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Summer Lust List – Kim gray

December 3, 2010

Today I’m featuring the lust list of one of my favourite local lifestyle and fashion bloggers, Kim Gray.

1. Fold up,  Polarized Wayferers from Sunglass Hut
Polarizes lenses are a must this summer. Pop into your nearest Sunglass Hut to test a pair out. You’ll notice a phenomenal difference in preventing glare from the sun. I love the Rayban fold up wayferers not only for their style but the fold up fit into the smallest of handbags and leave you more space for all your other summer essentials.

2. La Mer Mist
It hydrates and balance this skin with this miracle mist. Not only does is heal the skin and refresh one on those hot summer days, but it gives you that perfect Hollywood dewy glow

3. Satchel or saddle bags are huge this summer
I love the Missibaba Little Cow Girl Collection. Every bag is unique and made with care and with the best quality leather and craftmenship. I love the casual yet stylish look of this bag.

Follow Kim Gray on Twitter @kimgray and check out her blog too

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How to be a StyleScoop Star Blogger

December 2, 2010

Recently Refinery29 posted a great  article on their website titled – How to become a star street style blogger. As the title suggests, it’s an illustrated guide on everything you need to know about becoming a personal style blogger, complete with pose suggestions.

Today, after our shoot with Robyn Cooke – Fashion Editor at O Magazine (details to follow soon), Lady Luxe – AKA Tweets in Heels, AKA Allison Scotsmann showed us how to become a StyleScoop star blogger. Isn’t she just the cutest?

Here’s the link to becoming a star style blogger on Refinery29

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Daihatsu Terios

December 2, 2010
Daihatsu Terios Interior

The SUV segment of the new car market in South Africa is fiercely contested one, and you only have to peruse the pages of new car directory to notice that almost every manufacturer competes in this segment.

However owning a full bodied SUV is, for the most part the preserve of the well heeled and deep pocketed – aspired to by most, but affordable to few. The commanding driving position and flexible seating and loading arrangements found in an SUV are an attractive quality sought after by many and as such manufactures have responded by carving varying niches in the market to cater for this requirement. Think Crossover or the medium SUV like Nissan’s Qashqai, Hyundai’s iX35 or Kia’s Sportage.

However even these ‘affordable’ SUV’s are in almost all cases well over a quarter-of-a-million Rand most even closer to R350 000 and thus unaffordable to a large portion of the market.

Enter Daihatsu’s dinky mini-SUV, the Terios. Daihatsu are small car specialists and in the Terios’ case small is the central theme. Don’t be fooled though, as I soon found out, the Terios’ diminutive dimensions belie what is quite a large vehicle, at least by Daihatsu’s standards.

Although initially ambivalent to the Terios’ styling after a week with in my case the short wheelbase top spec 4×2 model supplied for testing, I grew quite fond of its chunky and cheeky styling. Those aspiring to larger SUV styling will not be disappointed, and the Terios has all those boxes checked. A squared off front bumper incorporating low level fog-lamps and featuring large swept back headlamps which extend into the middle of the front wheelarches, featuring smart alloy wheels wrapped in high profile rubber – perfectly suited for an off-road sojourn or a typically pock-marked South African B-road. Large side glass on all four doors and sleek wrap around glass seamlessly extends into the rear doors glass, very reminiscent of the Toyota Fortuner. Very useful is the side opening rear door, with requisite spare wheel attached which is far easier for accessing the rear load area than a more traditional hatchback style, top opening door. Roof rails and darkened rear glass round off what is quite a butch styling effort, yet not butch enough to ward off the fairer of the sex, judging by the number of women I see driving them.

Jump inside courtesy of central locking and you’re immediately greeted by more space than you would’ve thought. The Terios stands proudly at 1740mm tall, subsequently ingress is not a step-up and swivel affair and once seated the high roofline affords the occupants plenty of headroom.

Like the exterior, the interior features chunky and simple styling with all necessary controls housed in a central console, finished disappointingly in a rather tacky faux aluminium plastic which looked like it might scratch easily. Radio controls along with the climate control functions were simple and intuitive to use and the buttons easily distinguishable to their desired function. I’ll be honest I did feel a little claustrophobic seated in the Terios and felt closer to the front occupant than I’m used to, but I am larger than the average South African. Rear legroom is a adequate and the rear most load area is not by any means gargantuan, and with large families the Terios will be found wanting (the seven seater LWB will help here), smaller families however will be happy.

Daihatsu’s belief of ‘smaller is better’ extends to their choices of engines, and is one of few criticisms of the Terios. Under the bonnet you’ll find a minuscule 1.5 litre power plant which in all honesty not really up for the job, of hauling the relatively heavy Terios around. With its 4×4 biased running gear and suspension, the lack of power sees the driver having a pretty hectic driving routine, having to plan carefully and quite far in advance, accompanied a downshift or two, any overtaking manoeuvre.  A small capacity diesel mill would be far more ‘up for the job’ in the Terios, and would provide that little extra grunt needed for a more relaxed driving experience.

The Terios’ high center of gravity narrow dimensions and forgiving 4×4 biased suspension set-up endowers the Terios with a large dose of body roll and ‘spongy’ feel, when pushing into a corner. This is of course when driven on tarred roads where the Terios will spend most of its life, however on dirt roads, and mild off-roading of say, a game reserve, the Terios will really come into its own with its decent ground clearance. Daihatsu do make provision for the wild at heart and offer proper 4×4 ability on a separate model in the range and I am led to believe that they will raise an eyebrow or two when taken off road.

Low-rent interior and underpowered engine aside, the Daihatsu Terios is capable family fetcher with chunky SUV looks and a flexible interior which looks well up for the job of catering to the hardships of baby and toddler mishaps. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the Terios’ starting price tag of R209 900 – considering the car you’re getting for your bucks – should be a bargain in anyone’s book.


Terios 4x2Manual – R204 995.00

Terios 4WD Manaul – R224 995.00

Terios 4WD Auto – R234 995.00

Terios 4WD ‘Off-Road’ – R249 995.00

Terios 4×2 Manual, 7 seater LWB – R219 995.00

Terios 4×2 Auto, 7 seater LWB – R229 995.00

Terios 4WD, Manaul, 5 seater LWB – R234 995.00

Terios 4WD Manual, 7 seater LWB – R239 995.00

Prices quoted here include hard spare wheel cover and 3 year/75 000km Service Plan

Thank you to Daihatsu SA for the use of their test unit.

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Lust List – La Muse PopYaCollar

December 2, 2010

Today we take a peek inside the lust list of fashion blogger, simply known as “La Muse”. She’s the brains (and beauty) behind the fabulous Cape Town fashion blog, PopYaCollar… Take a look

1. A pair of stunning leather sandals from Country Road
Why? They are original, timeless, on trend and always beautiful, and you can even get away with wearing them for 2 seasons.

2. A pair of catseyes sunglasses from the Tom Ford Range at Sunglass Hut
Why? Such a funky pair and you feel like you have come straight out of the seventies! Seventies is back with a full vengeance.

3. A bicycle with a basket on the front!
Very cool to ride to work if you can – put your high heels for work in your bag and  off you go!
Why? Hello…. the environment – duh!

La Muse

Follow La Muse on Twitter @popyacollar123 and check out her blog too

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Alexander McQueen’s McQ Range

December 2, 2010

In the spirit of H&M and Gap, Alexander McQueen’s younger and less-expensive contemporary line is back and it’s a little more edgy. The full McQ range for Autumn/Winter is due to be unveiled in February next year but the McQueen Company has released some sneak previews.

Under new head designer Pina Ferlisi, the range is still reminiscent of Lee McQueen’s signature style including punk and gothic influences.  The range includes low-waist trousers, structured jackets, leather dresses, velvet pants and boyfriend blazers. The full collection is expected to include jewelry, bags and shoes.

With a younger audience target market in mind, the price of the range has also been revamped. It’s reported that items will be approximately 25% cheaper.

Great for your wardrobe and your wallet! Furthermore the full range will be unveiled with an online campaign featuring models in the various styles. The campaign is said to spearhead the brand’s foray into e-commerce.

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Fashion Forecasts 2011

December 1, 2010
Lady Gaga

December is right around the corner and with that brings New Year in all its glory together with fearless fashionistas forecasting hot looks for 2011. Check out what we can look forward to in this week’s edition of Hot-Spotting…

As the Year of the Metal Tiger approaches, there are many preparations and speculations in the fashion world that may become the trend the whole year round. Two of the biggest trends for 2011 will be metallic designs and that of Tiger prints together with, believe it or not, the Lady Gaga-look.

The queen of pop dominated headlines for most of the year both on and off the red carpet and her look, be it her make-up, hair or accessories have inspired hot looks all over the world. It’s safe to say the world has gone gaga over her.

During the International Fashion Week, many designers agree that leopard or tiger prints will dominate the year. Tricolour highlights will be fashionable for hair styling.

The colours that are sure to dominate next year include purple, green, turquoise, coral, silver, black or rusty metal. . Exciting shades of metallics have made a comeback along with purple and black combinations to give your ensemble a little mysterious edge.

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Vampire anyone?

December 1, 2010
The Sacrifice

Anyone heard of those Twilight films, no? From red carpets to silver screen, one thing is clear – vampirism is hot. Currently fueling our vampire addiction are the TV versions of the modern day vamps – The Vampire Diaries (VD) and True Blood (TB).

VD sort of plays out alot like Twilight, small town, love triangle and hairy wolves, and the underlying tones in forbidden love for the blood loving hotties. Then there’s True Blood, antithesis of all modern day vampire portrayals, always pushing the boundaries with explicit scenes that only TV can get away with.

And lucky for us girls, the eye candy, albeit unattainable and the fact that they are fictional characters, doesn’t stop us from relying on our vamp dose to get through the week.

Vampire Stefan Salvatore

Vampire Damon Salvatore

Starting with the pretty. The brothers in VD are Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), and well, we like. Besides Ian playing a short spell in ‘Lost’ as Boone (remember him, he got killed off in the first season, bet he was glad) both actors are relatively unknown. But after an American tour promoting the second season they’re adored as much as that other vampire Edward.

Stefan is pretty, brooding and obsesses over being a good guy since he’s in love with the good girl. Damon is the darker element, and despite his misdemeanors he has a bit of a conscious so we can’t hate him. And truthfully both are ridiculously ripped and should endorse Colgate with those  dashing smiles, so what’s not to like?

For viewers who prefer vamps who are less teen, more mean, then True Blood is the show for you.  It has the shock factor, and can at times be quite visceral, and hay ho the vamps are scary (as they’re supposed to be).

Pity they chose not 2, but 3 gorgeous looking male leads to scare us. There’s Eric (Alexander Skarsgard – who cameo’d in Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi video), Jason (Ryan Kwanten, who actually isn’t a vampire, but rather a warm blooded humanoid, but he has the body of a superhero so we’ll mention him), and the older vamp named Bill (Stephen Moyer).

Eric’s the gritty character that we love to hate, Bill’s a vamp version of Mr Darcy, and well he just can’t understand why a female vamp turned him (don’t you hate it when that happens?) And Jason’s head is full of bricks and he acts like a teenage boy on heat.

Vampire Bill Compton

Vampire Eric Northman

Funny how we consider the vamps more earthy, more in tune with our thinking, portraying ideals that time has since forgot?Reality check – they’re not real. But it seems us girls feel the lesser humans are nothing worth pining over.

Human Jason Stackhouse

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Summer Lust Lists – Eloise Dreyer

December 1, 2010

Cape Town celebrity makeup artist Eloise Dreyer shares the three things at the top of her Summer Lust List…

1. My new iPod Touch
With it’s amazing big touch screen I can check the weather, email, listen to my favourite summer tunes and even watch videos! It does everything the iPhone does, except for making calls!

2. Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie
My favourite fragrance of the moment Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie. Apart for the stunning packaging, the fragrance is fresh, sophisticated and very feminine. I love this one at the moment.

3. The new Dior summer sunnies collection
Summer reminds me of cool blue waters, sandy shores and long girly cocktails. This summer I definitely plan on getting these Dior sunglasses to reflect my summer mood. The colour is to stunning!

Follow Eloise on Twitter @eloisedmakeup and check out her blog too

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Party makeup tips in the December Elle

December 1, 2010

It’s not every day a girl gets to be featured in her favorite magazine, and so when I was asked to be part of an editorial feature in the latest, December issue of South African ELLE, I was, to say the least, over the moon!

If you haven’t already got this month’s issue then you better get cracking as the January one will probably be out by the 15th. Apart from all the fabulous content that ELLE always provides, this issue also comes with a stylish pair of over-sized sunnies and Cappuccino – so that you can flip through the mag and enjoy our gorgeous South African weather while sipping on something fabulous.

The feature Beauty and the Blog reveals party tricks and makeup must-haves from myself as well as Cape Town makeup artists and bloggers Samantha Laura Kaye and Eloise Dreyer. Written by the gorgeous Lynette Botha (ELLE’s Beauty Editor), this feature will help you look your best this party season.