Summer Lust Lists – Tatum Keshwar

November 17, 2010

Top Billing presenter, former Miss South Africa (2008), Miss World 2nd Princes (2009) and all round beauty, Tatum Keshwar shares here summer lust list for 2010.

1. The new Liquid Deep CD
Its’ a great CD for Summer because it’s sounds run the gambit of feel good – from romantic to vibey dance songs that are so addictive. And best of all, its proudly South African!

2. MAC tinted Lip conditioner
Great for Summer. It adds a great hint of colour and makes your lips feel soft and supple and simply kissable. (Oh! And it tastes delicious too! ; ) )

3. Essie’s Mint Candy Apple
A delicious spurt of Summer colour that converts any outfit into cool calm and colourful.

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Ralph Lauren in 4D

November 17, 2010

Last week fashionistas gathered outside the Ralph Lauren flagship stores in Bond Street and Madison Avenue, bracing themselves for something rather special. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of and the launch of their UK online shop, crowds were wowed with a 4D projection show, using the stores as a backdrop.

Here in London, audiences watched as the Mayfair store appeared to crumble, only to be reconstructed by the 4D light installation. The show started with a giant Polo player galloping out towards the crowd, symbolic of the Ralph Lauren polo player logo. (Notably the players were from Prince Charles’s polo team) The brand film continued with projections of 50 foot models wearing the label’s new collection, montaged with classic pieces like the polo shirt. The flashing of giant shoes and jewelry made every girl’s heart flutter, and accessories like belts even wrapped themselves around the store, using the walls as a waistline.

The extravaganza culminated with the unveiling of the 4D element – the crowds were misted with RL’s new fragrance ‘Big Pony’, all the while the mammoth fragrance bottles appeared in front of them. Music and fake gusts of wind also added to the fourth dimensional experience.

The 4D show was closed in typical catwalk fashion with a wave from the designer…yes a holographic Ralph appeared from a window smiling and waving, while his name flashed across the store in massive red print.

The show repeated three times that evening – evidence that fashion has officially taken the lead in art technology. This so-called ‘merchainment’ was created by the same guys that bring Harry Potter to life, and the process was so intricate that ten seconds took eight hours to create. What’s next?!

images via and

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Bluebird Garage Market

November 16, 2010

Last Friday evening Emily and I went to the Bluebird Garage Market in Muizenberg with our friends Christy, Margie and Clem. And what a fun night. We browsed through the stalls,  I contemplated buying this really beautiful floral vest (in fact, I don’t know why I didn’t get it in the end?), ate hamburgers, drank wine bought mini lemon meringues, checked out the jewellery, old books, candles, crockery and vintage clothes.

The market is in a warehouse just over the railway crossing near the Lakeside station, and it’s super festive.

Emily checking out the jewellery

Two stylish market goers

Some delicious baked goods on offer

Great friends, great night

Emily bought some beautiful lettering for her wall

So go check out the Bluebird Garage market for yourself – it’s on every Friday from 3-9pm, and it’s great!


Summer Lust Lists – Liezel van der Westhuizen

November 16, 2010

Liezel van der Westhuizen is a presenter on SABC3’s morning breakfast show, Expresso. Liezel is also a sport fanatic and from her summer lust list, you can tell this gal will be enjoying the great African sun.

Big Oversize sunglasses are a must. This new range from Oakley are affordable for summer and they look great.

This is the ideal size to pop into you handbag and keep with you at all times during the hot and sunny summer days.

Ideal for summer. They are so fashionable that you can wear them anywhere. Since moving to Cape Town, I literally wear them anywhere and everywhere.

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Michelle Obama sets a new “shoe trend”

November 15, 2010

Michelle Obama has been heralded as the starter of the shoe trend everyone is talking about. Some are talking with glee and some with disgust.

It’s the kitten heel. The demi-heel of the shoe world. The in-betweener. Think of this shoe as your middle-ground footwear choice.

I can’t quite decide how I feel about the trend. I’m super tall, so I’ve never done towering heels (and never ever bought into the platform thing), and only occasionally wear moderate heels (that make me over 6ft).

Flats are my game – I have a love affair with pumps, brogues and the trusty All Star.

I have tried my hand at the kitten heel.  There is something cute about it, in a very ladylike, prim, trustworthy secretary kind of way. And that’s just why many in the fashion world are turning their noses up at the thought of the kitten. It’s too ‘good’.

I did find some not-so-good types during my research though. Some boots and shoe-boots, and leopard prints. Very, very cute!

My best advice for donning the kitten heel is to either pair the lady-like style with something not so ladylike. In other words mix it up a bit with a rougher, harder look (think biker jackets, wet-look leggings, etc). Or go straight for the edgier shoe, that moves swiftly out of Audrey Hepburn’s arena.

Jenny xx

Find out more about Jenny here.

Images via Topshop, ASOS, Style Guide Cape Town and Refinery 29.


Summer Lust Lists – Bridget Masinga

November 15, 2010

Always wondered what’s on SA’s glitterati’s wish lists? We’ll in this, our first multi-part daily feature, we bring you Lust Lists of StyleScoop’s favourite local celebs and Twitter friends.

The gorgeous Mnet All Access presenter, Bridget Masinga shares her summer lust list with us.

1) Essie nail polish
Matte or shimmer, Canary Yellow or Demure Vixen, long or short any kind of nail will do. Its all about well manicured and beautifully polished nails. * Featured above is Essie Demure Vixen.

2) A nude dress
Whether you’re doing dinner with the man, hosting a fabulous summer lunch or attending the annual Christmas party, you need the seasons hottest trend.
NB: if you’re a dark skin, any tone of nude from tan, beige or whites look good. If you’re slighty pale, rule of thumb is wear a shade that two tones darker than your skin.

3) Tan shoes
Doesn’t matter if its sandals, heels or wedges. Be sure to get a hot pair or two of tan shoes.

* Shoes and dress from

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Little Black Blog The Scoop

What’s on my summer lust list

November 13, 2010

The holidays are here, can I get a whooop? Shopping malls are getting busier and busier and stock will soon be running low. So before they’re all snapped up by those hungry shoppers, here’s my summer lust list.

#1 Sexy Sunnies

New season means new sunglasses – well, it should mean that anyway, so at the top of my list are these gorgeous sunnies from Roberto Cavalli (say it slowly for maximum effect) from Sunglass Hut. You just cant go wrong with a little bling-bling and Roberto Cavalli!

#2 A Yummy Scent

I’m scent obsessed. I absolutely LOVE fragrances and I have way too many favourites to list just one. So I’m going to settle for two!

For summer and right now one of my fave day time scents is Narciso Rodriquez For Her. Read all about it on my post here.

I also love, love, love the new Thierry Mugler Womanity fragrance. It’s gorgeous and comes in the most amazing bottle too! Read my full review on it here.

#3 Killer Heels

You didn’t think I had left out the shoes did you? That would never happen! I love my new shoes I bought from Via Uno the other day so much that I want to go back and buy the second pair that was on the other side of my “should-I-shouldn’t-I” scale. I’m still paying for the first pair (and probably will be for a while) so hopefully Santa will drop a pair off for me this Christmas :)

So, what three things are on your summer lust list? Comment below and let us know!

And while we’re on the subject of lust lists, stay tuned to StyleScoop all next week as I’ll be posting Lust Lists of the rich and famous! Ok not quite, but I will be revealing what’s on the lust list of my fave bloggers and tweet buddies – some are rich, some famous, but they’re all totally fabulous!!!

Little Black Blog

Blogspotting – Glossary

November 12, 2010

I know it’s late, but I’m on holiday (sort of) so I’m allowed to be a little late – better late than never hey :)

Anyway, here is my Blogspotting pick for the day… drum roll please for the fabulous, stylish and very adorable Lauren and her blog Glossary. A blog simply titled “A Digital Scrapbook of a South African Girl”.

And that’s exactly what it is! Only more fabulous and lots of fun to read. Check out how cute and old school glam her outfit posts are.

I love the quirky accessories she showcases on her pages.

I discovered her blog a few months ago and have been hooked ever since! She just posts the most adorable things and she takes such arty, stylish photos too!

I could go on and on about how fab it is, but you have to check it out to see what I mean…

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Makeup’s done with Clarins

November 12, 2010

Summer means more daytime adventure and fun in the sun. Yeah, yeah, Yeah! The last thing you want is your makeup dragging you down!

So you’ll be glad to know that I’ve Tried, Tested and LOVE these two new goodies from Clarins. All you needs is a little mascara, a fabulous smile and your daytime summer face is all set! Finish off with a great pair of sunnies, the season’s hottest maxi dress and sexy summer sandals and you’re ready to hit the beach!

Hydra-Care Tinted Moisturizer

This is a great alternative to foundation and especially for summer. It gives your skin  loads of hydration while it covers those little flaws – not that we have any you know!

The secret is in the corrector pigments that help to even out skin tone, smooth out fine lines and boost skin’s radiance.

The texture is smooth, glides on easily (I applied it with my foundation brush) and blends well. It covers and lasts, so you don’t feel “undone”. It’s also got a lovely smell and is packed with UV filters protect skin against pollution and free radicals.

Hydra-Care Tinted Moisturizer comes in a variety of shades, including; Blond 11 (my colour), Peche 12, Dore 13, Camel 14 and Havane 15. It’s available in a 50ml bottle and for R355.

Gloss Appeal

This is my new favourite-handbag-must-have-gloss for the day. I love how it feels on my lips, although it doesn’t last too long (many glosses don’t on me though as I’m always licking my lips), but I do love putting more on!

It provides lips with an ultra shiny, ultra smooth and ultra sexy shine. Packed with silver and gold light-reflecting pigments that enhance the lips’ va-va-voom effect. The slanted sponge applicator makes it really quick and easy to apply as it follows the lips’ natural shape, so there’s no messy bits.

Gloss Appeal comes in different shades, including; Crystal 00, Ylang 01, Ginger 02, Sorbet 04, Orchid 06, Grape 07, Tender Rose 10 (my colour) and Sweet Fig 11. The 6ml bottle costs around R165