Press/ Media Submissions

Sharing is caring and we’d love to tell our readers all about your fabulous new product/ service. StyleScoop encourage the media to keep us in the loop about things our readers will enjoy.

Please read the following before submitting press releases and content requests…

Everyday we get tons of requests to feature products and mention brands on our website, and while we know that there are certain things our readers will enjoy, we will never submit a product/ review without trying the product out ourselves.

We follow the Independant Fashion Bloggers Fair Compensation Manifesto on blogging…

We understand the difference between editorial, news and promotional content. We do believe in helping our friends, our community, each other. However, we also recognize the difference between good will and companies profiting off our work.

We believe we should be fairly compensated for promotional work, for providing material to be sold by a third party, for sharing our knowledge to companies who will profit from that said knowledge.

Please take a few minutes to read this manifesto over at IFB as it will give you a good understanding of what should and what should’nt be done when approaching not only StyleScoop, but bloggers with media requests, proposals and opportunities.

We value our work, our talent, our time, and our influence.

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Please send an email to the below email address. Please also ensure that you include the name of your product, brief information and why you think it is something that the StyleScoop reader would be interested in. Please do not add us to your business mailing list, we will only accept submissions that have been addressed to StyleScoop.