WIN with Daily Dish! Cooking Made Fabulous (again)


I’d love to be a good cook. You know, whip amazing meals in minutes and just be a diva in the kitchen.

But, I’m not!

I mean, I can cook, but I am no master chef. I’m just really glad that my hubby is one of those not so fussy eaters, who doesn’t expect different, gourment meals every day. He’s quite happy with steak and rice or steak and potatoes – which makes my life a whole lot easier!

Although I try to get a little more creative than steak and something, otherwise it gets boring!

I also want to be able to dish up something that rasies his eyebrows (in a good way). You know one of those moments, where he just can’t hide that he’s really impressed with my cooking? The kind your taste buds send directly to your facial expressions and don’t even give the brain a chance to filter.

Well, that happend last week, for four days in a row, when I tried out the service from Daily Dish!

Daily Dish has been going in Cape Town for a while and has just recently launched in Jozi and Pretoria. And if you’re a boring cook, busy bee or you hate grocery shopping – like me, then pay attention, because Daily Dish is the answer!


In a nutshell, Daily Dish delivers four meals that you cook at home. They give you all the raw ingredients, and I mean everything you need to get cracking in the kitchen.

This includes your spices, condiments, veggies, meat, canned goods, etc, etc! Certain “pantry items” like salt and eggs for example are not included.

Then, you get four step-by-step recipie cards to whip up your creations.

Each recipie is innovative, quick and easy! But, the best part is that none of them take more than 30 minutes, start to finish!

Impressed? Well you shoudl be!

After trying out the service, and four different meals, I was really impressed at how tasty these meals were, especially since none of mine took more than 20 minutes to prepare!


The other fabulous thing is that they measure out all your ingredients and seal each day’s product in it’s own little pack. This for me, is the BEST part!

I’m terrible at buying food and then forgetting about it. I know, it’s bad! Since I hate wasting (especially food), I make a trip to the dreaded grocery store every day to buy dinner, because otherwise I just sit with a fridge full of food that’s way past it’s expiry date.

Lets not even go there!

Having what I need, and in the quantites I need for the week is really fabulous since I don’t waste a single bit!

And the fact that every night’s dinner is something different and exciting is good for our tastebuds, but also my inner cook!

With this service you can choose from three menu options: Classic (includes meat), Low Carb or Vegetarian. You can also choose meals for two or four people.

I went with the Low Carb option, since we’re aproaching summer and wanted to try out some different recipies. It’s only hubby and me, so I chose the two person option.

Although our meals turned delicious every day, I found the portions to be a little too small for us. They weren’t too bad for me, but definately not enough food for the man.

For one of the meals – I made a delicious Shakshukka, but I had to go out and buy some steak to include, because it just wouldn’tv ebeen enough. Sharing 50g of feta cheese between the two of us and 4 eggs was way too little “protein” for two people.

Other than the portion sizes, I really enjoyed this service and will definitely give it a try again when I’m feeling unispired in the kitchen.

Check out their website for all the details – it’s pretty easy to use and understand and I love the fact that your service can be paused/resumed at any time without having to take any contracts. You can try it one week then leave it for a while and come back or just keep it running!

Up to you! Brilliant concept!

Now before you go clicking onto the DAILY DISH, three StyleScoop readers stand the chance of winning a week’s “Daily Dish” for you to try it out!


Just head on over to Daily Dish and check out the service, then come back here and in the comments tell me why you need this and which menu option you’d like to try out!

I’ll pick three winners from the comments, so be sure to use a valid email address when posting.

Competition ends at noon on the 10th September 2014!

Good luck!



Estee Lauder PureColor ENVY Lipstick


Nothing says HELLO SPRING louder than a pop of hot, pink lips!

Now, as much as I love hot pinks lips, finding solid colour that lasts, is always a challenge!

Right now, I am obsessed with the new Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick, and my shade is Infamous!


These lippies offer an intense colour payoff, saturating your pout with rich, luscious colour that lasts!

Seriously girls. I applied mine at 11:30 am to test it out. By 4 pm I had still had colour on my lips. Granted it was not as bright as when I applied it, but even after lunch and three cups of coffee, I still had something to show for it.

I am really impressed with these lipsticks and can’t wait to try out the other shades.

There are 20 shades to choose from; from gorgeous nudes to browns, pinks to berries, corals to reds and mauves to plums! You will definitely find your perfect match.


The new Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick offers intense colour, and multi-faceted color pigments that create shape and high intensity colour that lasts for up to six hours!

With such long lasting colour, you’d expect your lips to dry up. But these actually hydrate your lips thanks to a modern formla that features a new, and exclusive Time Release Encapsulated Moisture Complex with Hyaluronic Acid, that captures and locks in hydration.

The packaging of these lippies is gorgeous and I am so glad Estee Lauder has returned to it’s “navy blue” roots. I don’t know about you, but I was never a huge fan of the gold casing in their Signature range.

Besides looking beautiful, I love the magnetic closure. It ensures your lippie stays perfect and makes your lippie look and feel expensive.

I don’t know how many times I’ve found loose lipstick lids in my handbag, only to find dried out lipstick when I want to use it.

Next time you pass an Estee Lauder counter, do yourself a favour and check these out!

You won’t be sorry!

Each lippie retails for R360 and like I mentioned, the colour payoff is incredible!

What’s your fave shade?

Happy 30th Accessorize! Instagram Takeover & Giveaway



What better way to celebrate Spring than welcoming Accessorize to the dirty thirties and the South African team to Instagram!

Woo Hoo!

Can you believe it’s been THIRTY years since the world first got to experience the awesomeness that is Accessorize? Yep, back in 1984 this mega cool brand started with just one store at Covent Garden (in England) and now, it’s a world wide brand that’s a favourite to fashionistas around the globe!

Myself included!

To celebrate their birthday locally, I’ve teamed up with Accessorize SA for the month of September, and I’ll be taking over their brand new South African Instagram Account @AccessorizeSA!

Follow me there to see what great things I pick out every day for thirty days!

It’s gonna be so much fun!

PLUS, every week I’ll be giving one fabulous @AccessorizeSA and @StyleScoop mega stylish insta-fan an awesome, lust-worthy prize that will surely get you ready for summer!

This week, you can win this gorgeous, floral neckpiece…


Pretty, isn’t she?

Here’s how it works

  • First, make sure you follow both @AccessorizeSA and @StyleScoop on Instagram
  • Then, take a picture and show us how you’d “put together your best Accessorize for Summer look” with products currently in store.
  • Make sure you use the #hashtag #MyAccessorizeSummer
  • Also be sure to tag both @AccessorizeSA @StyleScoop in your picture so we can find you
  • Every Monday, we’ll pick our favourite Accessorize Fan and share your creative pic on the AccessorizeSA Instagram feed. The winner, will be the lucky fan to win this beautiful necklace
  • We will also announce the winner here on StyleScoop next week Monday, where we’ll also reveal the following week’s prize!

Some Rules

  • This competition is only open to South African residents
  • To qualify, you must be a follower of @AccessorizeSA and @StyleScoop on Instagram and use the hashtag #MyAccessorizeSummer
  • Only original entries will be accepted! We want to see YOUR pictures. It’s up to you whether you choose to take pretty pics of something in store, or show off your latest purchase and how you’ve styled it for summer
  • Entires for this week end on Sunday, 7th September 2014 at noon
  • Judges Decision is final

Exciting stuff!

What are you waiting for? Go follow, follow and use your Accessorize creative spirit to come up with a winning picture that will make that gorgeous neckpiece yours!

Here’s a little taste of summer things currently in store…


Happy Monday and good luck!


Get Lucky!


I can never resist a great deal, especially one that benefits my back pocket (literally, butt included) and gives back!

Yeah baby, the Lucky Brand Denim Donation is back!


It’s a great opportunity to get rid of your old jeans, get yourself into a pair of Lucky Brand Denims, and give a little love to the SOS Children’s Villages in South Africa.

All you need to do is take your old, loved jeans (any brand, any style, any colour) into any one of the local Lucky Brand flagship stores or participating Edgars stores that stock Lucky Brand.

Then, pick out your favourite Lucky Brand jeans and get 50% off your new babies!

But you need to do it now, or before the 30th September 2014!

Don’t say I didn’t give you enough time :)

Your old jeans get donated to the SOS Children’s Villages to assist a project they run in PE. Women in this community take your repurposed denims and are able to sell them for profit, which enables them to support themselves.

They also use the fabric to come up with creative things to sell; like denim dolls and denim placemats.

Isn’t that great?

Raid your closet and get rid of all those old, ill fitting, just plain boring jeans!

Then drop them off at Lucky Brand Centurion, Eastgate, Westville or any of the following Edgars stores; Eastgate, Sandton, Menlyn, Westville, Gateway, Clearwater Mall, Canal Walk, Fourways, Tyger Valley, Waterfront V&A, Woodlands, Melrose Arch, Rosebank Mall, East Rand Mall, Greenacres, Centurion, The Glen, Kolonade, Loch Logan, Highveld Mall, Midlands Mall, Somerset West, Cape Gate, Brooklyn and Walmer Park.




I went in to get a second pair of Lucky Brand jeans, since I practically live in my Lolita Skinny’s. They are seriously the most comfortable, softest, most flattering  jeans I own!

With the 50% saving (that was like R600 bucks) on my new Sofia Skinny, I used the extra cash to buy more Lucky Brand jewellery, which I am obsessed with.

Anyhoo! The thing I love about Lucky Brand denims is that they offer three leg lengths for the ladies. Most of our jeans come in a 32 or 34 inseam, but Lucky Brand also include a 30 inseam.

I’ve never owned a 30 inseam before, but now that I do, I don’t know how I managed for so long without it.

I’m not really short, then again I’m not tall. I’d say I’m pretty average for a girl at 165cm.

The thing I love about the 30 inseam on my height, is that I can wear my jeans with heels and have them end right on the ankle and not all bunched up around the lower leg. Don’t you just hate that?!

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 9.37.39 AM

Lucky Brand offer a variety of styles, to suit just about anyone. Both for guys and gals, but we’ll focus on the ladies for now!

First, you can shop by the way you like the leg of your jeans to fit; Super Skinny, Skinny (my faves), Straight, Boyfriend, Bootcut or Flare (must try!).

Then, you can shop by shape. Straight, Curvy, Slightly Curvy or Boyfriend.

And then you can shop by wash!

Talk about finding your PERFECT fit, shape, style and colour!

My Lolita Skinny’s fall under the Slightly Curvy category. They are not too slim and not too curvy, enhancing curves where you want them and streamlining them where you don’t.

My new Sofia Skinny’s are Curvy, which are perfect to lift and shape your assets!

Skuze the pun!

After you find what you like, shopping for new Lucky Brand jeans is easy!

Their website is amazing and shows you what other styles you’ll like based on your shape. So, in other Slightly Curvy styles,  I’d probably like Lil’ Maggie flare jeans, and for Curvy styles I’d probably go for; Sweet Jean, Sweet ‘N Low, and Easy Rider.

How simple is that?!

Lucky Brand Jeans - South Africa

I just love this brand!

Attention to detail is everywhere!

All the jeans have this cute and clever little label sewn into the zipper, and the patterned pockets inside are gorgeous – they are all different.

So much better than boring old white pockets and boring old jeans!

Speaking of old jeans, I need to dig for another pair, since I have my eye on the Lil Maggie Flare jeans next!





kiehls-change-your-skin-week-4It’s been an amazing four weeks of skin transformations thanks to Kiehl’s and the final results are in!

I think we’re all pretty impressed with not only the texture of our skin, but the fact that we all still have loads of product left over. Even though these products are quite pricey, they are worth every penny because they work and they are so highly concentrated, that they last and last!

Here’s a little more detail on how we’re all doing after four weeks on the Kiehl’s #ChangeYourSkin Challenge..

DIMI (33) says

kiehls-dimiI am so, so glad that I got to take part in this challenge! Being a “beauty blogger” I get to try and test out many different skincare products, but it’s amazing to see the results for 28 days – start to finish!

These two Kiehl’s products; Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate are just amazing! My skin has never looked better.

After using the two religiously for four weeks, I can honestly say that they live up to their standards, and then some!

I didn’t expect such good results in just four weeks. I’ve been battling with pigmentation for years, and this combo (I’ve used nothing else) has drastically reduced the appearance of those annoying patches. Yes, it is still there – but sometimes even I have to look for it.

I am hoping that when my products are all used up I can come back and say it’s gone, but lets hope! Either way, I’m happy to just have my pigmentation less noticeable!

My skin in general looks and feels amazing! The texture is soooo good and because my skin is in such a good condition now, I am able to use less makeup and still look more flawless. That’s a huge plus for me, since I love makeup, but don’t want to look like it’s been caked on.

The added bonus is that the fine lines on my forehead have reduced drastically! Botox can wait!

I still have loads of product left, proving that a little really goes a long way!

If you’re looking to #ChangeYourSkin, I would definitely recommend starting with these two skin boosting gems from Kiehl’s! As I mentioned, I’ve used a ton of skincare products, but both of these are on my top ten list of must have beauty products to try and buy!

VANESSA (40) says

kiehls-vanessaI have never been a huge believer in spending loads of cash on face products. I have always cleansed, toned and moisturised without fail, but was never convinced that the products you use could really make such a difference!

I thought you were either blessed with good genes and therefore good skin, or you not. I know your lifestyle can definitely impact the condition of your skin and the SUN is the most damaging, but products for me were just not that important!

Well, I have CHANGED my mind now!! I really cannot believe what a HUGE difference your skin care range can make to your skin. The Kiehl’s 28 day #ChangeYourSkin Challenge has really had such a huge impact on my skin!

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate are the perfect duo for healthy, amazing looking skin! I feel like I am repeating myself now but it really is true… my skin is no longer dull and dehydrated! It is smoother and more radiant and glowing! Yay!

Our 28 days are up, but I still have loads of product left, which is great as it means a little goes a looooooooong way and it is very powerful too!

I bumped into a friend who is a make-up artist on Friday night and she told me she went out and bought the whole skin care range from Kiehl’s after following our weekly updates on my Facebook page. She loves the products and her skin looks amazing too!

It made me realise that a challenge like this is really a great way to expose people to your brand, especially when they are receiving feedback from someone they know.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Kiehl’s for giving me this opportunity to try out their amazing products and to StyleScoop for choosing me to take part in such an amazing challenge!

LUZANNE (31) says


Goodness me, how time has flown! It is week 4 of the Kiehl’s #ChangeYourSkin Challenge and although my skin is still going through a breakout phase, I am VERY impressed by the overall speed of the blemish lifecycle (if one could call it that).

I just checked how much product I still have left after 4 weeks of using both – the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate I used twice a day (2,5 to 3 pumps each time) and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate once a day at night (3 drops each time). I am amazed! I still have 90% of my Midnight Recovery Concentrate left and about half of my Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate.

As mentioned before, I think the star of the two products is the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate for me because my skin is now smooth, radiant and soft to the touch.

I am happy to report the congestion bumps on my forehead are still disappearing and I’m sure after two months of using this product, they will disappear completely.

I am also definitely still going to keep using my Midnight Recovery Concentrate each and every night, as it really hydrates and nourishes the skin. The flaky patches around the top of my forehead area have disappeared completely and I have MRC to thank for that.

I absolutely adore the scent of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate – evening primrose oil and lavender essential oil ensures your senses are relaxed while you apply this elixir to the face (plus it also induces sleep). Evening primrose oil boosts blood circulation, which means it is great for treating tired, dull skin and Lavender essential oil is one of the most beneficial oils in the treatment of acne because it inhibits the bacteria that cause breakouts, regulates the over-excretion of sebum, and is also know to reduce acne scarring.

These two products have changed the way I look at skin care products, because I have seen such a noticeable difference in the tone and texture of my skin in such a short amount of time.

I always thought one could only ever really start seeing real results after more than a month of using a particular product, but these two Kiehl’s products have definitely changed that mindset. These two are going to the top of my ‘To Repurchase’ list, as I have seen the results on my own skin.

LOUISE (29) says


Before I started the Kiehl’s 28 Day ChangeYourSkin Challenge, I had flaky, dry skin and quite prominent expression lines, which I thought I couldn’t do anything about. Well, I was wrong!

Since using the duo of Kiehl’s products, my skin looks and feels amazing! It’s glowing and hydrated in a healthy way. I have had so many compliments and not just when Im raving about the product.

I am amazed at how much product I have left over and they have both been a great introduction to the Kiehl’s brand.

It’s been an honour to take part in this challenge, and I am so thrilled that I can leave the house without any foundation.

Overall, I’ve noticed a great amount of reduction in my expression lines, very noticeable on my forehead from before and after pictures that I posted on my Twitter.

I am definitely going to stick with these products as they have done wonders for me and my skin. I trust and can recommend this powerful duo to anyone as it works, but just make sure you use the correct dosage! Challenge yourself to #ChangeYourSkin in 28 days with Kiehl’s!

CAMILLA (27) says

kiehls-camillaWhilst the #ChangeYourSkin Challenge has reached the end, my relationship with Kiehl’s is far from over!

I have been using the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate twice a day (sometimes a little too liberally) and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate every evening, and I have plenty of product left in both!

I guess you can tell that the challenge has been a good one if I am here to tell you that I will continue using the products in the weeks leading up to the depletion of both bottles!

If you’ve followed my journey, then you’ll know it hasn’t been all that smooth. I hate to say that the challenge didn’t come at the best timing, as this may have hampered the results of this duo of dewiness.

In saying this, I want to reiterate that the report back from us ladies is genuine and I’ve been very open with my difficulties. I am really hoping that my skin regulates soon. Going into this challenge my biggest concern was wrinkles. Good news is, I am seeing a difference in my fine lines!

Another thing all of us have experienced is the amazing texture of our skin, and this is still the case with me. I haven’t even really used moisturiser in the last two weeks. One word of caution, the vitamin C in the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is potent. Sensitive parts of my skin, especially my eye lids, have experienced a burning sensation upon application. I’d recommend being mindful of this when you use this product (and don’t apply it to the sensitive eye area).

Thank you Kiehl’s and Dimi for allowing me to be a part of this challenge, I truly am grateful!


Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this post are those of the individuals quoted and do not represent the opinions of StyleScoop (PTY) LTD.


Perfect Summer Prints from Old Khaki


I am obsessed with prints lately!

I don’t know if it’s just me, or if the prints these days are just speaking my kinda lingo! More tribal, less floral?

Either way, I’m loving it!

I am so over winter, and I can’t wait for warmer weather. I’ve already started seeking out my summer wardrobe and found such great pieces the other day at Old Khaki!

Two great pieces that are fab for summer! These two are perfect for your spring-into-sumer wardrobe too, since the fabric is lightweight, making them great layering pieces!

The one thing you NEED in your summer wardrobe is a gorgeous printed maxi skirt.

The Reine Printed Maxi Skirt from Old Khaki ticks all the boxes for me.


Gorgeous print – check! Perfect fit – check! Easy pockets – check! Perfect length – check! Elasticated waist band – check! Flowy fabric – check! Check, check, check!

This skirt is everything! Because it’s made from rayon (viscose), it hangs perfectly on the body!

It can be used as a great staple to build a multitude of looks.


I love how these two fashion bloggers, Haute Pink Pretty and Wolf and Lace have styled similar maxi skirts with a grungey edge! Love that Nirvana Tee!

Another great piece, is this purple Marnie Printed Cami.


Again, love everything about it!

This essential summer top is also made from rayon fabric, and fits perfectly!

Isn’t the print gorgeous?

Come on summer, come on!

  • Reine Printed Maxi Skirt – R399
  • Marnie Printed Cami – R250







Summer is gonna be full of hot, vibrant colours! And I mean hot! As in it’s going to be a Tropical Heat Wave!

Ahhh take me to an island somewhere on the Med and feed me cocktails! Already!

For now, I’m willing to settle for a fiesty ‘lil floral number.

Something like this Waterfall Tea Dress that’s just the racks at LIPSY!


Or maybe this LIPSY Jungle-style Floral Print Shift Dress?




Raah! LIPSY’s got it on!

Jozi gals, I’ve got great news for you! While you can shop the LIPSY collection at Edgars Eastgate, Melrose Arch, East Rand Mall, Lakeside Mall, Fourways, Sandton and Menlyn (whew) – a brand new LIPSY Flagship is set to open shop in Rosebank this month!

Cape Town, you’ve already got a LIPSY Flagship store in Canal Walk, and Durbs you can get your LIPSY Love on at Edgars in Gateway.

So, wWhat’s your fave pick? I’m lusting over that cute !



1, 2, 3 SHOP!


Jimmy Choo FLASH London Club

Dream of owning a pair of Jimmy Choo’s?

So the next best thing? Jimmy Choo Parfum!


This week, a new fragrance from Jimmy Choo launched in South Africa. Jimmy Choo FLASH London Club!

It’s a limited edition scent, updated from the original Jimmy Choo FLASH line of fragrances.

Every year, a  new scent will launch, re-interpreting the codes of one hot and happening city! The first, of course, starts with London.

The whole concept behind the JIMMY CHOO FLASH “Club” fragrance, is to speak to the women who travel the world’s most glamorous cities!

The FLASH Girl!

This year, she chose London – a buzzing city where music and night clubs are part of the daily culture.

She parties like a rock star, in her fave London Clubs; The Ivy, Le Baron, Le Salon, Le Loulou and Arts Club…


The fragrance takes on a twist from the original FLASH scent, opening with luminous notes of litchi and sparkling notes of citrus fruits.

It’s a dazzling scent that settles into powdery notes of white woods and musks.

I must say, I kinda like it’s fruity twist and although I’m not a huge fan of powdery base notes - this one is quite pleasant.

The packaging is very “bling” and definitely speaks to the party girl!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


  • 100ml EDP – R895
  • 60ml EDP – R695



Exploring Downtown Jozi – The Neighbourgoods Market + Outfit Post


I’ve really missed Jozi! I forgot how much culture and vibe this beautiful city has. I guess it takes moving to another city for ten years to realise what you really have “back home”!

A little while ago, we visited the Neighbourgoods Market in downtown Johanneburg. If you haven’t been or heard of it before, it’s a saturday-only market in the heart of Braamfontein.

The vibe there is really cool, a little hipster and a really great place to hang out, have a drink or feed yer’ face with delicious treats.




You absolutely HAVE to try the Paella.

It’s beyond anything you’ve ever tasted – and you can witness the whole cooking process in giant (and I mean giant, look how small the people look in comparison) paella pans.

You might want to grab a quick treat like maybe a Miya’s Sushi Cupcake beforehand, as the Paella que is seriously long. The longer you wait, the hungrier you get!


The lower level is where you “pick” your food. Upstairs, on the rooftop, there is an open air spaced area for you to munch it down, or have a drink in the bar.


The drinks selection is quite interesting, whether you feel like a Melon Mojito served in Consol jars or, warm red wine spiced with different flavours. This drink has a name, but I’ve totally forgotten it?




On your way out, make sure you stop by the Poffertjies stand and grab yourself a full, or half plate of these yummy treats. They taste like mini pancakes (only better) and smothered in syrup and icing sugar. YUM!




Since the surroundings were so cool, I thought this would be a great setting to take some outfit pics for the Old Khaki Blog, Unrestricted Living, wearing my “August Must-Have”, the Eve Pullover.

Head on over to the Unrestricted Living blog to check it out – with a little Q&A section.

What I wore: Striped Knit – Old Khaki, Blue Eve Pullover Knit – Old Khaki, Jeans – Lucky Brand (Lolita Skinny), Swedges – Top Shop, Bag – TUMI (Sinclair Stella Double Zip Carry all in “Harvest”).

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little outfit slash exploring post, and if you know the name of that warmed red wine drink, please comment and let me know what it’s called.

Week 3: Kiehl’s #ChangeYourSkin Challenge

KIEHLS-CHANGE-YOUR-SKIN-week-3Three weeks down, one to go in the Kiehl’s 28 Day Change Your Skin Challenge and the results from my fab five and I are in!

For the most part, we are all seeing good results. Two of my fab five are finding their skin a little oily after the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. My suggestion would be to use as little product as you need. It’s very easy to over-do product as we all think more is more, but in the case of high quality, highly concentrated products (like the MRC), less is always more.

I myself “overdid” the oil in the first week, but since dropping down my dosage to three drops (instead of five) my skin has really started to soak it in. I also don’t use any moisturizer as I find I don’t need it. My skin gets enough moisture from the MRC, so I don’t feel the need to load on more product.

Here’s a little more detail on how we’re all doing after week 3…

DIMI (33) says

kiehls-dimiThree weeks into this challenge and my skin is looking GLORIOUS! It has seriously never looked or felt so good!

From my late 20′s I started using only high quality products on my face. Since your skin is much more prone to damage the older you get, my theory has always been to never skimp on skincare and I believe that prevention is better than cure!

Even though I’ve used some amazing, high quality skincare products, this dynamic duo together, has made a huge impact on my skin. The tone (how it feels) is incredible and I’m loving the glow!

My annoying pigmentation is still there, but it’s gone much, much lighter. Before, it would show through even when I concealed heavily. But now I only need a little coverage to make my skin look flawless.

I received three compliments this week, so the products are definitely doing their bit! I still can’t get over how amazing my makeup looks – and the fact that it stays on! I mean, I feel like I’m being professionally airbrushed every day – and I haven’t really changed my makeup application or products. 

Three weeks in and I have so much product left. I use two pumps of the Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate twice a day and three drops of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate at night. A little goes a long, long way, especially with the oil! So, this week I started adding two drops of the MRC to the backs of my hands and even they are starting to look great!

As you age, the skin on your hands generally gives away your age, even if your face has been well looked after. Since I heard that, I ‘ve actively been trying to look after my hands as well. I do the whole moisturise-after-you-wash thing, but this little MRC step every night, I am sure is going to go a long way to preserving their youth!

LOUISE (29) says


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate are the perfect duo for healthy, amazing looking skin!

The texture and tone of my skin feels smooth, like a baby’s bottom! This is a vast improvement from how my skin felt prior to using the products.

I still haven’t felt the need for moisturiser (I just use sunblock in the day), as I find my skin is retaining moisture well enough on its own and doesn’t need extra product.

My skin has been so clear and glowing, that I decided to try something new this past week! I went foundation free the whole week! Since my actual skin looks good enough to “go bare”, I feel as though I have the confidence to go without foundation. Also a good opportunity to give my skin a break from clogging it up with makeup.

I have noticed the effects of these products on the appearance of my fine lines. They are more faint, and while they are not completely gone, I wasn’t expecting them to disappear entirely. But, I’m really happy with how they look.

Both products have a great mix of antioxidants, and I feel that by using them, I am saving my skin from further damage. I feel as though I’m feeding my skin with what it really needs.

I am so happy be a part of the Kiehl’s #ChangeYourSkin challenge – it has really given my skin a great boost!

LUZANNE (31) says


My skin went through a hormonal breakout phase during week 3. I was, however, surprised by how quickly the blemishes cleared up.

Usually when I get a blemish, it hangs around for a good 5 days before it starts to disappear (and then it takes about a week for the blemish to fully disappear).

This past week, the blemishes had appeared and completely disappeared within 1 week!

Vitamin C is great for lightening age spots and scars on the surface of the skin and I think it was the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate that sped up the healing process of the blemishes and lightened the scars they left behind.

I find 2,5 pumps of the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is enough for both my face and neck, and even though I have been using this product for the last 3 weeks, every day, twice a day, I am very impressed with how much product is still left in the bottle.

am also still using the Midnight Recovery Concentrate every night before I go to bed – remember to always apply your skin care products about 30 minutes before you go to bed. This ensures your serum, night cream and eye cream will be fully absorbed into the skin and will not end up being wasted on your bed sheets.

The scent of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate is very soothing and aids with falling asleep, as it contains evening primrose oil and lavender essential oil.

I gently press and massage the oil into my skin and then follow up with my favourite eye cream (there is no need to layer a night cream on top of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate unless you have very, very dry skin).

My skin still feels super smooth to the touch, looks glowy and overall just feels healthy and comfortable.

VANESSA (40) says


Three weeks down of the Kiehl’s 28 day Change Your Skin Challenge!! As they say, time flies when you’re having fun! I am most certainly am still having fun with the Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

This powerful skin care regime has had a huge impact on the condition of my skin and I am even surprised at the difference it has made! My skin is no longer dull and dehydrated! It is smoother and more radiant, both with and without make up!

I have had a crazy week, both on the work side and socially, so both my diet and sleep have been negatively affected. In the past this would have really taken its toll on my skin, leaving it dehydrated, dull and grey!

Well despite the extra work stress, lack of sleep and unbalanced diet, my skin is still soft and smooth.

Thank you Kiehl’s for giving us this opportunity to change our skin for the better!!

NOSIPHO (33) says


My only issue this week is still the oiliness.

My skin is naturally oily, but I’ve noticed that since the #ChangeYourSkin Challenge, it seems and feels a lot more hydrated, and the dreaded shine is back with a vengeance. Nothing a little powder doesn’t fix though.

I’m using Dimi’s suggestion of using less of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and “dabbing it” rather than rubbing it in. No difference just yet but I’ll keep with it.

Oiliness aside, I’ve finally received some complaints on the improvement of my skin. Especially the fine rash I used to have on my forehead.

My skin is definitely more hydrated and even toned especially around my chin area. I’m still pretty happy with the results so far. A little oil won’t put me off and it’s probably time I started wearing makeup full time anyway :-).

CAMILLA (27) says

kiehls-camillaI am happy to report that my skin freakout was a result of the incorrect dosage of medicine, NOT THE PRODUCTS!

I had a strong feeling that the products weren’t to blame, as I’ve heard such wonderful feedback on them all over the web.

I changed the dosage of my medicine on Thursday last week and I already see a vast difference in my skin. I’m glad that I didn’t stop using the Kiehl’s products during the last two weeks.

My skin is now a bit oily, something it hasn’t been in years. So I’ve changed my cleanser to a ‘normal skin’ one, as to not over moisturise my skin with the Kiehl’s products.

This seems to be working to normalise my skin.

My ‘marionette lines’ (long vertical lines that laterally circumscribe the chin – thanks Wikipedia), lip lines and smile lines have seen the most difference so far. This is thanks to the Vitamin C in the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, which stimulates the growth of collagen.

I am still awaiting a major change in my crow’s feet and sub-orbital lines, but I am the most self conscious about these so I may be a little blind to any changes.

Most of all, the texture of my skin is feeling amazing; silky and smooth. I have noticed that my makeup also applies very smoothly. I have been applying the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate twice a day and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate a little before bed time, so that  so it doesn’t seep into my pillow cases.

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