For The Guys… New Fragrances Just For You!

October 20, 2017
New Fragrances for Men Spring Summer 2017

It’s not often that I post a whole lot of guy grooming content here on StyleScoop, but every now and then I like to showcase some of the new fragrances out there, that your man will love. After all, you need to justify all your fragrance and makeup spoils by treating your man to something new every now and then, right?

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Four New Summer Scents To Swoon Over

October 13, 2017
Beautiful, new Summer Scents for Women | Summer 2017

Oh la la! As with any new season, we get spoilt with more choice for fragrances, and there are a few lovely new launches to choose from right now!

Since there are a handful of scents, I’ll be breaking this feature up into a four-part series, and today we focus on part one; intense scents for summer. Continue Reading

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How Smart Are You About Sunscreen?

October 11, 2017
Be Sun Smart! Know what's in your sunscreen

We all know sunscreen is a must right? We all know that the sun is not our skin’s BFF and stupidly spent hours in the sun can make us look way older, way sooner than we need to.

But are you sun smart? By that I mean, do you know what’s in your sun creams, or do you just pile them on mindlessly, because you think they are good? Continue Reading