in the Spring.

I especially LOVE the cream cut out 3/4 top! I can see it being worked into many outfit options. Picture it layered over a crisp, white shirt with an amazing collar! YES



Cream Daisy Cut & Sew 3/4 Sleeve Top (R350) from Old Khaki. Navy and Milk Striped Top (R299) from Old Khaki. Jeans, GAP 1969 Thunderstruck always straight jeans, snood (old) from Old Khaki, Sneakers – Converse, Bag – Knomo

#Change Your Skin – Meet My Fab Five, changing their skin with @KiehlsSA

kiehlsfab4Today is the start of challenge day!

Together with my fab challengerswe’re starting a challenge to change our skin in 28 days with Kiehl’s! The two products that are going to change our skin include the iconic Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate as well as Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. kiehls-28daychallenge We’ll be adding these two products to our daily skincare regime for 28 days, and over this period, the five of us will be sharing our experience on StyleScoop! It’s not so much a before and after challenge, but rather a tried and tested routine on how these two products have improved our skin. I started with the Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate this morning and can see an instant glow, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens after 28 days! Ok, so let me introduce you to my challengers…


Me! I’m 33 years old and have never had a major problem with my skin, but I do suffer with pigmentation that drives me mad! I’ve tried everything under the sun, but it just wont go away! I’d love to make it disappear, however, I’m willing settle on blurring it out! I’ve also noticed, the older I get, the more difficult it is to keep your skin looking good. I’ve noticed fine lines in my forehead and more pronounced lines around my mouth, which I’d love to tackle and get them looking smooth again! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@stylescoop)


Luzanne 31 years old. She has combination skin, and at the moment she’s suffering with dehydrated and congested skin. Luzanne’s main concern is ageing as well as the little bumps on her forehead (congestion). She’s hoping to improve her skin condition and smooth out the crows feet around her eyes and the wrinkles on her forehead. Check out her blog www.pinkpeonies.co.za, follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@pinkpeoniesblog).


Louise is 29 years old and although she has great skin, since moving to Jozi her skin is feeling dry and flaky. Louise works in a constantly airconditioned work environment, which doesn’t help keep her skin hydrated. Her skincare regime includes “a bit of this and bit of that” and ultimately she’d like to achieve healthy looking skin that looks great sans makeup. Follow her on Instagram @LouLouDakis


Camilla is our “baby”! She’s 27 years old and her main concern is to look after her skin now, so that she can age gracefully. Camilla has regular skin that isn’t often oily, but is feeling a little dehydrated at the moment thanks to the winter.

Check out her blog jane-wonder.blogspot.com, follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@CJaneWonder).


Nosipho is our 33 year old mom of twins who works long hours in IT. In winter, she struggles with dry, dehydrated skin- the only benefit being that she doesn’t have as many breakouts as during the warmer months. She is concerned about pores and fine lines and still cant believe that she’s at the age where anti-ageing lotions and potions are non-negotiable.

Her current regime is the simple 3-step, and she’d love to try the Kiehl’s challenge to give her combination skin some TLC.

Follow her on Twitter.


Vanessa has just turned the big 40 and would love to take up the 28 day challenge and change her skin for the better! Since turning 40, Vanessa hast noticed a definite change in her skin and winter does not help either! Her skin is drier, uneven, has skin pigmentation and visible fine lines appearing! Vanessa loves wearing makeup, and wants to bring back a natural glow to her skin, even it out and reduce the appearance of fine lines so that she has a smoother surface to work on!

Stay tuned to see how we progress and be sure to follow the updates on Twitter by following @stylescoop and @KiehlsSA

River Island Headquarters Tour + Video


Last week, I was flown out to London, to get an inside scoop of the RIVER ISLAND brand. A brand that I’m really excited will be available in SA!

Part of my trip, included a visit and little tour of the gigantic RIVER ISLAND Headquarters in London!

I got to see the team, of over 600+ doing their thing to create the amazing fashion brand that we will soon get our paws on!

RIVER ISLAND is a huge British brand, with over 300 stores in the UK. Plus then stores in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and from tomorrow, SOUTH AFRICA! It’s also ASOS’ biggest selling brand, next to ASOS’ own in-house brand.



There was so much to take in! Fashion designers, buyers, trend setters, online, marketing, photographers, PR’s, graphic designers, stylists … everyone is housed under one roof and everything is designed right there in the London HQ. This allows for heaps of creativity, inspired by the different cultures and scenes.

But first, a little bit of background on the brand, so you know what to expect when it hits SA tomorrow – yeee-haaa!


After a quick coffee with RIVER ISLAND’s Keith & Emily in the staff canteen (that looks more like a trendy restaurant), I was given the full tour of the HQ.

It really looks like a great place to work! Imagine being surrounded by fashionable people, beautiful clothes, shoes, accessories, fabrics  and having creativity overload every day!




To this day, RIVER ISLAND is a family owned business, with the founder’s grandson running the show as the CEO. The founder, Bernard Lewis still comes in from time to time to visit.

It’s a business which started in 1948, that later re-branded itself as RIVER ISLAND - “an island for everything you need” in the 90′s.

When I asked my trusty tour guide, Keith, the International Press & Marketing manager to describe the RIVER ISLAND girl, he said it would likely be “someone in her mid 20′s, somewhat professional that is interested in fashion, not a slave to fashion.” An edgy girl who influences her friends (fashion style) rather than being influenced.

And the brand, what is RIVER ISLAND known for?

Keith says “RIVER ISLAND is known a place to get a full head-to-toe look, where you can interpret the trends in your own way.”

The whole concept of their design process is to create pieces that can be worked into your wardrobe!

When it comes to international fashion trends, RIVER ISLAND keeps up with what’s hot, but always adding their unique spin on it!


Thanks so much to these two, Keith and Emily who showed me around the HQ, wined and dined me in SOHO, helped me shop the RIVER ISLAND Marble Arch store and just made my time in London fantastic!

Also, a huge thanks to Edcon and Phatic for giving me the opportunity to experience such an amazing brand, in amazing London!

Chanel États Poétiques Collection for Fall 2014


Like Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, I love poetry! I also love makeup, Chanel and the colour pink!

For their latest Autumn/ Fall 2014 Collection, the house of CHANEL draws inspiration from a colour steeped in poetic tenderness: pink, interpreted in a spectrum of shades, an intense and fragile colour collection…

This collection also pays tribute to Gabrielle Chanel’s fascination with the art of poetry.



Eyes are dominated by pink. With a palette of shadows that are different shades of pink, together with a bright  buttercup yellow, (called ADMIRATION) that brings and element of suprise to this collection.

I love pink eyeshadow. Not the Poppie pink from the 80′s! But rather, pretty pinks that enhance the eye! I have green eyes, and pink always helps to intensify the colour.

Above, are 2 of the 6 shadows. The darker one HESITATIONis an intense romantic rosewood, while PALPITATION (limited edition) is a deeper and more true pink. These two look great on their own, but especially great blended together.

The other shades in the Ombre Essentielle range for this collection include: SENSATION - (limited edition) a sweet, pastel shimmery pink, PULSION - a deep blackcurrant, EXALATION - an invogorating raspberry and ADMIRATION - a bright and playful buttercup.

For the quad lovers, LES 4 OMBRES in POESIE (limited edition) is a gradiation of shadows in a palette from light and dark tones. The perfect blend to help you create contrasting makeup looks. There’s a reddish brown with violet plum shimmers, a pure light rosewood and two medium shades of beige, that blend together to create a satiny nude base.

There’s also CHANEL’s new eyeliner, Ecruiture De Chanel that comes in two shades; NOIR and BRUN. These are cokey type liners that help you draw thick or thin lines with precision and dramatic effect.



The nail polishes, betray every emotion of this collection. From the tips of the fingers, to the tips of the toes.

There are three shades in this collection; ORAGE - (meaning thunderstorm in French) which is an anthricite grey mixed with blue. SECRET is a soft milky pink that envokes innocence, while ATMOSPHERE (not featured) is a pearly nail colour with multiple shimmers that embody the magic of love!

Atmosphere is a limited edition shade, so if you want it, best you get your hands on it and quick!


For the lips, there are four ROUGE COCO SHINE lipsticks that match the eyeshadow shades perfectly.

INTIME is a universal pink, CONFIDENT an intense rosewood, VIVA a seductive raspberry (limited edition) and AURA a deep blackcurrant.


The glosses, or LEVRES SCINTILLANTES as they are called in CHANEL makeup, come in two delicate shades.

ROSE REVE, a soft milky pink that matches the SECRET nail polish, and SONGE, a limited edition, pearly multicoloured shimmer that pairs perfectly with the nail colour ATMOSHPERE.

And lastly, for the complextion, one beutifully girly blush, INNOCENCE, a warm rosewood shade that lifts the cheeks.


The ETATS POETIQUES collection hits counters on the 18th August 2014!

Les 4 Ombres Quad – R775
Ombre Essentielle (single eye shadows) – R435
Ecruiture de Chanel (eyeliner pen) – R505
Le Vernis (nail polish) – R355
Rouge Coco Shine (satin finish lipstick) – R480
Levres Scintillantes (lipgloss) –  R420
Joues Contraste (blush) – R590




What I shopped from RiverIsland in London


You guys! I’ve just returned from the most amazing four days in LONDON! I was there, spending some time with the peeps from RIVER ISLAND and also enjoyed a little shopping spree in between!

I’ll be posting loads of blogs on my trip, including a behind the scenes look at the RIVER ISLAND HQ, their gorgeous Christmas Collection as well as some snaps from around London.

But for today, I wanted to share the amazing items I shopped in store at RIVER ISLAND.

First up, let me just say that I am obsessed with this brand! Their clothes are amazing! Great quality, great style and they have some really different, eye catching and totally fabulous pieces.

I couldn’t resist their eye catching and unique prints, and I could really kick myself for not trying on a pair of jeans. I blame the 27 degree heatwave in London! Not the ideal weather to be trying on jeans! But, I am told that RI caters for all jean junkies with a variety of styles, cuts, shapes and washes.

When I was let loose in the new Marble Arch River Island, I felt like a kid in a candy store! Clothes, accessories, shoes, bags everywhere! It was pure heaven! They were having a sale, so the store was really busy, but I still managed to snap up some gorgeous goodies.


Of course, I wanted it all! But, I more than that, I wanted stand out pieces that I’d wear. I was especially drawn to their prints. You will understand the awesomeness of them when you see them. All their prints (apart from things like celebs and buildings etc) are all designed in house and I got to watch RI’s graphic designer work her magic.

Anyhoo, here’s a little peek into what I shopped…


I’ll start with this cute little summer jacket, which you’ve probably seen on my Instagram already.

I first saw it on The Glam And Glitter’s blog! I am obsessed with her style, and when she posted  a look wearing this little number with a plain white tee and ripped jeans – I just had to have it!

So, on my first day in London, jet lagged an all, I dragged myself to the River Island store on Oxford Street and hunted for it.

There it was! Even more beautiful in person, and on sale!  Yeee-haa!

It’s probably the most amazing item of clothing I have right now. The colour is a pinky salmon shade and it’s made from a lightweight sheer fabric, and it’s encrusted with beads, studs and mirrored disks.

Now, I’m not that into OTT bling, but this little number makes such a statement, you could wear it with anything, really!




Then, from my Marble Arch shopping spree, the first thing I picked up was this floral shirt.


Amazing! With a capital “A” and an emphasised ZING!


The fabric is soft and flowy, and it has these cute side sleeve buttons so you can roll it up.

But, I’ll admit, it was the print that grabbed me. This was odd for me, since I don’t think I own anything with floral print.


This cute white metallic colour block sleeveless blouse was a real lucky find!

I was searching for a simple white, sheer shirt and pulled this guy out of the sale rack, only to realise what a gem I had found!

Love that it’s white, but not boring.

How cute are the black side panels and bronzed shoulders?


Adding more flower power to my closet, I picked up this powder turquoise shirt with a bold black floral print…


I love it! I love the bold graphics and especially how it feels!


Now, I realise I went a little nuts with shirts, but my closet was seriously lacking some cute shirts, and all of these I just couldn’t resist, nor can I wait to wear them – all! Come on summer!

I wouldn’t be much of a fashion blogger without a dress or two…


So I nabbed this cute, green tribal swing dress!

Can you guess why? Of course, it was the print! Amazing! Plus it fits really well and makes the perfect, casual summer dress – all it needs is a brown belt to cinch it in.


And last in the clothing department, this little number…


Love, love, love the little embroidered eyelet detail in the front, the middle and on the bottom of the dress.


I also scooped up this cute cross-body bag.


I love the texture, the gold hardware, the buckles, the chains, everything!

It’s really comfy to wear and holds quite a lot of stuff! I used it on my last few days in London and it was the perfect cross body!


I hope you’re all super excited about RIVER ISLAND! You’ll be even more amped to know that this lust worthy brand will be hitting our shores this month, opening the doors to its first SA flagship store in the Mall of Rosebank this Friday!


The items I scooped last week were from the latest SS14 range. I believe that we’ll have some of these items in the Jozi store when it opens. To add to that, we’ll also get a first bite of some of the lightweight European AW14 range, so we can stay on trend with the rest of the world!

I got a peek at the AW14 range and it’s beautiful! As much I am longing for winter to finish up here in SA, the new AW14 collection makes me excited about the cold!

Remember to stay tuned for more posts on River Island. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram (@stylescoop) and Twitter and also be sure to follow River Island SA on Insagram (@riverislandsa) and on Twitter


Combat Winter Hair Static


I wont lie! I’m not loving my hair in Jozi winters!

The colder it gets, the warmer I dress, the more my hair stands up like the bride of Frankenstein!

I’ve searched high and low and done “everything” to try keep the frizz down and for the first couple of weeks, nothing worked!

But I kept searching, and I have finally found my fix!

It’s a combination of a few things, but this combo really works.

  1. It’s really dry in Jozi, and the dryness doesn’t help with my hair. When I first moved here, Chantelle, AKA Not Another Poppie suggested that I “just get a humidifier” and not wait, since it was needed in Jozi. It took me a while, but I eventually got one, and it’s really made a difference in my hair (and my skin for that matter). I’ve only had it a for a few days, but it’s a great little helper.
  2. After I wash my hair, I add a little bit of Moroccanoil to it while it’s damp. Then, I use a little bit more to smooth down the ends after I’ve dried and ironed it.
  3. Don’t laugh! This step is probably the game changer that made all the difference. Tumble Dryer sheets. Yes you read right, tumble dryer sheets. When my hair is dry, I take one of these little guys and smooth it over my hair. It works like a bomb!
  4. Finally, after I’ve blow dried my hair, I smooth it down with my ghd iron. Not completely, but just roughly over the hair, which helps keep it down.

Do you have any sneaky tips and tricks to help combat static hair?

I’d love to hear them, so comment below and let me know!


Hello from London

Hi gals

Sorry I’ve been a little quiet this week, but I have a good excuse! I’m in London.

I arrived here early this morning and I’m here for a couple of days to check out the River Island headquarters.

The brand, which brings us Great Fashion From Great Britain will be launching in South Africa later this month. Yay!

All I can say is get excited! I checked out the Oxford Street store briefly this morning and the range is bea-uuuutiful! I want everything!!!

From what I’ve seen, the clothes are edgy and stylish with so many drool-worthy pieces! Day, Night, Casual and Glam – everything covered under one roof!

Follow me (@stylescoop) on Instagram for an inside scoop from the streets of London!

Here’s a peek so far…