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Get Your Urban Decay Fix Online, For A Limited Time Only

July 12, 2016

Hey Junkies! I’m so excited about the new Urban Decay store that opened last weekend at Sandton City. While having this brand finally in South Africa may be music to so many ears, lets not forget about all the junkies, quietly growling at the social media posts when they are based in lets say, Durban, Cape Town or just too far from Sandton City. If you’re one of the growlers, don’t worry as I have some news that will be music to your ears too!

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Benefit Brows Collection

July 12, 2016

When you think brows, the first beauty brand that comes to mind is Benefit! After all, Benefit was one of the first cosmetic brands to offer beautiful brow bars to customers, giving them a place where girls in-the-know can get brows on-the-go.

But if you don’t have time, don’t worry as now you can solve every one of your brow dilemmas at home with Benefit’s fantastic new range of brow products. There’s literally a brow product for every brow type; whether you want to liven up your brows, add fullness to sparse brows, deepen, darken, lighten, highlight or shape your brows, Benefit has you covered and today I’ll take you through the entire range and help you banish your brow dilemma. Continue Reading

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Updated Closet Room Tour

July 11, 2016


I’ve been meaning to do an updated closet room tour (since it has been highly requested) so, this weekend after I finished giving my vanity a fresh coat of paint, I thought what better time to invite you on a little tour of my JHB closet. Continue Reading

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Protect Your Skin Against Pollution

July 6, 2016

We are all quite aware of how damaging UV rays are to our skin, but are you aware that while the sun may be the skins’ worst enemy, another enemy lurks; resulting in signs of premature ageing? This my friends is called pollution, and with pollution levels at the highest they’ve been in history, it is quickly becoming one of the most widespread threats to human health.  Continue Reading