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All I want for Christmas is…

December 15, 2010
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With Christmas being, well next week, I thought I’d share my wishlist with you, emphasis on wish.

The Bag

The best arm candy this Christmas is the Gucci 1973 bag, seen on the arms of Angelina and Madonna. Oversized and sartorially designed, it’s this season’s new vintage, so to speak.

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The Shoes

Brian Atwood Maniac pumps have walked red carpets more than other shoes this year. Sky high, available in every colour of the rainbow, and with that many appearances surely they have to comfortable, right?

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The Dress

Blake, Scarlett and Kristen have all wowed in Elie Saab gowns this year; no one does elegant chic better. Harrods are currently displaying twelve of the most famous Elie Saab Haute Couture gowns worn by celebrities like Beyonce, Diane Kruger, and this Halle Berry scarlett number…yes I confess I’ve been to Harrods a lot recently.

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The Key

I have a bit of a key fetish, not your average fetish, but a fetish nonetheless. When Tiffany’s released their Limited Keys Collection, I was (and still am) in key heaven. The designs for the diamond encrusted keys stems from the Tiffany’s archives, hence symbolising exclusive ‘access’. What I would do to get access to one of these beauties!

image via

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The Glamour

So what’s a girl do with a wish list like this? Well, the occasional Bond Street shoe opening, or rooftop cocktail party should suffice – pity it’s winter, and the Bond Street Miu Miu opening was last week *sigh*

NY's hottest hot spot 'The Boom Boom Room' (image via

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All we want for Christmas…

December 14, 2010

The shops are mayhem, we’re exhausted, the year is almost over, but not just yet… because we still have Christmas to celebrate. And you know what that means? Compiling our Christmas wish lists!

Liza used to be really good at the memory game when she was little, so this street style memory game is a more grown-up version, and it’s in line with what we love.

Emily has been coveting a Christopher Strong maxi skirt since she tried it on at the Biscuit Mill last weekend. And she’s dying for a Le Creuset saucepan…

Liza is longing for a spa day. Her favourite spa is Librisa Spa at the Mount Nelson. And for her New York trip in January, she’s coveting this canvas and leather Chapel backpack…

Another thing Emily really wants is to reupholster her late father’s old armchair… we think this fabric would look perfect!

And one thing we both want, which we’ll have to share, is Fifi Lapin’s book What Shall I Wear Today?

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How to Nail Your Summer Manicure – Nail Trends to Try

December 14, 2010

Summer is about fun, vibrant use of colour and there’s no better time of year to be bold and extend your fashion flair to your fingertips. Nails are as important an accessory as handbags these days and the easiest way to enhance your look is to decorate your digits with these hot, on trend nail looks.

1. Metallic Magic

Metallic nails are a big hit this season and gold and silver are adorning the nails of most self-respecting fashionistas. This molten metal effect can be achieved in two ways, depending on your budget and the result you are after.

You can opt for chrome or foil nail polishes (like Orly Foil FX) for a cost-effective yet trendy look or go for the real deal – nail wraps. Nail wraps are super-hot right now! Stylescoop readers will know all about Minx and Sheekee nail wraps (but if you are a newbie to these, check out more here). Metallic nail wraps have hit runways everywhere and, whether you want to add extra kick to your wedges or spruce up your summer cocktail look, metallic nails will do the trick.

Lovers of the metallicious look: Katy Perry, Rihanna and Beyoncé

2. Moon Manicures

The ‘moon manicure’ adds a new spin to the French manicure as you paint the crescent to match the tips of your nails.

This trendy look has appeared at a number of major designer shows and is going take fashion-forward fingers into 2011. Try a very wearable metallic gold/navy half-moon.

To achieve this effect, paint a coat of gold foil polish, let it dry and follow with a navy shade, leaving a small half-moon of the gold exposed at the base of the nail. (If you’re feeling really daring, you can try the moon manicure in black and opaque white.)

Lovers of the moon manicure look: Dita Von Teese and Kim Cattrall (as Samantha) in “Sex and the City 2”.

3. Ombre Manicure

“Ombre” literally means “shaded” or “graduated in tone” so this manicure involves shifting shade slightly from nail to nail. The trick with this one is to stick to variations of one shade and not to cover as much of the colour spectrum as possible in one application.

You can DIY this look by choosing a deep shade of teal or turquoise polish (which you are going to dilute), a white polish, five small tubs and toothpicks to mix.

Decant small amounts of your selected summer shade into each of the five containers and add small amounts of the white polish. Do this carefully because you are going to have to gauge whether or not you have added enough white to visibly lighten the shade compared to the previous nail.

Paint the original colour on your thumb and work your way outwards (or vice versa) as you paint each nail a different hue of your first shade.

Lovers of the ombre  look: Gwen Stefani and Lauren Conrad  (“The Hills”)

There are so many playful nail looks to choose from this season. Choose the look that makes you feel your sexiest self and rock your glam nails all summer long.

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Top 10 Holiday Do’s!

December 14, 2010

Say goodbye to 2010 in style! We bring you the top ten holiday do’s from career to beauty, style to friendship. It’s the ultimate guide of things to do this holiday season…


Did we miss something? Comment below and add to our holiday do’s list 🙂

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Olivia Palermo and BF in the Mango Winter Catalogue

December 13, 2010

The City’s  reality tv star and resident be-yatch Olivia Palermo and German model boyfriend Johannes Huebl are featured in the new Mango winter catalogue looking sexy, in love and every bit the hot trendy couple that they are.

The famous party photographer Patrick McMullan was the first to discover Olivia’s charm, style and beauty and started taking her photos at social events about town. Since then she has starred in a popular reality TV series about the fashion industry and has appeared in numerous international magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, and InStyle, among many others.

The images for the new catalogue, depict day and night looks where Olivia and Johannes pose in a totally natural way for photographer Txema Yeste at Barcelona’s Hotel Palace. Looking in love and fantastic… All in a days work

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Stocking Stuffers under R100 – Part 3

December 13, 2010

Following our Stocking Suffers under R100 features, here are some cute and colourful gift ideas for the chic chick

1. For the girl who loves to sparkle, we love this set of four scented deodorants from Yardley So Bling. The pack retails for R89.95 and includes four different sets of mini-deo cans that also fit perfectly into handbags and clutch purses. Smart thinking for smart gals!

2. For the girl who likes to play with makeup, UBU have introduced a range of grooming and beauty tools that are both fashionable, functional and cost effective too. From makeup brushes, like this concealer brush (R29.99) to this Duo Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener (R29.99) you can really kit your gift out. We’re super impressed with the quality of this range, available at Clicks.

3. For the girl who loves to not only look good, but feel good to we love this stylish set of feel good bath washes and bubble bath products from Good Stuff. The Five Senses pack contains five, 60ml versions from their range including, Thyme Out foam bath, Hello Hydration body wash, Calmer Karma foam bath, Here We Glow Again body wash and Bee Natural foam bath, all for only R49.99 – available at Pick ‘n Pay.

And if you still don’t know what to get those special ladies (or gents) in your life, we absolutely love these stylish gift cards from The Foschini Group. Forget about bland and boring paper vouchers, you can pick a card to suit any personality and ensure a smile every time. The cards can be used at any of the TFG stores including @home, livingspace, American Swiss, donna-claire, Duesouth, exact!, fashion express, Foschini, Luella, Markham, Matrix, sportscene, Sterns and Totalsports.

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Christmas gifting online

December 13, 2010
yuppie chef

After a visit to Sandton City on Sunday, I decided that online Christmas shopping is the way to go. A no-brainer really (after being stomped on by the masses).

So, here’s my list of the best places to buy the best gifts:

Yuppie Chef.  I am a regular customer and often find the boyfriend the coolest gadgety things here.

Etsy.  No need to say more.  An array of the most amazing design items.

Happy Socks.  Socks that make you smile.

ASOS.  Shopaholics dream.

Missibaba.  Oh how I love bags, belts, clutches and jewellery.

Exclusive Books.  Because I dream of wall-to-wall bookcases filled with books.

Reel Gardening.  Along with chock-a-block bookshelves I’d also like a veggie patch brimming with herbs and delicious veggies.  The guys at Reel Gardening make it simple.

Happy shopping,

Jen xx

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BMW X1 Test Drive

December 10, 2010
BMW X1 Exterior

Let’s be honest, owning a BMW is an aspiration for most South Africans, and if you eventually do own one, amongst your peers, you’ve probably ‘made it’. However, when driving a car from one of the more premium manufacturers like BMW you can, without intention, be blown away by the product simply because of the history attached to the company, and because of your own aspirations and perceptions.

I’ll be honest, it’s hard not too and after spending a few days in the BMW X1, “Sheer Driving Pleasure” is about the best way to describe the experience.

I have written about the X1 before and I’m sticking to my guns when I described it as somewhat “awkward looking”. However after spending a few days in the baby X’s company, or perhaps in the X1’s interior, it grew on me, immensely. Even the unique Marrakesh brown livery – which some remarked was more akin to ‘baby poo’ brown – grew on me.

You see press cars are more often then not maxed out with almost every possible optional extra available to that specific model. ‘My’ X1 xDrive 23d was no exception; it starts at RRP of R464 000. While I do not wish to bore you with the details, I will attempt to list a few of them. Starting with that ‘unique’ metallic brown colour which is an extra cost, so too the 18” Anthracite wheels, Adaptive Bi-Xenon headlamps, Aluminium roof rails, PDC front and rear with integrated reverse camera, Panoramic sun-roof, leather sports steering wheel with gear shift paddles, Harmon Kardon sound system, Professional Navigation system, USB Audio Interface, Bluetooth and the list goes on and on, which pushes the cost up to a whopping R570 000.

I’ll admit they are lovely ‘nice-to-have’ features, particularly the Harmon Kardon sound system, which was theatre-like in its sound delivery and the reverse camera, which automatically activates and displays the view behind you on the front screen, when you select reverse. The danger is though that these nice-to-have features can leave you in a sense of awe and with that in mind, or out of mind, what was the X1 xDrive 23d like day to day?

I’ll start off by stating that the X1 is not a big car, and when you factor in the price, including all the optional extras, you begin to wonder where all that money goes. Front passengers won’t want for anything and are treated to every possible luxury appointment available, from the sumptuous leather seats, which are infinitely adjustable to the independent climate control functions. On closer inspection, you can begin to see where some of that half-a-bar has been spent – the interior fit and finish is first class and attention to detail mind boggling. Cream leather is however one option I would not tick, as it fouls so easy and ultimately spoils what is a beautifully appointed cabin.

Rear passengers, might have a gripe or two, one being rear legroom is not plentiful and headroom is also compromised due to the X1’s slanting roofline. Average to smaller sized folk will happy, as will children, but for larger persons like myself, rear accommodation is ‘tight’. Boot space is adequate, but would take some Tetris-like packing skills when you’re heading away on a long weekend.

The diesel engine, in 23d is a gem and pulls with locomotive-like urgency. Although I found it a little intrusive a cruising speeds. The steering too felt like it was intentionally under assisted or ‘heavy’ and whilst is spot on when hustling a set of corners; it grew tiresome from day to day. The X1’s road manners are actually car like in feel and dynamism, definitely belying its SUV pretentions. Attained by the that you aren’t actually that high off the ground. As such, the X1, even though it has permanent four-wheel-drive is not made for the rough and tumble of the outdoors and with its bling wheels and paintwork, the furthest I’d push it off-road would be a game reserve dirt road or farm track. To be honest it’s just too pretty, with its exterior brightwork to be taken seriously off-road.

On road though, the X1 xDrive 23d is sublime, the diesel motor pulling effortlessly up hills and is reassuringly planted down dale. At R570 000 you’re paying one heck of lot of money for a fairly small SUV, and one with very limited off-road ability and bearing in mind a base spec new X3 xDrive20d will cost you R463 000. Ok yes, it will be lower spec but what you lose in fancy extras you’ll make up in load space, and off-road ability.

It does beg the question, does the buying public actually need the X1? Having only sampled the top of the range unit, I don’t think I can answer that one. Personally I’d recommend the middle of the road sDrive 20d but for people who have the money though, I can see why their answer is easily justified.


X1 sDrive 18i Manual  – R335 500
X1 sDrive 18i Auto – R351 500
X1 sDrive 20d Manual – R376 000

X1 sDrive 20d Aut – R392 000

X1 xDrive 20d Manual – R418 500

X1 xDrive 20d Auto – R434 500
X1 xDrive 23d Auto – R464 500 (Tested)

Prices quoted here include 5 year/100 000km con-contributing service and maintenance plan

Thank you to Johan from Total Product Management Services and BMW SA for the use of their test unit.

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November event roundup with the Fearless Fashionista

December 10, 2010

November was one of the busiest months for me. Aside from all the birthday parties and family gatherings, with regards to events, I was at one almost every second night. I missed quiet a few due to other arrangements or events, but I thought I would share just a few  that I went to. You can read all about them on my blog and too.

The Clinique, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown and La Mer  Event

We were treated to a stunning champagne breakfast at the Table Bay Hotel and then we went to see the unveiling of the new Clinique counter, as well try out all the new products from Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder and La Mer – all while drinking champagne and eating canapes.  Click here to see all the pictures.

The Witchery launch

Australian fashion label Witchery had their launch at the stunning St. Yves in Camps Bay. It was a fabulous evening mixed Mojitos, canapes, celebrities, fashion media and of course fabulous fashion!

Click here to see all the pictures

The ELLE New Talent Photographer Search 2010

The ELLE Magazine synonymous with fashion and classy events held their New Talent Photographer Awards at a stunning venue called the Light Box. We were treated to champagne and canapes  while looking at the amazing photographs each finalist was asked to take.  In the end the winner was Freddie Child and he really deserved it.

Belvedere vodka event at 15 on Orange

This was an amazing fashion show attended by celebs and fashion media, Cameron Arendse who owns  Coutureconcepts produced the show

Mi Phone launch at The Pepper Club

The Mi Phone launch was held at the Pepper Club, organised by Sheila Afari and her company Lavish Industries.

It was a fabulous event with lots of celebs, champagne  and fun.

Click here to see all the pictures and info on all 3 events that I attended in one night.