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Christmas Cane Bark Recipe

December 24, 2015

The festive season always gets me in the mood for baking and creating delightful things.

But it’s been a scorcher leading up to Christmas and to be honest, I do  take my hat off to those bake-a-tonners that manage to make amazing festive treats in this heat!


This year I went for a super easy festive treat, and one that doesn’t require standing in front of an oven or working with sticky dough!

Say hello to my so-easy-a-five-year-old-could-do-it Christmas Candy Cane Bark…

Literally, this is the easiest thing I’ve ever made, and probably one of my faves.


All you need is;

  • White Chocolate
  • Candy Cane

That’s it!

You can also use dark chocolate (or a mix of both), but I wanted to stick with the red and white theme for my treats.

Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler (so that you don’t burn it).


While that’s melting away, crush up your candy cane.

You can go for large chunks or smaller ones, it’s completely up to you.


I like a mix of chunky and smaller pieces because the chunkier ones allow you to see the red and white stripe, and the smaller pieces just make it look fuller.


Once the chocolate has melted, pour it out onto a baking tray and sprinkle with the crushed candy cane.


Stick it in the fridge overnight!

If you’re feeling creative, try making Candy Cane Chocolate Heart Pops while you’re at it.

All you do is place two candy canes facing each other to create a heart shape, pour the chocolate into the centre, stick a lolly pop stick in the middle and sprinkle with crushed candy cane.

You’ll need to press the two candy canes together while they are setting, which is not an easy task in this heat, but it worked. I just kept checking up on them in the fridge every 5 or so minutes.


The next morning, remove the tray from the fridge, and cut the chocolate into squares.

Make them perfectly imperfect!

Pretty simple hey?

They are delicious!

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A Festive Feast with Woolies #MyWWChristmas

December 23, 2015

The festive season has crept up on us once again!

Are you ready? Have you planned and planned for months? Have you got everything you need?

Don’t stress if you haven’t gone into major planning mode for Christmas, because Woolies has your back!


Back in August, I attended their Christmas media day, and let me just tell you, that besides the fab gifting options, the food is out of this world!!!


Serve it up in your most stylish dinnerware, and your guests will think you’re a rock star, gourmet cook!

We were treated to a delightful menu of fabulous food cooked up, prepared and presented by the talented Woolies food team…


For starters, I had the Norwegian Salmon, cured and marinated in lemon and pink peppercorn. Salmon and Trout canape with gold spray and salmon and prawn terrine with salmon row.


Is your tummy rumbling yet?

Mine sure is!


For mains I had the free range leg of lamb with cranberry sauce, served with ready to eat de-boned gammon, (smoked in beach wood) and served with toppings of crispy bacon, finished with delicious veggies and potatoes.


Oh yum!


And for dessert, which is always my favourite part of the meal, we were treated, and I mean really treated!

I honesty thought it would be impossible to beat the delicious starter and main meal that we enjoyed, but you know Woolies, always making it better and better!

So instead of one “main” desert we were treated to an exquisite dessert buffet, loaded with cheeses galore and so many delicious treats, I could barely keep up with all the names.


I’m sorry I don’t have all the names of all the treats (I got way sidetracked), but I would definitely add the Black Forest Fruit Pudding (above) and the Belgian Triple Chocolate Layered Desert (below) to my cart!


The desserts were made and presented by the same passionate people who make the ready-made desserts you can buy from Woolies, and let me tell you, the pride of these people is not only seen in their work, but their incredible passion in how they paired the deserts and styled them in just the right place.



For the festive season, Woolies is launching 9 specialty cheeses, that will add to their over seventy selection of cheeses, which are predominantly South African.




Celebs The Scoop

Ten Local Celebs Bare All #EdgarsSeasonSorted

December 22, 2015

Edgars is rounding up the laughs and saving the festive season with their hilarious, tell-all campaign, #EdgarsSeasonSorted!

Ten local celebs share non-stop laughs and open up – but it’s not all what you’d expect – and it’s been captured on camera…


Watch Them Talk About Their Best Feature

In this video, Edgars asked celebs like Siv Ngesi, Jimmy Nevis, Jon Boynton-Lee, Lalla Hirayama, DJ Warras and Ayanda MVP what they thought was their best feature.


Can you guess what they said?

See how they responded in this fun video

Gift Wrapping Games

Good idea: Wrapping your prezzies ahead of time,
Bad idea: Doing it blindfolded.


Watch DJ Warras and Siv Ngesi wrap it like it’s hot in this video

Kissing Under the Mistletoe

And for laughs, check out this hilarious take on kissing under the mistletoe!


Siv Ngesi, Lalla Hirayama, Ayanda MVP, DJ Warras, Janez Vermeiren, Pearl Modiadie and Jimmy Nevis dish out smooches ranging from naughty to nice in this video clip.

For more festive fun, go behind the scenes and laugh off those festive giggles with the full collection of #EdgarsSeasonSorted clips and follow them on Facebook.

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Hello Lindt Emotis

December 22, 2015

My Heart Goes Boom….


Have you gals seen the new Lindt HELLO EMOTIS yet?


Those cute little yellow chocolates that will add a whole lot of fun to just about anything…

Packed with 30g of delicious Lindt chocolate, and wrapped in fun instagram-ready packaging, Lindt’s Hello Emoti range offers a fun way to express your emotions. And they have a sticky back, so you can attach them to just about any surface… How cool would it be to add a fun Lindt Hello Emoti to your Christmas gifts?


With cute sayings like “Just too funny”, “Just too delicious”, “Just too cooool” and “My heart goes boom” these fun treats are the coolest way to get something off your chest.

Say it in style, say it with fun, and say HELLO to the Lindt Emoji!

Find your LINDT HELLO EMOTI at Spar, Pick ‘n Pay and Clicks for R14.95 each.

Fashion Outfits

Tommy Hilfiger Stripes – OOTD

December 21, 2015


I’m a total sucker for stripes!

And nobody does stripes better than the king of stripes, Tommy Hilfiger.

Red, blue and white are quintessentially Tommy and they are such beautiful shades for summer.







This Tommy Hilfger satchel, is such a beaut! Those striped edges give it that extra special touch and it’s a great bag for day and night, weekend or office!


And I know you’re all wondering about these shoes right… Aren’t they something to swoon over?

They would have been perfect for this look, but I decided last minute to wear my wedges instead as I didn’t want to risk ruining them walking along the Durban promenade.


But I mean…. They are gorgeous aren’t they?

Thanks to Stuttafords, you can find your Tommy fix in store, or at the stand alone Tommy Hilfiger or Tommy Hilfiger Denim stores in Sandton City.

Outfit Details

  • Dress: Tommy Hilfiger Inez Bleached Denim Dress
  • Bag: Tommy Hilfiger Chilli Pepper Satchel
  • Wedges: Via Uno (old)
  • Sunglasses: Prada Foldable Sunglasses
  • Necklace: Lucky Brand
Celebs The Scoop

Season Sorted With Local Stars

December 18, 2015

Ten fun-loving local stars are up for anything in the new Festive campaign from Edgars.


The ads push the boundaries and feature the likes of Lalla Hirayama, Tumi Voster, Ayanda MVP, Jay Anstey, Pearl Modiadie, Janez Veermeiren, Jonathan Boynton Lee, Siv Ngesi, DJ Warras and Jimmy Nevis who as you will see were up for anything, playing games on camera and doing what they do best – entertainment!

From mince-pie eating contests, to fragrance challenges and even some kissing under the mistletoe as well as some candid Q&A’s, South Africa is going to see these talented DJ’s, actors and comedians – and Edgars – as they have never been seen before.

Besides the fun, these ads also feature fabulous festive season offers and promotions as Edgars promises to have the season sorted for gifts, and party fashion for the guys and gals.

Follow the hashtag #EdgarsSeasonSorted for more information and be the first to download and discover the best deals for festive shopping.

And for some fun, check out the behind the scenes video from this campaign…


An Intimate Conversation with Gisele Bündchen

December 16, 2015

I hope you gals are all having a nice break and enjoying the public holiday today.


I’m chilling out and not blogging today, but I wanted to share these two beautiful video clips from the current face of CHANEL N°5 , the ever beautiful Giselle Bündchen.

Watch as she opens the door to her East Coast house and tells about her special rapport with nature and the emotion of fragrance.


Beauty Hair

Pureology Smooth Perfection & Fabulous Lengths

December 15, 2015

72 hours of frizz free smoothness for hair…. Done!

Say hello to the latest gem of haircare awesomeness from PUREOLOGY, called Smooth Perfection and my new hair BFF, PUREOLOGY Fabulous Lengths.


PUREOLOGY is a range of 100% vegan hair care and styling products. From the very contents to the the re-cycled packing to the soy based inks they use for printing not to mention the use of non-petroleum energy printers, this brand is the real deal!

They have a range of products to suit all hair types, but for today, lets stick to the new and amazing Smooth Perfection – a range of hair care products designed for all hair types, and gals (or guys too) who are looking for that perfect blow-wave and long lasting smoothness and shine.


PUREOLOGY Smooth Perfection combines the best of smoothing, colour care and heat protection into one smooth styling range.

Smooth Perfection is packed with moisturizing and conditioning properties; like the lightweight and fast absorbing Camellia Oil which will ease your blow dry battles and fight off that frizz. Plus, the thermal anti-fade complex helps to protect hair from the colour-distorting effects of heat.

I love the fact that when I use the Shampoo and Conditioner with one of the styling products, I don’t need an additional heat protectant and my hair and colour stay protected in the shower too!


The shampoo and conditioner are an absolute must for everyone to try. I felt such a difference with just these products that I couldn’t wait to try out the styling products in the Smooth Perfection range as well!

After using only the PUREOLOGY Smooth Perfection Shampoo in the shower, I could feel that my hair was instantly smoother. I could run my fingers through it without it getting all knotted and it felt sleek too.

The PUREOLOGY Smooth Perfection Conditioner was just the cherry on top to give my hair that gorgeous shine and smoothness without weighing it down.

I have straight, fine hair that lacks elasticity and generally is very hard to manage after shampoo and conditioner. Even if I slather on product, it still tends to knot, so I always add hair oils to make my life easier.

With only the PUREOLOGY Smooth Perfection shampoo and conditioner I could even skip out on my beloved oils! My hair was that soft and easy to manage straight from the shower.

Even though I wash my hair daily, it doesn’t feel the least bit dry with this range. In fact, it felt quite the opposite… beautiful, shiny and much healthier too!


The health of my hair, especially on my ends, I believe I owe to Pureology Fabulous Lengths. Although this product isn’t part of the new Smooth Perfection range (it’s from the Strength Care line), I really felt that using the Smooth Perfection shampoo and conditioner coupled with Fabulous Lengths was just what my hair needed.

I have quite a lot of split ends. Even when I trim my hair, the ends just split. I remember as a kid a hairdresser convinced me to chop my long hair into a short bob (which I never forgave her for) and even then, I had split ends practically the next day!

Fabulous Lengths is the only product that has actually made my ends look healthier. I’m not saying it’s gotten rid of the split ends (because that would be a miracle), but it’s really made my ends look a lot healthier, a lot smoother and a lot more nourished.

Before, you could notice the split ends from a mile away, now they are barely visible (even to me). I really have to look for them.

The funny thing is, my hair actually looks longer now, because the ends look like they are part of the hair and not a bit of fluff stuff that looks ratty and gross.

I absolutely love this range and everything about it!


I was lucky to try out some of the styling products from this line as well, including the; Smoothing Serum and Shaping Control Gel, both wonderful products that are geared towards that extra mile of smoothness and perfection.

The Smoothing Serum is light and applied to damp hair, it makes blow drying a breeze and keeps those fly aways under control.

I need only a tiny amount of product, just rubbed into my palms and smoothed over the lengths of my hair. It’s great for smoothing, but since I get enough smoothness with the shampoo and conditioner, I use it more as a heat protector for when I blow dry or curl my hair.

The Shaping Control Gel is a bit thicker in consistency, and while it felt like a bit too much for my fine locks, it would work wonders or courser hair.

I would recommend that you try out the PUREOLOGY Smooth Perfection Shampoo and Conditioner and then fine tune your hair with the complimenting products that are customized for your hair type.

You will find something to tame your mane and give you smooth perfection!

Smooth Perfection Shampoo – R278 for 250ml
Smooth Perfection Conditioner – R316 for 250ml
Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum – R474 for 125ml
Smooth Perfection Shaping Control Gel – R474 for 150ml
Smooth Perfection Intense Smooth Cream – R391 for 200ml
Smooth Perfection Lightweight Smoothing Lotion – R474 for 195ml


Make Your Christmas Crackers More Exciting This Year

December 14, 2015

I don’t know about you girls, but I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas crackers!

On one hand, no festive table is complete without a beautiful cracker on your place setting and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without the fun of pulling on crackers with loved ones.

But, on the other hand, they are so pricey and the goodies inside are almost always a disappointment.


I don’t mind spending on crackers, but I’d rather put my money where it matters… in the fillers!

I guess you could say, I’m the kind of person who would rather you spend more on the gift itself and minimal packaging (but still pretty), rather than the other way around.

So what do you do?

Well, I got a brilliant idea thanks to my sister in law. Make your own Christmas crackers!

Now I know what you thinking…. I don’t the have time, I don’t have the energy and where on earth do I get everything I need?

My answer is simple! Buy any old cracker with the cheapest, crappiest fillers and replace them with something more exciting!

I’ve never technically “made” my own crackers from scratch, but for the last three Christmases that we’ve hosted, I’ve made up my own fillers and they’ve always been a hit.

So much more exciting than nail clippers!


Throughout the year, I collect cute little samples to put in my Christmas crackers. I buy what ever cracker to match my theme for the table (this year I’m going with graphic red and white as you can probably tell) and then just open them up and fill them with better stuffing, tie the ends and you’re good to go!

Fragrance samples are always a winner and if you start collecting early, you can get enough to fill your crackers. But don’t just think fragrances… you’ll be surprised at how many cosmetic samples you come across throughout the year.

Cute little samples of body cream or eye makeup remover make great cracker fillers for ladies.

If you haven’t been collecting samples there’s lots of other stuff you can load up into your crackers.

Think lip balms, inexpensive makeup like lipstick and mono eye-shadows or even Woolie’s nail polish remover wipes.

Full sized or miniature nail polishes also make cute fillers as do other fun little travel sized treats.


For the guys, NIMUE have a beautiful lip balm called Nimue Man that would make a great cracker filler for him.

If you’ve got a bit more of a budget, then I’d suggest a beautiful L’OCCITANE miniature hand cream for the girls.

They are amazing and your lady guests will smile ear to ear at such a lovely treat.


You can pick up a beautiful L’OCCITANE Hand Cream Trio (that’s a gift in it’s own right) for R295 which works out to under R99 each, or you can choose your own individual travel size goodies from L’OCCITANE starting at R105 each.

How about making the Christmas cracker the gift itself?  So lets say you’ve budgeted X amount per person on a small gift, why not make it one exciting one? Load up the cracker with personalised little treats, write their name on it and see them smile.


Guys are a little more difficult to find crackers fillers for, but fragrance samples and miniature liqueurs or other alcoholic spirits are also a cute idea.

For something a little more “wow” for him, you could even fill his cracker with techie things like a USB drive or a power bank.


If he’s into cool superhero stuff (and which guy isn’t?), he’ll love a cute superhero inspired USB drive from Tribe at Superbalist. How adorbs is this Hulk one (R249)?

They also have a Bart Simpson, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Spiderman, Ironman and Captain America one to make him smile.

You’ll have to take the superhero out of the packaging (maybe give it to him afterwards), but trust me, these will be great cracker fillers that guys will actually love you for!

If you’ve already got your heart set on a gift, and would rather just do the crackers with something more excitin, why not fill your crackers with edible treats? I mean, I’d rather have three delicious Lindor balls exploding from my cracker than a pair of ugly old nail clippers.

Can you tell, I’ve been a victim of the ugly ass nail clipper far too many times? HAHA


If you’re around Sandton City, pop past the Lindt Boutique store and load up on some Lindor balls.

Pick and mix your flavours, weigh and pay and make your cracker fillers more exciting.


They’ve even added these cute and cuddly teddy Lindt chocolates to the Pick & Mix selection.

Ohh, by the way, these would also make cute Christmas Tree ornaments don’t you think?

Skip the Christmas dessert (you’ll probably eat more than enough) and invite your guests to dig into the Christmas tree ornaments instead.

That way, you wont even have to endure the dreaded Christmas bauble breaking or packing away your ornaments. SCORE!

I’m so doing the edible Lindt ornaments thing next year as I literally only thought of it as I was writing this post and my tree is already filled to the brim 🙂

If you’ve got more Christmas filler ideas, comment below and let me know! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!



Festive Fragrance Sets from Stuttafords

December 10, 2015

I popped into Stuttafords the other day and I couldn’t resist sharing their beautifully displayed fragrance court at Sandton City.

They’ve created a pleasant shopping environment and a little piece of heaven for fragrance lovers like me, filled with lust worthy fragrance gifts sets that will make very festive presents for all this year!


As a self confessed perfume hoarder, I always smile when I unwrap a gift to discover a beautiful fragrance, and my smile grows when it’s packaged in gorgeous gift set for the holidays.

If you’re looking to add to your collection, or you want to make a special guy or girl in your life a very happy person, be sure to check out these beautiful gift sets on offer this year from Stuttafords…


Of all the Armani Si fragrances, the original EDP is my favourite. It’s a non seasonal scent that is everything, and this years’ Armani Si EDP Gift set from Stuttafords is high up on my wish list.

The Armani Si EDP gift set, retails for R1795 and includes the EDP as well as a lovely scented shower gel and body lotion. A great way to take the Si experience to a whole new level.


Ahh Gucci! I have the Gucci Premiere EDT and I love it, but what I wouldn’t give for the Gucci Premiere EDP and this gorgeous gold gift set from Stuttafords – OMG!

This beautiful gift set contains a 75ml Gucci Premiere EDP as well as a 100ml Body Lotion and a miniature, 7.4ml handbag size fragrance that you can take everywhere, for R1490.00.

And it comes packaged in a beautiful gold box that will make a lovely keepsake.


For the guys, I love Hugo Boss Bottled Intense EDT. It’s such an elegant, sexy and totally manly scent!

Get the special guy in your life this Hugo Boss Bottled Intense EDT gift set, which includes a 100ml EDT fragrance, a 75ml Aftershave Balm and a 30ml Shower Gel for R1200.

I’d also recommend these two, one for the gals, one for the guys…


YSL Black Opium gift set – R1095.

The scent sexy, seductive, swoon worthy and perfect for the season of sparkle! Inside this beautiful box, you get the glorious YSL Black Opium EDP 50ml as well as a lavish black YSL nail polish, La Laque Couture in No 59, filled with midnight sparkles.


Dunhill Icon gift set – R1295.00.

Tra-la-la-la-la! For the man who is all about sophistication with style, get him Dunhill Icon.

This gift set includes the stunning Dunhill Icon fragrance as well as a 90ml Shower Gel and 90ml After Shave Balm.

Now, for a really, really special fragrance treat for those who love beautiful things and crave a piece of New York, be sure to check out the Bond No 9 collection of fragrances, exclusive to Stuttafords.


Born in NYC, Bond No 9 is a fragrance brand that pays tribute to the Big Apple, the City of Lights… New York City. The exquisite bottles immortalise iconic New York landmarks while the scents offer something unique

Add music to you nose with Bond No 9’s West Side (R4995.00). This ultra-melodious eau de parfum for both men and women finds the scent equivalent for the sounds of music. It’s definitely a more florally scent with notes of Peony, Rose and Vanilla in the composition

Bond No 9’s Central Park West (R5325.00) is a unisex scent with top notes of Narcissus, Pepper and Ylang-Ylang. At the heart lies Jasmine, Gardenia, Lime and Orris Root, and at the base, Vetiver, Oak Moss, Oak and Musk.

Bond No 9’s Astor Place (R5295) is also a unisex scent, but with more fruity notes including top notes of Mandarin and Violet Leaf, middle notes of Freesia, Red Poppy and Orris Root and musky-ambery base notes that include a note of Teak Wood.

Pricey fragrances, but so very special!

Which one has your name written all over it?